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CSR121 - Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza


I swear it’s not Corolla E90

yeah yeah, bad photoshop, fuck off


’94 GEC GS2 Turbo

Like new, 100% stock, runs nicely 24/7. Factory LSD and turbo recently reconditioned with last routine service. A real blast to drive on winding roads. $4293 obo.


’91 Independent Imprezzor

A bit modified from stock. Deleted mufflers, added turbocharger. Fantastic daily driver, track ready. Still has original leather interior and all five seats. 146k Miles.
Asking price: 3.5k will negotiate.


The whole Milage thing is a bit flawed. it deliberately penalises otherwise good cars from the early 80s ESPECIALLY those with their reliability stat being in the 60+ range and such


I feel the idea is more that especially a reliable sporty car would have done a lot of mileage, even if it still works alright it’d probably have been driven a lot.


This sounds to me like it would be against the rules, but if you want to PM me exactly what it is you want to do i’ll decide if it would be an unfair advantage or not.


For Sale

Year: 1991
Make: Petoskey
Model: Montauk
Trim: Rally
Engine: 301 CID V8 OHV 16
Transmission: 5 speed manual
Mileage: 157,845
Features: A/C, AM/FM Cassette, ABS, Variable Power Steering, Driver and Passenger side air bags, Fog lights, 16" Alloy Wheels, Four wheel disc brakes

You are looking at a 1991 Petoskey Montauk, first model year of the final iteration of the distinctive yet controversial fourth generation “J” body Petoskey muscle car. Like all Petoskey’s built in 1991 and later, this Montauk was built to the new DRIVESAFE specs featuring air bags, fuel shut off, and ABS to hopefully avoid a crash in the first place. I bought this car in 2003 and it has been a solid daily driver since. The car has been maintained at regular intervals, tune up and transmission service done at 150,000 miles. Oil changes were done every 3000 miles. Brakes were done at 130,000 miles. The car got new tires at 140,000 miles. Selling now because I’ve got a company car and I’m looking for a new project for my garage.

$3000.00 O.B.O.


OHV :white_check_mark:
Low resale value :white_check_mark:
Looks 2 decades old on release :white_check_mark:
It’s Russian alright.


Do you know how bad I want a Lada 4x4 for my DD here in the states? They dont even sell them in Canada anymore, so I can’t even ahem Import one… This luxury mentality means even our economy cars are over featured, and in turn over priced.


Well, Russian cars wouldn’t have a V8 unless they were for high government officials. Also, many US manufacturers use OHV to the present day. Besides, this was inspired by the Fox body Mustangs which were also boxy.


1990 Serpente Veloce Evo, Great Condition, 5-speed manual,Power Sterring, Rare 180 hp Turbo, Avalanche White and some red trims, A/C

Leasing for 4500 $ and month installment for 450$


LLA Condor MK2 S Touring - $2,080.72

This is my '88 LLA Condor Mk2. It’s an S model with the 2.5L straight 5. Has a good sound track, especially after I added a Better intake and put a full stainless exhaust on it. As this is a touring it has plenty of room inside. I’m only selling since the waifu is begging me to buy an SUV.

These things are pretty reliable and take a Turbo pretty nicely, although it’s reccomended to swap to the '92 AWD RS transmission and front subframe if you do so, with all the weight on the back these do like to slide.

The only real issues are the Headliner sags a little, and there is a little rust under the front arches, a common issue on the 80’s LLA’s.

Final price $2,080.72 But open to REASONABLE offers

More Pics


1990 Morton Gambol Turbo

179xxx miles
$3400 o.n.o

Has been my pride and joy for the last 10 years
Turns heads
Sadly with another child on the way I’m in need of a 7 seater so this has to go
Pre facelift model with popup headlights
2.6L Turbo 6
5 speed manual + LSD
Disc brakes all round with ABS
Leather Seats
Sunroof (no leaks)


Shuriken Lab Kit all round (not in any way related to the car manufacturer), includes spoiler and roof spoiler
18” Rims (factory 16s also included in sale)
Performance exhaust with high flow cat, sounds good not too loud
Big front mount intercooler

More Shots


Thoust has been summoned


Selling my 1990 Kurskian Frigo TB.
176K miles on it.
Still has factory whale tail (hinged).
Need something a bit more reasonable for my day-to-day.
Asking $2600 for it. Will bargain.

(Note: The whale tail was installed on all T models, and was engineered to have a double hinge system using the C-pillar mounts and the tail’s pillar to fold it upwards when opening the trunk of TB [sedan] and TC [coupe] models. Most removed this whale tail, preferring the cleaner look. True fans will note that the tail was originally meant for TA [the original 3-door hatch model] and homologation models only, and was more of an afterthought on the later models.)


1992 Atera Atom VS-T

  • 140701 Miles
  • 19 years old car so she can drink alcohol! Bad jokes i must!
  • Asking for $3,256
  • I’m the second owner of this car, the original owner was a 40 year old woman no jokes.
  • Pretty good damn mileage, 29.81 mpg US or 35.8 mpg UK for brits who is interested in this car.
  • Tuned 2.0 turbo inline 4, 236hp the original one has 180hp, powering the front wheel with geared LSD equipped and 5-speed manual.
  • Vented disc all around with ABS.
  • Typical 90’s Japanese standard interior with standard cassette player.
  • Can seats 5 people in it.
  • Original spoiler, straight from the factory.


I know someone who hasn’t read the brief correctly…


what do you mean by that?


And your car is?

Nobody will accept tray under your rear tyres in circuit drift practice…


it’s heavily preferred, it’s not like FWD drivetrain is banned in this competition.

Besides, last CSR is also RWD preferred cars and some people entered FWD cars in it. Sure, they get binned but they take a risk and enjoyed the challenge.

I just love to take the risk and maybe the buyer could change their mind and interested in this car. And if i got binned, atleast i got some experience from the mistake from it. :stuck_out_tongue: