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CSR121 - Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza


1988 SpaceWagon NSport $3545

Owned it since new, unfortunately had to sell it because my wife wants a boring minivan instead of this fun wagon. Extremely fun to drive, can even whip the back around corners with its RWD limited slip drivetrain and its 5 speed gearbox.

179546 miles on the clock. Might look like I beat this car to death but this car is in perfect condition and has always been taken care of.

Might look boring but its crazy fast, with a 0-60 of under 8 seconds, which will easily crush your normal family car from the 2010s. Interior is immaculate and the electric sunroof still works. Exterior is practically brand new, just got it paint corrected and detailed so it looks like it just left the showroom.

Always serviced at the correct intervals and worked on this car myself so I know that the job is done right.
Also, the car is completely rust free and I have always kept it in a garage.

Even though its crazy fast, its also super practical and can carry 5 passengers comfortably with a full leather interior and captain’s chairs at the front.

And to top it all off, it gets around 26 mpg city and highway compared to other wagons of the era which get less than 20 mpg. I’ve even got it up to 28 on some occasions!

I’ve done lots of modifications such as:

  • 16 inch Wantanabe rims in black and sport tyres with lots of tread left on them
  • Aftermarket radio with USB and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Recently rebuilt suspension with coilovers so basically handles like new
  • Aftermarket LSD for skids
  • Aftermarket sport exhaust system with adjustable valves
  • Fully programmable ECU meaning you can do your mega tunes

Overall a steal for the price I’m asking as most of these cars were either the normal mid trim family variant or they were riced out.
Hope a fellow car enthusiast like myself will enjoy this car for years to come.



1992 Aria Kaze GT 2+2



I’m selling my 1986 Journey Wagon, a used car that I bought back in 2005 to travel. It is comfortable, fast, reliable and has a quiet small block V8.

Inside is nice. It has both premium entertainment and interior, not to mention the advanced safety. There’s much space in the back, so you can enjoy a long trip without problems. The engine is torquey and can handle hills.

The reason that I’m selling this is that my house got destroyed by a earthquake and I need money to rebuild. For an unknown reason, the car left intact.


  • Engine
    Displacement: 4.6L
    Torque: 252 lb-ft @ 3500 RPM
    Power: 213 HP @ 5100 RPM
    Redline: 5800 RPM
    Layout: Square 90º V8
    Top End: Aluminium OHV-16
    Bottom End: Cast Iron

  • Car
    Layout: FR
    Gearbox: Manual 5 speeds
    Chassis Type: Monocoque
    Material: Steel in both Panels and Chassis
    Suspension: Double Wishbone ( F ) and Semi Trailing Arm ( R )
    Body Type: Station Wagon
    LSD Diff

  • Price
    $1.937 (negotiable)

  • Mileage

  • Age


I was abooout to start work on my car for this, when…
Looks like I’ll need to revamp quite a few cars… -_-


I remember the Panthera from CSR99, where it almost won but just fell short. This trim you submitted isn’t stock, but I prefer its aesthetic more - it’s what it would look like if someone decided to restomod it, an increasingly popular choice now that the modern classic car scene has exploded in recent years.


 for sale: 1985 Bauer C22R (C3) - $3525 - 186000 Miles

Gleaming, 2-owner example of the limited-homologation Bauer C22R! I’ve owned it from 12 years with little issue, from daily driving to track days, it’s well-suited anywhere! Featuring the well-known R84 2.2L I4, with 205HP going to the rear wheels through a 5-speed dogleg, the little car is sure to pull harder than 95% of cars on the road.

Factory Options:

  • Cooling Package (larger oil cooler, larger radiator, adds transmission cooler)
  • Track Handling Package (225/14/50 high-performance tires, widebody kit, undertray, larger track width)
  • 2+2 rear seats

Aftermarket Parts:

  • Oil warmer add-on to factory oil cooler (20W-50 factory, runs on 10W-40 minimum)
  • 15 in x 8 in alloy wheels all around
  • cat-back exhaust system

Manufacturer Specifications:

  • 2198cc DOHC Inline-4 16v
  • 205hp @ 7400rpm
  • 158lb-ft @ 5900rpm
  • 0-62mph: 6.1 seconds
  • 5-speed manual dogleg transmission w/ geared limited-slip differential
  • 2390lbs. (with optional rear seats)

TLDR: Fake E30 M3, fresh PS4S’s, full of 10W-40, hole in the exhaust but don’t worry about it cuz DTM noises


Running in the 90s


SELLING: 1990 Panamericana Gira Junior SR

Let’s be real here, you wanted a 993. But you can’t afford one. Nobody can, except for those collector pricks buying up all of them and having them sit in some shed in the middle of nowhere, untouched for years, all to make a small profit on them a few years later.

The Gira Junior, in its performance oriented SR trim, is the next best thing. It’s a rear engined AWD quasi-grand tourer powered by an air cooled, 3.6L turbocharged boxer six with gobs of torque down low. Like the Porsche, you have two extra seats in the back for your friends, though unlike the Porsche the seats are meant for more than occasional use.

Some people are just drawn to rear engine cars. They’re not everyone’s cup of tea for sure, but as they become more and more of a dying breed, you have more folks appreciating what the unique layout brings to the table. And the AWD layout with an advanced geared LSD should help minimize the twitchy handling at high speeds rear engined cars have come to be known for.

Sure, you can’t brag to your friends that you have a European sports car. Panamerica is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina after all. But badge snobbery aside, this sports car is everything you need in a fun to drive, out of the box daily driver.

  • 147376 miles

  • Third owner of this car

  • 19.3 mpg combined, EPA rated at 16 city/23 highway

  • 5 speed manual transmission

  • 30/70 split AWD system with geared LSD

  • P205/45R16 F, P255/45R16 R tire specs

  • stock 16 in alloy rims

  • 3 piston vented brakes, 10 in F/12 in R

  • premium tan leather interior with aluminium and velvet trim, premium cassette player

  • variable hydraulic power steering

  • TC and ABS

  • Standard 80’s safety

  • Hydroneumatic suspension

$4180 asking price, willing to negotiate

do not contact me with unsolicited offers.


More pics


Some 90s work

Just in case.


here are the pictures


I wanted to complain about this too! My game finally works with my AMD graphics card, but all my cars are gone. I tried to recreate one of my designer imposters, only to be told the engine - with the exact same dimensions as the car on which the body I’ve selected is based - is too big. I was going to take this to discord, but I haven’t had the time.


TL;DR another DTM car, this time a merc. Customer chassis with an interior so all the fancy bits are still around, on a street setup atm but very adjustable.

Pics yo


My issue is that I haven’t messed with the car family in a LONG time, so the devs have changed the size of the engine bay in the meantime. I fixed it by dropping the bore about 2mm


You must have compromised heavily sooomewhere, it’s a very similar concept to my car but newer and cheaper :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Sounds like a fun time, until something breaks. Then it’s nightmare fuel.


no compromises really lmao zero quality across the board as well i can send the .car as proof lmao


I’ll take your word for it :wink:


American Details


Allegheny Imports

1996 Ishiiruka ALEPH Ag HG (USDM MODEL)
$4,406.24 | 127,810 miles | VIN: ***************
For sale is our 1996 Ishiiruka ALEPH, in it’s above-base Ag HG trim. This was a former drift car driven by an amateur before replacing the parts with stock JDM market body parts and engine, painted in OEM purple paint. The only thing that remains from it’s drift car days is it’s muffler.

deja v- shut the :flushed: up please shut the :flushed: up