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CSR122 - Uncompromised Compromise [completed]


They aren’t (thank god), only TPMS (2012) and rear cameras (2018) have been forced in so far. There have been several legal actions around them from about 1990 to about 2015 with no decided outcome. GM has a huge DRL boner, and almost all cars have them as a “standard option” but they are not mandatory and can be turned off. DRLs are similar to traction control here, not required, but ever present. The are however required in Canada.


Thanks! In Europe we have them since 2011!


I drive a compact, and EVERY. SINGLE. CAR. I pass has those light shining right trough my windshield every hour of every day. If you are on a foggy curvy road in the wee hours of the morning, DRLs may help, or you could think “hey, it’s low visibility. Maybe I should turn my lights on like a responsible person” but no, we get DRLs instead. I admit, Finland has seen a reduction in crashes since DRLs, but the majority of countries with them now have see no appreciable improvement. The only are useful in relatively specific situations.



Fcuuuk, an interesting round, and I even have one good idea for entry already, but I can’t use stable due to its performance… :confused:

Yes, it would be a (mini)van entry.


I think the worst thing with the modern lighting is illuminated dashbord. By night if you don’t turn on the lights you can see your dashboard so you may go your lights turned off. I can see that all day long… Sometimes DRL are used instead of the tail lights, that’s dangerous!


That disturbs me when I hear statistics about less crashes because of DRLs, or how LEDs are a tenth of a second faster than incandescent bulbs lighting up for brake lights. When things like that make a difference, that tells me idiots aren’t driving the way they should. That fraction of a second for brake lights shouldn’t make any difference if you’re following at the proper distance. (which people clearly don’t) I just fear that all this new technology does is to allow people to grow complacent with bad driving. Case and point with the above post about not bothering with tail lights because people assume with the DRLs, that’s all they need.


Okay guys enough DRL/ lighting talk, only CSR talk please


2014 Jinhe Luohu SRL

A more comfort-focused version of the SR. Includes a quieter exhaust, softer suspension, more safety features and softer suspension, all while keeping the 4.0L twin-turbo V8 under the hood. Did I mention that it also has softer suspension?



The 2014 Farox Meridia RF8.

Give in to temptation.

Thanks to @titleguy1 for the photoshops.



Btw both those cars look stunning !


Nice work!


2014 Conquest Aoraki SAR

A Proper Sports Utility Vehicle, with a 5L V10, AWD, and a Preference for the Track, Enjoy the power of SAR.


Photoshop skills 0


If it's too fast, you're too slow

This text will be hidden.

0-60 very quick.

Visible intercoolers.

Center-lock wheels and red calipers.

Four exhaust tips.

You’re poor.


those are some big exhaust pipes


That text is not very well hiden at all


This machine is powered by a 3.5-litre twin-turbo V8, producing 350HP at 6100 RPM, with power transmitted to all 4 wheels via SWF’s state-of-the-art 6 speed “Dualmatic” DCT gearbox, allowing for a top speed of 170MPH, with a 0-62 time of 5.82 seconds.

The best part of all of this? It will still achieve 36.4 MPG (UK), has all the accessories of the highest end competing models, is spacious & practical enough to serve as a family car, and is unfazed even when offroad; thus truly living up to its designation: Turbo Luxury Sport.

SWF: Pure Driving Elegance.


Just a PSA, you’re typically not supposed to put the car files in your post, seeing as others could download the cars and use them to tweak their own




Yep, if you want to share it though, you can post the file after entries close.