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CSR122 - Uncompromised Compromise [completed]


You want a V8, yes? SUV? 5 seats? Style?
You want a Kurskian Casnote then.
You want the high performance model? $60,400. Sportivo Primo Vier trim.
Sporty, rugged. Not for soccer moms. For people who want something a sports car company provides, but made by a company that doesn’t only make sports cars.
We built this for people who put the sport back into SUV.

The 2014 Kurskian Casnote SPV.
You’ll buy it. We just felt obligated to advertise it before you bought it.


2014 Hitomi Rolling Star H-tune

Why not spend $47,000 on a premium MPV from Japan.

More Pics




I was trying something here… not sure how it will go.

The 2014 Armor XT8

More pics before the update takes away my mods


All new for 2014 MAHG Montagnard Prestige V8 !

Nicely surprised? Here is more!

All new for 2014 MAHG Montagnard Prestige V8 !

Our new SUV built to the highest standards to match your wishes of practicality,comfort and sports!

Let’s start with the engine

A 5,7L V8 that will surprise a lot of so called sports cars and be surprisngly light on the wallet thanks to our TurboEarth technology !

With a 0-100km/h time of just 4,5 seconds and a top speed of 300+km/h, only few of the top of the class sports machine will keep up !
All these performances while averaging 13,3l/100km !

Good for mother nature, good for your wallet !

Do you think “Wow ! This could easily replace my actual sports car on speed alone !”?

Well, on the handling side as well this thing works miracles !!

Thanks to our multiple years of participation to the Dakar Rally Raid, we are now able to give you the safe stability of 4WD and the enjoyment of a drifty rally machine !

Our 4WD system coupled with locking differentials will allow you to create a safe understeery behaviour with ESC or ,by playing with different settings, mastering the art of four wheel drift !

But we did not forget the luxury side as well !

Going for a long trip ?

We hope you’ll enjoy inside :

The large glass surface of our twin sunroofs

The comfort from 5 large massaging heated/cooled leather ISOFIX seats

The ease from a 360°camera system plus parking sensors

The peace from a radar guided cruise control.

The relaxation from a large luxury infotainment screen,active suspension,active aero and the latest kits of safety

The strenghts from large 420mm front and 385mm rear vented brakes for short stopping distances

And outside it offers you

The choice from a palette of 6 exquisite colours : Noir Panthère,Blanc Perle,Gris Loup,Bleu de Chine,Rouge Bordeaux,Bleu Marine

The brightness from vertical LED DRLs, LED front fog lights and LED Diamond front and rear lights

The force to tow up to 3,15tons and load up to 1ton !

The practicality from high strength roof bars

The elegance from the integrated twin chromed exhaust tips


The grace from flushed door handles

The presence from 20inch dark chrome wheels

The convinience from keyless entry/start or SafetyPin code

Any question ? “Yes! All that, for how much ?”

This top of line brillant vehicule is yours for 79 100$ or 791$per month.

Not convinced yet ?

Come to your nearest MAHG dealer to get a 2day test time and we know you’ll never look anywhere else !


2014 Brigid Artemis



More Pics


eagle i-thrust hammerhead (geoff) vibes with the doors mate


lol I was going for more of an updated Jeep Wagoneer look. I’m not sure what’s going to happen with the scoring, but oh well.


2014 Albatross Pomona S

The ultimate family performance wagon.
From just $62,800.


2014 Avantii Fortelle


Shuriken Surveyor GXE REDLINE

For some reason, a fella in the planning of the Shuriken’s Masakari/Surveyor for the K200 Series decided to bring dishonour to the nameplate by making a sports version.

Pretty sure they worked at Suisei before

Using a modern version of the PD43 Inline 6 engine dating back to the late '80s pushing… enough Power to manage to get this glorified brick to sprint to 62 in roughly 6 Seconds on slightly dusty pavement, we just want this stupid thing off the lot… or least someone to buy it, do a lift-kit, good Off-road tyres and replace the garish bumpers with Comet-Bars Off-road Stuff.

You would not believe how much I hated the Sports Crossover [Not even SUVs I tell ya] idea… Either you have a good wagon/estate or a proper off-roader… LIKE THE OLD DAYS!!
Modern Crossovers are emulating the Wagons of old, Plenty of space and decent ride height. Just… a tall package, not the low slung sleds of old.

Mind you, this is not a crossover… this is a riced from factory Body on Frame SUV, Think Y62 Patrol Nismo x 200 series Landcruiser GXL, You can normally off-road these.

Apologies for the rant, this challenge was actually fun.


Franklin Marshall TrailWay Exec.

Rear parking camera and front/rear parking sensors/
Side lights so that you can see what’s on the floor when alighting or entering vehicle.
Luxurious interior.
Option for a 3rd row of seats.
Towing capacity to pull the caravan/boat/horsebox…all at the same time!**

**Doesn’t include the weight of a horse!

Don't let your neighbors and the police know what you're driving.

Spoiler: It’s a Kasai-GMBK Cambria.

Visit your nearest Kasai dealership for more details.


2014 Morton Ceylon Turbo

All the space you need, none of the compromise. The new Ceylon Turbo has all the performance and comfort you desire, in a package the whole family can enjoy.

More Shots


[text big] verykool very fast 5000 [text big]
like sportcar but big
dont @ me



This gotta win CSR hands down.


What a MSPaint master!!

I can’t believe MGR_99 can only do that in terms of design :rofl:

But, there’s an idea in the front end… I should’ve thought about that!



Engineered by @Ryan93, Designed by a person.

You forget a thousand things every day, please for the love of god make this one of them


Finally, someone has entered a car (or rather, an SUV) from GTA V into a UE4-era CSR round. And it certainly looks as stunning as its GTA V counterpart.


Thx :slight_smile: it was my idea, but i am also very impressed about CorsicaUnknown (replica) skills.
He made a fantastic job. :+1:

(Hope my part is okish or good as well :smiley: ) we will see