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CSR123 - Slightly Super Saloons (THE FINALS)


Aw Dangit


Fair, I thought I only had 30 minutes left when I designed it… :joy:


Fuck another bin in my book


Ahh well, a bin to start my CSR career :joy: I think it’s pretty but honestly, once I saw the quality of some the other cars coming in, I knew my entry wouldn’t get far. Looking forward to the rest of the results!


:man_shrugging:There’s always next time


Well, being binned just on the look alone is a bit frustrating, especialy on taste alone. I mean I spent a lot of time tweaking comfort/sportiness/handling and I expected to now where I was compared to the best ones on this CSR!

But fair enough!

You’ve got a long journey to go to end this so…

Good luck!


If you like I could give a bit more detail on why it was a bin, no hard feelings intended:))

  • The car had $2200 service costs, which are eye wateringly high.
  • It was also over the soft budget by $6,000 – I know it was a soft limit but that’s excessive.

Both of these issues can be rectified by using quality points more sparingly, which also reduces ET points which can then be used elsewhere. Most of these entries had a couple more flaws than just what was written down, but with 60 entries, I have to keep them as concise as possble. So like I said, no hard feelings intended, that’s just showbiz babi :wink:


Thank you for the feedback :wink:

I knew purchase price and maintenance cost would hurt !


Hey can I get more details on why mine was a bin? Because the peak power was 6900 RPM and redline is 7000. But 7000 rev limiter because if it was higher, the piston stress would have been bad



Well, let’s make it a party then! Drinks on Cherry :wink:


Just relooked at the car because I thought you was totally off the ball with that comment…but now I look again…it’s a fair cop, guv! :frowning:


Redline should be at least 300 above peak power, for normal road cars, 5-600 for sports cars and maybe higher for racecars.

If you’re that close on the pistons then you either change them up or, more likely, redesign your engine so components can take more revs or stress.

I would normally apologise for double posting but meh…


The first stage of cuts in this round has once again taught us that usually, if a car looks right, then it is right; however, that won’t matter in the slightest if the engineering underneath the skin turns out to be all wrong.


@Jaimz I agree, I’ll be sure to do that next time, thanks


Tire service cost due to excessively high top speed is usually the biggest factor in high service costs. It’s very easy to miss because the game doesn’t warn you about it and the service cost number is hidden away. Try setting your speed limiter to different numbers and see how the service costs change.

I don’t think peak power at redline is worth binning by itself, but probably in combination with other factors. There’s nothing inherently wrong or undrivable about it - you can find dyno plots of real world cars that also make peak power at redline.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but in my mind, the main problems are

  • The car will not accelerate as fast as its horsepower figure suggests, because that power is not accessible throughout the rev range
  • When shifting at redline, the power will jump from a high figure to a lower figure

7000 is already a pretty reasonable redline for this market segment. You should also consider lowering the cam profile and playing around with exhaust sizing to try pushing the torque curve towards lower RPMs.


Just so I can have more advice with improvement. Was there any other problems with my entry apart from the tires? Would love to know!


Usually there is a specific cam/vvl and ignition timing configuration that can push the peak power a further 100 rpm. In addition I often find myself screwing around with bore/stroke, intake, and exhaust.


Gotta say, I never thought about this…thanks for pointing it out. :slight_smile:


It is indirectly noticeable though if you realise one thing - that rising material cost with higher limiter is due to the tyre cost. The tyre speed rating in the tooltip is a good hint for that.