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CSR123 - Slightly Super Saloons (THE FINALS)


Thank you!

I didn’t consider that when building this car!

I’ll have a closer look next time!


Correct, and here’s why (check post #3). Basically, you want to be at the same amount of power before and after the shift so that you maximize the area under the power curve.
Yes, many cars irl will have peak power at redline, but it matters more so in sport applications, and guess what this challenge is about.


If you’re struggling with raising redline because your internals can only handle so much, either use forged internals (if it makes sense for the car you’re building) or make it more oversquare.

And about the tires, there’s only really negligible changes in service costs if you increase the speed rating until you start going over 155mph. Then the costs increase massively. I’m positive most people this round set their speed rating to that.

Here’s some other thing that can jack up service costs. Some should be pretty obvious.

  • Staggered tires (front and rear tires are not the same width- this can easily cost you hundreds of dollars)

  • Excessive camber (try not to exceed -1.5 degrees)

  • Excessive brake pad type

  • Carbon-ceramic brakes

  • Sport tires


ROUND 2 (Part I)

Adam sets up his laptop at the kitchen table, and waits eagerly. Finally, he and his wife were going to sit down and devote some real time to looking for a new car. He knows that Leah couldn’t really care much less about the process, but at the same time, she ought to be here so she can have a say, and approve the decision, right? Right. He was excited to share his passion of car shopping with her. What seemed like a chore to her and most people, was fun to him. So he waited for her to show up.

“Alright, let’s do this!” she said eagerly, as she trotted into the room. She seemed enthusiastic about it. Adam smiled. “How is this gonna work?”

Adam responded: “Well I have all these tabs open to professional reviews of each car, they’re on different websites but that doesn’t matter. I know enough to where I trust myself to know what’s what.”

“Chaotic good, I suppose.” She smiled, and sat down in the chair Adam pulled out from the table for her.

“First up!”

@mart1n2005 - Courageux Quinze CSR32 turbo


“Ooh, sport car.” Adam said. “The color is bold, for sure.”

“It’s definitely working on me, I think. But it’s really small, don’t you think?”

Leah had a point. It was a size class down from what they had intended to look at, and that would be a drop accentuated by being familiarized with the Talbot. They wanted smaller, but this was a bit much.

@variationofvariables - Quezon Cordova GT

“What’s next?” Leah asked. Adam closed the Courageux tab and pulled up the website for the Quezon Cordova.

“I like this one!” Adam remarked. “Reminds me of that CLK that someone in my hometown used to have.”

“It’s nice, but isn’t it also a bit too small? I know we were downsizing but this looks pretty cramped inside too…”

“Oh, and it’s FWD anyways… I’m not interested in torque steer,” he said.

“…torque-steer?” Leah asked, shyly.

The Quezon does not pass through.

@Mikonp7 - Rocket Apollo BOOST


Leah saw another yellow car in the corner of the page, and clicked on it.

“Oooh, more yellow,” she said. “What about this?”

“A pretty gnarly looking car, and I like it a lot, but unfortunately the power figures back up the AMG-Black like bodykit. Not to mention the fact that this is a 5.8L engine with a whole ass turbo, making only 520 horsepower, with a torque plateau.” Adam dismissed the Rocket. “I know you’re not gonna like driving this one honey, I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, that sounds like it could get sketchy…” This one does not make it.

@Lazar - EFI Hayato S


“Oooh that looks really cool, so much grille!” Adam said, clicking on the EFI Hayato S tab.

“That’s just a render though, see?" Leah pointed at the screen. "Says it’s coming out in a year or two. Shame.” She noticed that the car wasn’t out yet.

(This one violated ET but I noticed too late because I’m big dumb and can’t use “hurr durr brain fart” as an excuse for much longer…)

@Leonardo9613 Bonham Chaucer Silverstone


“Ohoho, this looks POSH,” Leah remarked in a British accent. “I’ve always kinda wanted a Bonham!”

Adam agreed, and looked through the specs and advertisements for it. Three litre turbocharged inline 6? Check. Advanced 8-speed automatic? Definitely. They read further - complicated air suspension system? Maybe…. Outdated SatNav system compared to competitors? Perhabs. British reliability qualms from numerous owners? Unfortunately so.

The tab for otherwise sporty and posh Chaucer was closed, to much dismay.

@Sky-High - Zepherous


Next up was the Zepherous… the uh, Zepherous, yeah!
“It doesn’t even have a name?” Adam wondered out loud. “Seems pretentious and confusing, I think. It’s also only got 290 horsepower, I think that’s the least out of any of these other entries.”

“I’m not a fan of the green, to be honest.” Reading on, they found out that the Zepherous has sporting credentials beyond the family sedan levels of power, but was let down by seriously underperforming brakes and, consequently, lower than average safety ratings.

The unnamed, The $14,000-under-budget Zepherous sedan remains mysterious to the two. :wastebasket:

@conan + @goblin95 - Raymond-Steward Second Stage Super Sport


They moved onto another flashy yellow sports sedan, this time one with a good ol’ MURICAN V8 MOTUR.
“Nice color,” Leah nudged Adam and smirked. The Raymond-Steward Second Stage Super Sport appeared to be an appealing option. They read on.

“The Raymond-Steward Second Stage Super Sport is a classic American muscle sedan, with a welcome premium twist. If you can look past the unrefined engine and muscle car fuel economy, this is a great alternative to something like a Dodge Charger SRT - because it handles well too. And that classic Raymond-Steward engine reliability can’t be beat.”

“The Raymond-Steward Second Stage Super Sport seems a bit… I dunno. Brash?” Adam asked Leah. She thought the same thing. Despite a nice interior and solid handling, reviews say you can feel the weight in the corners, and at the fuel pump. That, and including the higher-than-average yearly maintenance costs, led to the Raymond-Steward Second Stage Super Sport being set aside.

Next up was a German legend.

@HybridTronny - Steurmann VB8i


“Yeeeees these have sweet engines, I’ve always wanted to look into the VB8 more,” Adam said as he scrolled through images. “Handsome, too.” Leah agreed, it was an attractive car. A quality slice of German muscle.

Further research showed high service costs - expected from a German sedan, but this was a bit different. Individual throttle bodies provide for an excellent powerplant, but unfortunately the VB8i let down elsewhere. Slightly underpowered brakes thanks to skinny 225 width tires, a hefty weight due to the steel chassis (albeit very rigid), and an excessively harsh ride do not combine all that well together.

Although an attractive car for having fun at the track sliding about, it would not bode well for daily Michigan use.

@J35_Power - Schneider 5L S30


Leah spotted the red Schneider and was wowed.

“Are German cars all pretty slick like this?” she asked.

“For the most part, they all have a refined edge to them like that.” Though Adam began to eat his words - as the two looked closer, they saw that the build quality wasn’t quite as good as it appeared from a distance. It did, however have a well made interior, and reliability reports were pleasing. Parts and maintenance prices were not as pleasing however, and in addition to having some strange options like an open differential with AWD, the 5L S30 was overlooked in favor of some other options.

@Centurion_23 - Kinusoka Osprey GT6


“When do we get to the cars that we can actually go look at?” Leah may have been getting a bit bored.

“Don’t worry, I put a bit of thought into this next one.” A red Kinusoka appeared on screen, and Leah’s expression changed. This was a good looking car. “A sweet, high-strung V6, trick handling technology and a very well put together interior.” They were into the Osprey. This was a real, quality, Japanese-engineered sports sedan, and Adam and Leah were here for it. “I say we go look at this one.” They shook on it.

@ARM_Tune - Prince SC-4 ST


They moved onto yet another rear-drive, six-cylinder, red sedan – this time with a turbo.

“This looks pretty neat too, really sexy grille and headlights,” Adam noticed.

“What about my grille and headlights? 🥺” Leah teased.

“Hush you know my stance on that. Anywayyyys what do you think?” his wife laughed on the outside and agreed, it was pretty attractive if not for a couple of off-putting details here and there. Unfortunately for the Prince, it had some issues - mainly being the reliability of the complicated suspension setup and electronics.

They agreed that if it was a bit more comfortable or a little cheaper to maintain, it would be a strong contender, but alas, they sent the Prince to Canada.

@Gerblederp - Thompson Chinook GT


“Another coupe! How does this one fare, hon?” Adam looked into the sporty looking Thompson to answer her question.

“Well, first off I think it looks a little on the cheap side, what with all that plastic and such,” and Leah agreed. “It has got a nice enough interior though! And the engine is very nice. 5 valves per cylinder too, it must be super smooth.”

Reading on, they learned that it was a bit too much on the sporty side for them. A harsh ride, and a real drivers car - drivability is on the lower side as well. A lovely sports coupe for under $50k, but unfortunately, not on their list.

@CriticalSet9849 - Morton Ceilao 43S


“Huh, Ceilao, like the Farox? Wait no, this one is different…” Adam trailed off.

Ooh, that’s a really pretty blue!” Leah said as she closed the Thompson tab and saw the Ceilao appear. “Looks kinda pinched though, like those duck lip things.” They were in agreement on the styling - a little bit on the strange side.

“It says it has a really nicely built interior, and it handles well. I don’t think the ride is supposed to be good though…” The website was right - The Ceilao was yet another good sports car, but not quite comfortable enough to be considered. Way below average. They moved on.

@Xepy - Edelgard Empress GTX

Next up was a very intriguing - almost muscle - sedan. A very aggressive car with a very non-aggressive name.

“Wow this one is pretty slick, this marketing is working on me big time. Menacing, but I kinda dig it,” Adam started.

“Does that say 484 horsepower? Isn’t that… like a lot?” Leah asked. They dug deeper to find out - and it turns out that yes it is a lot, but it isn’t anything to be scared of. Reviews praised the Edelgard for everything from its impressive build quality, predicted long term reliability, how controllable the car is to drive… the list goes on.

“It’s at the top of the budget but it seems like it’s worth a try,” Adam said. They agreed, and bookmarked the Empress GTX for later use.

@tzuyu_main - Seikatsu Prince 350Q HF[VL]


Next up was another JDM handler like the Kinusoka, but this one had some significant differences. And a HUGE grille.

“Wow that is a lot of car from the front, isn’t it?” Leah was taken aback, and didn’t quite know how to feel about it. Adam liked it. Even though it maybe looked a bit too futuristic with its complex grille and front lip, it had a certain element to it that made him think ‘huh, this oughtta age well.’

This Prince was a welcome departure from the earlier Prince, as well - with similar credentials, better build quality, and more compliant handling, they voted to keep this handsome Prince in the running.

@66mazda - (K612 pre-TU) Kaizen SC 40s AWD with V424 bodykit


Adam was confused by the name as the (K612 pre-TU) Kaizen SC 40s AWD with V424 bodykit appeared before them after closing the Seikatsu Prince 350Q HF[VL]’s tab.

“Is this like the technical JDM name or something? I think we could stick to just the Kaizen SC 40s.” Leah chuckled and agreed. They powered on, looking through the huge amount of excerpts from the manufacturer posted seemingly everywhere on the website. They looked closer at the fancily detailed LED headlights and very fancy interior, and took note of the reviews stating that these things are a LOT of work to keep on the road.

“Costs are really high, and I know that money isn’t super huge of a problem but this is like $500 more expensive than a lot of other options… that adds up,” Leah remarked.

Adam agreed - if it weren’t for the average build quality and an overly harsh ride to make up for the huge weight in the corners, it may have been an interesting choice. Unfortunately, they moved along. (Also, wheels from a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee lol)

@Boiled_Steak - Aria Enxir DeLux


“Wow speaking of Japan…!” Adam’s interest peaked. Leah didn’t know why. Must be an Adam thing. “Looks pretty neat, not a huge fan of the rear, though I guess it doesn’t affect the car that much," – he laughed – "and I genuinely appreciate the marketing team’s sense of humor.”

“The review says it’s a great car, like a luxury sedan but smaller. I’d assume like just a smaller, Japanese version of what we already have.” Adam concurred, and thinking about it a bit more, decided against the handsome Enxir DeLux. It was good, but definitely too soft for what he wanted in a car. (Too much Crown Royal Saloon, not enough Crown Athlete.)

Next up was a Rigore, another car with a long name.

@titleguy1 - Rigore Angeles Prestige 3.0 S4 Sport Package [FL]

The deep cherry red sedan glittered even through the laptop’s 1080p screen. This one looked properly sharp, and it caught their attention immediately. “That is definitely something I would want parked in my driveway,” Leah concluded. Even though the Rigore Angeles Prestige 3.0 S4 Sport Package [FL] had been around since 2009, it still continued to impress.

“Rigore still knows how to make a pretty car, and a high quality one at that. Throw in a turbocharged flat-six and all-wheel-drive and you have what should be an astonishing luxury sports car - but --”

“I think I know where this is going, babe,” Adam paused in the middle of the review. “The engine is gonna be unresponsive, and wonky to drive. Rigore engines have that problem…” he continued the review.

“-- the interior leaves a bit to be desired in the space department, and the smooth and responsive Boxer-6 is hindered by the weight of the car and its AWD system. A V6 Honda Accord could keep up with it in a sprint.”

Adam was wrong. Further reading concluded that the engine was inherently fine, but the car was heavy and plowed in the corners, despite being tuned more for sport and didn’t have a lot of compliance left in the ride. They were sad to do so, but the pretty-eyed Rigore had to go.

Adam stood up and stretched his arms above his head.

“Alright, I think it’s time for a break, that’s about half way through. We can get back to it tomorrow or whenever, I know you’re probably burned out,” Adam said to his wife, yawning.

“Y’know, I’m having fun with this almost! We can do more later tonight after dinner, how’s that sound?” Admittedly, Adam was a little surprised by Leah’s wink and a smile, but hey, if she was okay doing this, then cool!

PART II tomorrow! ;))


Seems like I went a bit too Jaguar on this one…


omg, i think i forgot to send my file in :man_facepalming: i kinda forgot about this round lol. good luck to all the participants, i guess hahah


yay I’m not alone


ROUND 2 (Part II)

After a nice dinner, Adam and Leah pull back into the driveway. Sushi is a nice treat, and Ann Arbor has some great sushi not gonna lie. He thrusts the chromed gear lever into the park position and looks over at the woman sitting in the passenger seat. She meets his gaze.

“More cars?” he asks, still doubting the fact that she was actually enjoying the time looking through numerous new options.

“I’m down!” she responds, to his delight. Adam smiled and they both got out of the car, grabbing the leftovers from the cooled fridge in the back seat of the Talbot, and went inside. After putting the food in the fridge, they sat down and cracked open that laptop for another round of car shopping.

@Hshan - Aquila Polaris GT


They opened Chrome and all the tabs popped back into place with the middle-click of the mouse button. First up was the Aquila Polaris GT - a real unique looking entry to the segment, which caught their attention immediately.

“Wow, that looks super neat too - kind of like if that Hayato was made today, almost. I like it!” Adam said.

“Yeah it’s cool, that white is nice on it. Definitely very strange though,” Leah announced - she was indifferent about the car, with its massive pentagonal grille.

“It too, has a flat-six, like the Rigore, only this one is all natural like you lol,” and he was met with a whack on the arm. “It has a similar engine to what you find in the Osprey, only this one is bigger, and not quite as powerful. Gas mileage is better though, and it’s rear wheel drive.”

“What’s this about optional air suspension, and ‘latest technology?’” Leah read part of the online brochure that was included in the website’s writeup. Uh oh. Owners were already complaining about iffy electronics, mostly to do with the weak totally active-adaptive air suspension setup. Reliability was definitely a concern for this one. They saw no point in paying more money for what was basically the same car (but not quiteeee as good) as the Kinusoka, so they discarded the Polaris GT.

@Radster - Vega Saetta RL

As they clicked off of the Aquila, the familiar Vega Saetta RL appeared on screen.

“Ah, I’ve seen these! They’re pretty for sure,” Leah started. “Didn’t we look at something like this when we bought our current car?”

“Yeah we did, I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Vega because it’s one of the only Spanish brands we get here. It’s unique. I figured it would be worth another look, since they came out with a new version in 2009, and that’s what they have here, though updated a bit I presume.”

They dug deeper into the Saetta, and found a solid 5.0L V8, rear wheel drive and an 8-speed automatic sending power to viscous-LSD-controlled rear wheels. Unfortunately, they also found squishy brakes and suspension to match, compared to a lot of the other cars they were looking at. Another car that was set aside for its autobahn-aimed tuning, albeit a good car for doing that kind of high speed cruising.

@MasterDoggo and GetWrekt01 - Olsson-Vector 6300 Orkan GT


The two laughed.

Leah began. “IT’S A FUCKING TANK!”

“FUCK YEAH, HON!” her husband joked back.

“I like this one.”

“Me too, can’t go wrong with an Olsson. Swedish tanks, that’s not a lie. This one just so happens to have a turbo bolted to its 3.2L inline six, partly-active suspension, a really high quality interior, modern amenities, and somehow it manages to have the highest rated reliability by owners out of any of these cars.” Though it was a tad over the $55,000 budget, the two agreed that the 6300 Orkan was definitely worth a test drive.

@yangx2 - Jinhe Qingxiu S 346T


Moving on, the two looked at a Chinese offering from the well established marque Jinhe.

“I feel bad every time I see these because I can never get the pronunciation right. I gotta say though, this thing looks great.” Adam wasn’t surprised.

Leah read off of the website’s review:

“Jinhe impresses again with the new Qingxiu, and this one isn’t messing about with a seriously torquey, pretty responsive, and smooth inline six making more than 350 horsepower. It’s quick, and despite its thin tires and comfortable suspension, it can still pull over 1g in the corners, and it has AWD to keep you out of the ditch. Inside is typical Jinhe as well - well put together and very premium.”

“I don’t see a reason not to go drive it,” Adam concluded. They bookmarked it, and moved on.

@EnryGT5 - Altior QL G

“If the Steurmann was Japanese, I think this would be it. High revving naturally-aspirated V8, excellent handling, braking, and accelerating.”

“It’s pretty too, the white works really well here too. It brings out its lines, doesn’t it?” Adam smiled at Leah trying to sound car-enthusiasty. “But it also says that the drive comes at a price, it has a really harsh ride.”

“Yeah, I worried about that… and these are notoriously high strung so it’s quite a bit of money to keep on the road as well. I think, unfortunately, we should pass.” The QL G was indeed a case of too much car for the two, and that resulted in its demise.

@DoctorNarfy - Shromet Levine Sport


“Why is this here?”

Adam looked at her, pogchamping and gesturing. “Paint it gold and lift it, boom, here’s our car.”

Leah X’ed out of the tab with a laugh.

@mcp928 & @mat1476 - Hanno S360 R-Spec

Next up was the Hanno S360 R-Spec, which immediately caught Adam’s attention because of course it did.

“It’s a RWD, turbocharged flat six, Japanese sports sedan that blends in and looks that clean…” he trailed off. While he looked through pictures of it, Leah took the computer and read through some reviews out loud.

“This is a really great luxury sedan, especially from Hanno. Sports-car acceleration, over 1g in the corners, a turbo and rear-drive with a true limited slip diff coupling the wheels together. The transmission is crisp and responsive, and the engine delivers power in gobs whenever it drops a gear, or three. Unfortunately the suspension tuning is still a bit weird, and the car has a tendency to wobble about when pushed. And admittedly, the electrics could be a bit better - the TCS went wonky while we were sliding this bad boy around, and we had to take it back to the manufacturer. Hanno’s typically aren’t like this, so we did more digging into it, and found that this was indeed uncommon - but that it was a fortune to fix such a small flaw as this.”

Adam’s hopes dropped. “What are the servicing costs on this thing then?” Leah showed him, and to both of their dismay, they had to set aside the pretty S360.

@Vena.Sera423 - FWM Cheyenne ES


The two moved onto the FWM Cheyenne ES, and both sat back and admired the strong, chiseled sedan for a second. It was indeed a pretty slick looking car, so they leapt into the review.

“Alright so this is another one with a big V8, holy cow 6.3L? That’s bigger than some AMG cars.” It was the second largest engine here, just a hair smaller than the Raymond-Steward Second Stage Super Sport. “It’s also one of the most reliable engines, right up there with the Raymond-Steward Second Stage Super Sport yet again. And it handles really well for such a big car, but that results in a poor ride, of course…”

The problem lay in the service costs, yet again. Parts prices were insane for this car, and some people were quoting over $3200 annually. This was a pass.

@phale - Pearliate Virtue


Up next was a very daring design from Pearliate.

“Wow this looks pretty futuristic, almost like a turn back to the curviness of the 90s. Especially with those full width taillights,” Adam thought out loud as he studied the design of the Virtue.

“I like it, it’s nice! And the name seems fancy too,” Leah said. “Does it match the car?”

“Yeah it does, this thing has a luxurious interior and infotainment, even if only average quality. It’s got some serious tech in here, a 7-speed dual clutch, and even computer controlled sway bars.”

The Virtue performs well, but at a cost of the second lowest reliability out of all the entries, beaten just by the Bonham. It also has luxury car parts prices, unfortunately. Combined with learning about its poor brakes, an engine that has similar flaws to the Kurokama, and uncontrolled weight (4600+ lbs of it), they set the Perliate Virtue aside.

@Chickenbiscuit - LMC Scylla GT


Adam flicked the tab over to the LMC homepage. Adam had this one up his sleeve. Leah saw it in its deep red paint and said,


That described the car’s appearance very well. It looked really, really nice, especially from the rear. They knew that much. “Probably a bad idea to see it on their website, let’s go for something a little less biased. They just had the nicest pictures.”

Various reviews praised the LMC for feeling very light on its feet, and making a lot out of very little power: only 300 horsepower from its smooth (for a V6) and responsive 3.1L turbo unit. Indeed, it was also one of the few V-shaped six cylinders in the running. Not only was the engine a solid heart, but it had what some people said was this “LMC magic” in it. It must be the electronic wizardry going on with its semi-active suspension, high tech traction aids and very light weight for its size.

Top it off with reasonable costs to own and a price that fits the budget, even with a seriously luxurious interior, and you have two very interested customers.

@ProfessorP3PP3R - Silver-York Senator Z

Following the LMC came another famous American brand, Silver-York. This time with the Senator Z, a V8 executive saloon in classic S-Y fashion.

“This thing is decked out!” They thought. The Senator was indeed decked, and had all the features the LMC had, and more. Fully active suspension? Yes, your honor. Luxury-spec interior with matching infotainment system? Absolutely, your honor. “It would be pretty cool to say that we have a Silver-York…”
“Well, how does it hold up on the road?” Adam asked. They looked into it - and found that it was, indeed, a competent handler for its very hefty weight. This one being the Z model had some tough suspension to help manage said weight, but the cushy massaging seats make up for that. Unfortunately, there was another problem… from a user on BidsAndCars.com:

“This is an excellent car, if you can manage the relatively high cost of owning a Silver-York. Tons of space, handles on rails, just don’t take it on the highway and you should be okay. It has really, really short gearing. At American speeds, this massive V8 is churning out over 3300 rpms, which isn’t too bad if you’re in Europe and only really go 60 or so, but at 80, 90 mph where this thing should live as an S-Y? Oh boy it drones… great around town and on B-roads though!!”

“A lot of Michigan freeway driving is pretty much 85 mph everywhere… this might not be the one.” :wastebasket:

@Falling_Comet - Suisei Taka Fuji G6LXH


Next up was another very Japanese-esc entry.

Adam began: “Suisei, these are pretty neat! I haven’t seen this one yet, it looks pretty cool. They’re a very high tech company too, and this is AWD, so it should be very easy to drive year round.”

Leah zoomed in. “It’s sorta unrefined…” Adam did a double take, and she was right. “At least it is pretty high tech.” The Taka Fuji offered many modern luxury amenities, advanced safety tech, and - very stiff - advanced suspension to boot… but it all comes at the cost of the one of the lowest reliability ratings out of any of the viewed cars. Sadly, this one doesn’t make the cut.

@Cheeseman - Evgenis Basilisk 5.0 V8 Executive

Up next, Adam pulled up another big British name, in hopes that maybe this one wouldn’t be one of the most… well, British. The shimmering blue Basilisk wowed them both.

“I like it. That’s a super pretty color, too, lots of these have nice color options,” Leah said.

“Only thing that I can kinda nitpick is that it looks a bit crosseyed, the lights being so far out like that. The grille’s a bit pinched too but I mean, the rest of it is really well made. How does it hold up to own and drive?”

“The Basilisk offers a lot of car for its under $55k price tag. A smooth and well proven V8 under the hood, and an optional sports package with the V8 tightens up the suspension and widens the tires enough to make this 5-series killer handle like it’s a class down. The only downside is that you do still roll about in the corners - it’s hard to hide all aspects of the weight. It’s also tough to slow down, and the brakes faded a tiny bit during the testing. On the bright side, Evgenis is improving their quality - inside, everything fit together very well. Its luxury interior was supremely comfortable as well,” the review read.

“I say that we put this one on the list. It might be a bit soft, but it could be better in person. And its interior is fantastic without being a fortune to buy and keep.” Adam offered.

“I thought you wanted something that handled well,” Leah asked, “but go on…”

“Well, given what we’re used to, it might be a nice midway point. And it does handle, it’s not nearly as bad as others that we’ve dismissed for the same reason…”

Leah decided to trust her husband on this judgment, and they bookmarked a dealer’s address for later use.

Next up!

@thecarlover - Mont Royal MV Sport


“Ooh, Mont Royal… that sounds fancy!” Leah said.

“It’s nice enough for sure! These are super well built things,” Adam offered. “This one just so happens to have a… yep, 5.0L V8, and they managed to get a lot of power out of it. 373 horsepower, in fact. They move out and haul like freight trains for something so big, the new 8-speed helps.”

The Mont Royal proved to be a solid contender through and through. Very handsome styling, a smooth and easy drive considering its setup, and sporty character. It does hide its weight well, while still managing top safety ratings and readily available parts. The MV Sport was kept for later.

@ST1Letho - Kurokama SL-A 3.6 T


“A Kurokama,” Leah said, as they moved on. “Reviews say that these are supposedly a jack of all trades.”

“Yeah, but…” Adam said.


“Well first off, it’s kinda generic looking. Almost like your dad’s Avalon. Second, look at how gigantic those tires are. Those belong on an SUV. And then there’s some really weird trim detailing going on on the sides and in the back there, and there’s cameras all around it, what do they even do? And it says here it weighs over 2 and a quarter tons… no way you can hide that. Look, it says “like confidence depleting, squishy brakes” in the test-drive part of this review. unknown

He was being a bit harsh, and statistically, the car was pretty good; high comfort levels inside, good cornering, power. However numerous little flaws that they found while researching (a harsh suspension that was compensated by having a 4-seat arrangement and a luxury interior, and an engine that seemed very much underworked) led to the SL-A being set aside.

@Repti - Veldora Doragon GT


Up next was a car that reminded them of the previous Kurokama, but if it was taken up to the next level, as it had some very similar specs.

“Simple, elegant. Classy but not overdone,” Adam said. “I can dig it. A bit bland at the back but it looks good overall.” Leah nodded as she looked through pictures with him.

“The Veldora Doragon GT has a very imposing name - matched by its classic presence. A turbocharged flat-six allows for a smooth and linear pull all the way to a daunting 8,000 RPM redline. Its sporty tires also allow for hard cornering and lower weight allow for pretty solid cornering capabilities.”

Even though the Doragon had a bit of a price tag, and some pretty hefty running costs, they voted to go check it out anyways.

@CorsicaUnknown - Corsica Vienna Limited


They only had two tabs left. They switched over to the next, and were met with a Corsica Vienna Limited.

“Corsica! I know it might not be quite as nice as others, but they are kinda known for sportier stuff so I thought we should give it a look,” Adam began.

“The Vienna is a well designed car, with a focus on the horizontal. Typical Corsica design language here, cheapened a bit by the extensive use of plastic on the front, but this one is complete with some attractive full width tail lights. On the limited trim, the Vienna is fitted with a turbocharged version of their 2.6L engine, making a respectable 300 horsepower. As a bonus, it boasts an unreal 40 miles to the gallon and is super, super cheap to run, like any normal family car! Unfortunately, they haven’t done much to the handling of the RWD family sedan - it still handles and stops like, well, a family sedan. The brakes are firm, but struggle to stop the car short of 125 feet from 62 mph, and the ride can get unrefined in the rough stuff.” Sadly, the two had to dismiss the Vienna Limited.

@vouge - Tevian Elambra GT


Adam was excited - “Alright this is the last one! We get to set up some test drives after this one, hell yeah baby!”

Leah laughed and flicked over to the Tevian Elambra, and admired it from all angles. It was big, imposing, and well disguised as a 4-door with its hatchback design. Familiarly blingy, almost. “I really like the way this one looks, don’t you?” she asked.

“Kinda looks like a Chry – nah there’s some big differences, it’s unique in its own way,” Adam began. (Sorry vogue, it had to be said😉) “Nice lines and creases, it’s pretty.”

Under the hood of the Elambra was a smooth and relatively responsive 3.3L turbocharged I6, making a respectable 333 horsepower and even more torques. Paired to it’s DCT sending power to each wheel via a geared diff, it’s also very quick, pushing to 60 mph in just under 5 seconds (0-100 kph being 5.1). Easy and sporty to drive and quick, with a comfortable average-quality top spec interior, they finished off their car research with one final bookmark for the nearest Tevian dealer.

Their quest was almost complete - Adam and Leah had narrowed it down to 10 finalists, and were looking forward to trading the Talbot in for a car from one of 10 entrants: @Centurion_23, @Repti, @MasterDoggo and @GetWrekt01, @yangx2, @Xepy, @vouge, @Chickenbiscuit, @tzuyu_main, @Cheeseman, or @thecarlover.

Finals soon™!


Oh no, I, the men who has once again submitted the same thing that i know the host didn’t want, has once again lost for it not being what the host wants! Must be that the host is wrong and that this is just nitpicking. :pensive:

In all seriousness, good luck to the remaining entrants! Fun round all-round.


Oh well, usual me, overengineering in some way :joy: I’m happy though that you liked the design.


Old man Evgenis is through to the finals which is fantastic until you realise that you have a habit of doing this and then ending up in a certain final position which is exactly one away from actually selling one unit of the vehicle. But still, glad to see that Adam liked it. He just needs to convince Leah… FULLY


Whelp, at least it’s mostly positive. I’m shook myself at the service cost and I made it. Oh well, we’ll see how the last ones pan out, good luck to you and see ya’ll in 124 :stuck_out_tongue:


I am now 100% convinced you’ve chosen the right cars for the top 10. None of the finalists fell short in one way or another, unlike the dozens of cars that weren’t instabinned but regrettably had to be cut anyway due to some major deficiency.


very good comment



One surprisingly warm April morning, Adam woke up as usual, got dressed and sat on the couch ready to start the day. Today was the day. Test driving time, baby. He was excited to try out some of the cars he and Leah picked out, and hopefully it would be pretty fun too, given the sporting nature of their selections - he pulled his converse out of the closet, and then went back to the bedroom and snuck into the night stand…

“Put those back,” a sleepy wife said. He’d been busted.

“They’re sports cars, why can’t I wear my driving gloves?”

“They look ridiculous,” she continued as she rubbed her eyes and yawned. “Let me get ready and we can go, when is our first test drive?”

“9:30, I think. Just get ready quick so we can go early!” They had called and scheduled ahead at each of the dealerships ahead of time, so they could knock it all out in one day. Ten cars, one day to do it, and no driving gloves, apparently.

After an excruciating hour of waiting to leave while Leah got ready, they slipped on their shoes and walked out the door. Adam opened the passenger door for Leah, and closed it for her - and then did a sick James Bond style slide across the hood to the driver’s side, slid into the plush leather seats, and hit the button on the dash marked “START,” and the engine roared to life. It slid into reverse, and they pulled away.

Test Drive 1 - The Veldora

They pulled into the Veldora dealership after a drive out of town a little ways, more towards Detroit. The building looked large, upscale and new, with flat sides and tall windows. A large V-shaped logo adorned the front. They parked close to the building, where a shining blue Doragon GT was waiting for them. An older gentleman walked out upon seeing the silver Talbot, and extended an arm with a friendly grin on his face.

“Good morning! Thanks for coming on out! I’m Rich,” he said, happily. He seemed excited to show the couple the new car. They shook hands. “What do you think?” He asked, turning and making eye contact with the two.

Leah spoke: “It’s pretty! The blue is nice, it looks really shiny. May I?” She walked over, and popped open the passenger door.

“By all means! You two check it out, I’ll grab the keys and we can go for a drive,” Rich said. Adam walked over and met her inside the car. They looked around and admired the interior. This is pretty top notch, Adam thought. Everything was rich, chocolate leather, and in the few spots there was plastic to be found, it was screwed in tightly. A decent sized screen sat in the middle, and a knob sat in the center console, presumably to operate said screen. Rich returned with the keys, and as he climbed into the back seat, Adam hit the button and fired the flat-six to life.

On the test drive, they were first impressed with the smoothness of the ride. This car was smaller and lighter than the Talbot, but had an excellent way of smoothing out the bumps. The infotainment was also very easy to use, if not a bit laggy in certain places. At a stoplight, Leah looked around, noticing that they were alone in their lane.

“How quick is it?” she asked. Adam waited for the light to turn green and answered her question with the thud of the gas pedal. The engine revved, the car lurched forward, and after about a half a second of gaining momentum, there was a squawk from the tires and they surged ahead. After a little under 6 seconds, they were at 60. Not bad. Shortly thereafter, Adam made a turn onto some B-roads, and tried out a bit of the cornering capabilities. He was let down a bit - the same suspension that gave them a composed ride and handling also allowed the car to roll a lot in the corners.

They returned to the dealer, thanked Rich for the lovely experience, and got in their car so they could make the next appointment.

Test Drive 2 - The Kinusoka

They drove back into Ann Arbor and found the Kinusoka dealership on the main stretch of road with the most car dealerships. They pulled in and parked up, got out, and walked inside.

“Good morning! I’m Jan,” a young lady in a suit walked up and introduced herself. “How can we help you?”

“We had an appointment to test drive an Osprey?” Adam asked.

“Ah yes! Adam and Leah, then?” she shook their hands with a smile. “We have the car out back, how about I meet you in front with it?”

The two obliged, and walked back out front. Within a minute, a Cherry red sports sedan pulled around. It was even sharper in person - clean lines, a flattering color, a refined edge. Jan climbed out and handed over the keys, so they all climbed in and checked out the car. The interior wasn’t on the same level as the Veldora by any means, but it was still very nice. Quality felt more consistent in this one, and everything fit together perfectly. The infotainment in this one was just as nice looking as the previous car, and was also a bit smoother and easier to use. After being satisfied with the interior space, they set off, with a squeal from the tires and a tiny bit of sideways action pulling out onto Jackson road, the ESC kicking in and keeping things in order.

“Woah, sorry!” Adam said. They didn’t expect the 3.6L to be as lively as it was - not as smooth as a flat-six, but definitely more responsive to the foot. Everyone laughed it off, and Adam was impressed so far. They took it down the road and through some Michigan potholes, and noticed that it handled them well. You could feel every one of them, but the car always felt stable and controllable. The rough ride paid off in other places though - moving onto some curves, the Osprey felt like it was on rails, and slowed down with confidence. It really did feel nice to drive.

They took the car back to the dealer after a fun experience with the Osprey, and headed off to the next one.

Test Drive 3 - The Olsson-Vector

They drove across the road and pulled into a complex of a few different dealers that they would be visiting: first up was the FUCKING TANK.

A young man walked out of the modern-layered looking building and greeted them. His name was John, and he was one of Adam’s good friends from high school.

“What’s up man?” Adam dapped him up, and Leah shook his hand.

“Not much! Been waiting for you guys to show up, let’s go check this thing out!” He handed them a set of silvery keys and motioned for them to come inside. They saw a silver 6300 sitting in the lobby, looking pretty. “What do you think of that?” Adam asked Leah. She walked around it, admiring the car. At the back, she paused, and said, “This is definitely the coolest angle of the car. It looks like some spaceship.” She wasn’t letting onto it, but she was really into the way the Olsson-Vector looked. Gotta play it safe with dealers, ya know?

They climbed in, and John opened up the pair of huge glass doors. He motioned for Adam to fire it up, and he did - the car crackled to life. It sounded sweet, those fancy exhausts at the back must be real. He pulled out onto the pavement, let John in, and they talked through the interior. It really was a tank - everything felt solid and weighty, very nice indeed, if not a bit cramped. 4 seats was a little strange, and the oddly shaped D-pillar made rear visibility tough. Luckily, the infotainment screen was large and very nice to use, and had a stellar backup camera. They took off on a drive.

Under way, the Olsson-Vector felt hefty - it had a very solid ride, but it did make for something a bit floaty. It turned in pretty well though, and held its own for 4400 lbs. They noticed that the DCT was a little odd to get used to, and Leah wasn’t really into that part as much as she was the looks, unfortunately. It felt strange to her on takeoff. Another thing, unfortunately, was that the AWD system wasn’t the greatest ever - Adam stood on the gas at a stop light, and the tires spun while TCS fought to keep the power in check - but good god did this car haul ass.

They returned to the dealership, overall impressed with the Olsson, if not for a couple setbacks. They thanked John and went on their way.

Test Drive 4 - The Evgenis

Next up, they drove down the road to the classically-styled Evgenis dealership. Outside were an array of sedans and crossovers, in various shades of blue, black, white and silver. Another kind, older gentleman walked out upon seeing the large Farox park up.

“Good morning sir, ma’am!” he said. “Are you two here for the test drive?”

“Yes!” Leah said. “Martin, right?”

“Indeed, madam. Adam and Leah, good to meet you guys. I’ve got a lovely car in store for you today.” They followed him inside, filed some paperwork, and they came back outside and walked over to the small pedestal that had a Basilisk 5.0 V8 Executive parked up on it, in a shimmering Evgenis Sky Blue. As Martin backed the beautiful blue sedan off the ramp, the two admired its details. It looked essentially British, very luxurious. They climbed inside and discovered the same details on the outside, carried over into the interior. This one felt just as luxurious as the Veldora.

On the road, the Evgenis continued to be a posh luxury car. It wafted over bumps, and a smooth and torquey V8 engine felt solid when paired to the silky smooth 6-speed automatic. It was confidence inspiring - but when pushed a bit too hard, it did have a tendency to understeer a tad, and when coming out of the corners, the ESC did have to prevent one of the rear tires from spinning, thanks to an open diff. The car was as expected - a very luxurious, comfortable sedan that handled well enough to inspire a large amount of confidence, but let down when it was pushed past its comfort zone.

They parked the car back at its dealer, thanked Martin for the opportunity, and set off to number 5.

Test Drive 5 - The Mont Royal

They headed to another dealer in the area, this time the Cascadia/Mont Royal dealership. Upon parking, the salesman, Ron, they spoke with on the phone came out and greeted them.

“How are you guys today?” he asked, smiling. “Adam and Leah, right?” He brought them inside and filed the paperwork. He grabbed a set of keys and handed it to them, and the three went outside. Parked a couple spaces away was an MV Sport in Ink Black. It looked sinister. Adam was intrigued.

Inside the MV Sport was a very nice interior, on par with other premium brands, right up there with the Farox. No squeaks or rattles, and every button and the screen in the middle felt solid. They fired up the 5.0L V8 with a roar, and set off.

The first thing they noticed was how seamless this 8-speed was. One of the first of its kind, apparently, and very well done. It was very smooth, even just pulling out of the parking lot. Additionally, the MV was large, allowing for plenty of interior and cargo space, which was nice. It was closer to the Farox than the others they had driven prior. Once they got moving, they quickly discovered that the V8 had a lot to give. 0-60 in under 5.7 seconds on paper, and it felt quicker. The 8-speed was smooth and crisp. Over bumps, however, the car had a tendency to become unsettled, and it showed its weight in the corners.

Upon returning to the dealer, they were impressed with the MV Sport for the most part, and thanked Ron for the drive.

After 5 cars, it was now 2 in the afternoon, and nothing had been eaten since breakfast that morning at about 7. So, after a quick bit of lunch, Adam and Leah pulled into the Seikatsu dealership.

Test Drive 6 - The Seikatsu

“Man, all these Seikatsu’s have grilles on them, don’t they?” Leah said. They did indeed, to varying extents, have a certain design to them which some might get into, and some not. Leah maybe not, but it was working well enough on Adam.

“Kinda like a Japanese Audi maybe,” he said. The salesman came out to greet them.

“Kent, nice to meet you two!” he said. The three did the paperwork, keys, you get the idea. They climbed into the Prince, and admired the quality. It had nice details and elements that took it up another point from the prior vehicles. It was pleasant. The turbocharged 3.2L inline-six fired up immediately and silently.

On the road, the Prince continued to impress. It was well controlled over bumps, and smoothed them out pretty good. It took corners pretty well too, as the compliant suspension was also set up well. Wide tires meant it had plenty of grip off the line and once you got through a corner, and despite a heavy rear bias in the AWD system, it did have a tendency to understeer on turn in. Additionally, the 7-speed automatic took some getting used to. 1st gear was short, the turbo hardly had time to spool, leading to second gear wheelspin. But, because of that, it was quick in a straight line, shoving to 60 in just a hair over 5 seconds.

They took the Prince back, thanked Kent for the ride, and headed to the next location.

Test Drive 7 - The Tevian

The Tevian dealership gleamed in the sunlight. It was bright and white, and looked pretty upscale. It wasn’t a large dealer, on the smaller side of things. It gave the lot a more niche feel, more personable. A younger woman greeted them as they stepped through the door.

“Afternoon! I’m Stacy, what brings you guys down?” she asked, with a gleam in her eye.

“Well, we’re here to check out the Elambra, we scheduled a test drive.”

“Ah yes! Right this way,” she said. They walked to her office space, filled out the papers, and headed back out front. A Segulata Blue Elambra GT rolled into view, and as the driver put it into park and got out, he handed them the keys.

“Enjoy!” he said, with a smile.

They climbed into the fastback-style sedan and looked around. Inside was just as bold and pretty as on the outside. It reminded them of the Olsson-Vector, had they spent more money on luxury rather than quality. It even had a 4 seat config as well. This was a very nice interior, and it felt like it already had character in it, fitting the personable charm of the dealership it came from.

As Adam rolled out of the lot and onto the throttle, he looked over at his copilot.

“Man this thing moves too, just about as quick as that Olsson!” he said, giving it more gas. It sounded a bit better, too. “This also has the DCT, right?” Stacy smiled and nodded.

“One of the most seamless in the business!” She was right - this one had one more gear, and somehow it made a world of a difference. It traded a good transmission for a bit of ride quality, however. It was a little overdamped on Michigan potholes. However, going through some bends, the Tevian cornered beautifully. Like most of the cars they drove earlier, this one still couldn’t hide the weight, but it wasn’t as rolly-polly as the others either.

They went back to the dealership, parked the car, and thanked Stacy for the test drive. They left, satisfied, and went to check out the next car.

Test Drive 8 - The Edelgard

The Edelgard dealer came into view, as did a lot full of very muscley looking vehicles. Yep, it was time for the most American car they had chosen to come look at - and also the most powerful by far.

They got out and checked out the Brilliant Silver Empress GTX that was parked, waiting for them. If the Mont Royal wasn’t a sporty looking thing, then this definitely was. Walking around the car, they admired the details, and how much care was put into the design. It worked well. Adam started telling his wife about some of the specifics.

“So… 480 horsepower? How much does our car have?” Leah asked nervously.

“About 370, so this will be very fast. But, at the same time, it’s one of the easiest to drive, and also insanely reliable. These last a long time.” Adam did his best to reassure her. “It does look really cool, like an old muscle car.” She eased up a bit and decided to trust him. Then, the salesman came out of the building, extended his hand, and introduced himself as Samuel.

“Thanks for coming out! You’re gonna love the Empress, I knew it ever since you called me on the phone. It’s perfect!” he said. They got the keys, and sat inside the car. It was really well done inside, a premium space that felt great to the touch, and like the reliability claims, felt like it would last a long time. The infotainment was excellent as well, housing lots of various functions from the heated seats, to SiriusXM radio, you name it. The turbocharged OHC V8 fired up with a super quiet rumble from the exhaust - a huge engine making more power than everything else, and the most silent yet. Leah relaxed in the plush seats.

They maneuvered out of the parking lot and accelerated down the road - the engine building up through the revs in a quiet and calm manner, with a subdued, throaty sound. It was super quick, the fastest on the highway and from a roll yet, but incredibly, pretty easy to drive. It handled the road as well as it handled wheelspin from a stop, turning in and holding a corner very well. The ride was very stiff, however, and a bit springy. As much as Adam loved the Empress so far, Leah didn’t seem to be the biggest fan of the driving dynamics, regardless of how much she liked the design or the interior.

They made their way back, and parked the car out front. Adam, Leah, and Samuel all got out of the car.

“Pretty nice, isn’t it?” he asked with enthusiasm. “Very solid cars, easy to drive, right?” He smiled. “I know I appreciate how comfortable they are, too.”

“We’ll do some thinking and get back to you. Thanks again!” Adam said. They got back into the Talbot and left. Onto the next.

Test Drive 9 - The Jinhe

They arrived at the large, recently built Huangdou-Jinhe dealership. It was the only one in the area, but it was massive. They had a few ramps up at one end of the parking lot, and a few small podiums up by the main entrance. Upon one sat a brand new Jinhe Qingxiu, in a glorious shade of Executive Red. As they walked up to it and began to check it out, they heard a door open and close.

“Hi! I’m Jim,” the representative said. “Are you two Adam and Leah?”

“That’d be us! We’re here for the Qingxiu,” Adam said.

“This one, right?” Leah asked.

“Absolutely! Follow me, I’ll have someone prep this one for you, and we can go get some paperwork done real quick.”

Another sales rep came and carefully maneuvered the Qingxiu down the ramp. The three of them climbed inside after one more walkaround, and admired the style of the interior. Elegant matte wood trim flowed across the dashboard, and supple leather greeted them. In the middle was an infotainment screen (what a surprise) that worked surprisingly well. First impressions were good.

“And the sticker price on this is how much?” Leah asked, turning to Jim.

“This one as we have it here, the S 346T, is a tiny bit over 47 grand,” he said with confidence. He was right to; this was the cheapest car they looked at all day, and so far, it felt like one of the nicest.

They set off on a test drive. All the same praise they read online held true once the car was moving. The 6-speed felt crisp and confident, and the AWD system prevented any sort of wheelspin after a quick chirp from the tires on launch. The engine provided a good amount of thrust, managing the speed limit in about 5 ½ seconds, and it did even better on the highway - a flat and plentiful torque curve helped with that. On the way back, the car handled very well, and had a very nice balance to it. The weight was hidden, but only just. It was a composed and refined drive, and great for a luxury car - not quite a sports car, but that was alright.

Adam and Leah were very impressed with the Qingxiu. A great handler, performer, and luxury car - but there was still one more to try out. They shook hands with Jim, pleased with the Jinhe experience, and set off for the final test drive.

Test Drive 10 - The LMC

They arrived at the LMC dealership - another modern building, this one with a more avant-garde edge to it, finished in a bright silver. It looked nice.

Up front was a Sky Blue Scylla GT, looking very pretty indeed. Leah and Adam both walked over to it and checked it out. There were impressive details on the badging, head and tail lights, and chrome accents here and there. It looked as good in person as it did at home on the computer. A sales rep came out to meet them.

“Good afternoon! How are you two doing today?” she asked. “My name is Allison.” She shook hands.

“We’re here for the test drive! Sorry if we’re a bit late,” Leah said.

“No worries! Follow me, we can go get started inside.” She took them into the building and they did the paperwork, got the keys, and headed back out.

Upon climbing into the Scylla, the couple found the nicest interior space of the day. This one was genuinely a top spec interior, and it felt very solid indeed. Leather everything, a high-resolution screen that was responsive to the touch, and classy real aluminum and real wood accents to be found throughout.

“This is, wow…” Leah said. “Nicer than our car!” Adam agreed. He was wowed too, but he was more interested in driving it and finding out what this “LMC magic” stuff he read up on was all about. He started the engine - a turbocharged, 3.1L V6. They barely heard anything, and it was pretty smooth, but you could definitely feel it a little more than they were used to - especially after the numerous straight-sixes they had tried out earlier. They didn’t mind it too much, the rest of the interior made up for it.

They turned out of the lot, onto the main road, and punched it. The back end squirmed a little, but the traction systems guided the car back into place with ease. They hardly felt any hesitations. The V6 got them up to speed in a respectable amount of time, on par with other cars, if not only a hair slower. It didn’t feel slow on the highway though - the surprisingly light weight of the car, along with a crisp 6-speed automatic, allowed for immediate downshifts and a good surge of passing power. All the while, the car was completely silent, from the engine to the insulation. Good premium sound system, too. Leah turned on her cooled massaging seat.

On the way back to the dealer, Adam turned onto a certain twisty road that ran alongside one of the lakes. The car shrunk around them, and the Scylla turned in immediately, and used its trick high-tech traction system to pull the car through the corner.

“Wow, that’s definitely the easiest to corner,” he said, coming off the throttle and onto a quick straight.

“Yes, LMC devotes extra R&D into the technology of their cars,” Allison explained. “Active suspension works with clever on board computers to deliver a really sporty drive when you need it, and then the rest of the car works its magic when you’re cruising.”

Ah yes.

They turned back towards the dealership and pulled into the lot. They were very impressed with the Scylla. They were faced with a seriously tough choice, as this was the top of their budget… They thanked Alison for her help, and parted. They climbed back into the Talbot.

“Well what are you thinking?” Adam asked Leah.

“I really like that one… it’s pretty and now my butt has been massaged.”

“You have me for that, though!”

“But the car can do it too 🥺 And it was easily the most comfortable we’ve been in today.”

“Also the sportiest to drive…” Adam thought. That was, in fact, the reason they were getting a new car. If they could find one that cost them no more to own, was sportier than, and just as comfortable as the Talbot, then that would be perfect. They were really playing Goldilocks here… was the Scylla worth the extra price? That Jinhe was pretty comfy inside and was just as smooth to drive, but the way it handled wasn’t quite there… The Edelgard? The security of reliability, and a sweet engine. What about the Tevian…? So many choices.

But, after a bit more conversation, they had decided.



They got back out of the car, and went to find Allison again.

1st: @Chickenbiscuit
2nd: @Yangx2
3rd: @Xepy
4th: @vouge
5th: @tzuyu_main
6th: @thecarlover
7th: @Cheeseman
8th: @MasterDoggo and @GetWrekt01
9th: @Centurion_23
10th: @Repti

Congratulations, Chickenbiscuit!

Adam and Leah couldn’t resist it. It was such a tough choice, it really was - so many cars were not only similar in stats, but also engine choice and tuning. It genuinely was a lot of thinking, but in the end, the LMC won their hearts.

They still have it to this day! It’s only given them a tiny bit of trouble, as it wasn’t said to be as reliable as the Edelgard or even the trusty Jinhe’s, but Allison was there to help them with the warranty. Silly active sway bars, keeping the roll under control and then throwing a fault code. Other than that, the lovable LMC has been an excellent car that the both of them could enjoy to the fullest.

Author’s note: This was a lot of fun! And it really was tough for me to decide. So much was similar but I sat down and thought through it the second I was done recovering from entering 60 entries into my hack-job spreadsheet. Holy cow I have the record now, not sure if it was worth it LOL

But in all seriousness, thank you all so much. It was an excellent labor of love hosting this challenge, and it was awesome to see that through two f*cking months and a “game update,” I got so many awesome entries from you people. This was pretty sweet. Some of my favorite kind of cars from one of my favorite eras, these are the ultimate Adam cars, and that’s pretty cool to see. So thank you!! Good luck to the next host!!


Damn I wish I participated. Congrats to the top 10 and the winner ofc, and these have to be some of the best tail lights ive ever seen lmao. I hope next CSR is something for older cars :wink:



Truly a fun CSR; thanks to Cherry for hosting a competitive challenge that I didn’t expect to be as hard as it was. Congratulations to everyone who made it this far and Chickenbiscuit; with how many strong entries there were, this is a pretty poggers feat. I’m more than happy with fifth place seeing some of the other names up there!


Congratulations to you on hosting such an excellent round, and also to Chickenbiscuit for winning it with a car that looked like an underdog on paper, but ultimately triumphed over more powerful opposition by over-delivering in other areas! And with 60 entries in all, this was the largest CSR field ever - and rightly so; there was something about the rule set that somehow made it more alluring than any before it.

Sadly I couldn’t enter because I didn’t have enough time to submit the entry I had planned for it. Then again, designing the more complex exteriors of post-2010 cars is not my strong suit. On that note:

Don’t count on it - the next CSR may also be themed about the modern era (2010 onwards), as this one was, but until then, we’ll have to wait and see.

Anyway, the last few rounds (including this one), with their large turnouts and engaging rule sets, have set the bar extremely high for any and all future CSRs - long may this trend continue.


Congratulations! on a great round. Only took you 2 months to finish it goshhh. That was a really hard fought round. One of the best looking groups of cars I’ve seen in a CSR. I think I can host, but its 3 am and I need to think of something tomorrow.


Very nice write up, wp everyone !


Great round by Cherry! I enjoyed making modern cars now and was proud of it till it got binned due to smol tires. But hey! Practice makes perfect