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CSR123 - Slightly Super Saloons (THE FINALS)


First of all “Congratulations!” Chrysler A57 Multibank to the host Cherry for managing to sort out this round. Two months later and 60 entries to go through… I’m really glad that it wasn’t me. We can safely say this one is going to be a remembered round for some reasons cough cough violating 2D animated pictures

Also I’m just going to congratulate myself on not coming 2nd place and instead coming 7th place for the second time in a row… I hope this isn’t going to become a thing now! Considering how much of a literal old-person barge this thing is, I’m impressed to see it managed quite so well. Maybe I should stop trying to throw so much lore (that nobody knows of nor cares about) at my cars and secure myself a higher position next time :stuck_out_tongue:

Once again, thanks for hosting. Can’t wait to see what CB comes up with only for me to come 7th again and want to delete CSR myself


You can betcho’ ass it did! That 4.9 seconds of 0-60 in that FUCKING TANK didn’t come out in one night :joy:

Thanks to Cherry for hosting this round. Really enjoyed engineering for this, and I can speak for @MasterDoggo that he enjoyed designing the car as well. Really proud of ourselves to be able to compete with all the big names in here and snag the 8th place. Congrats to everyone who made it to this round and congrats to CB :smile:

Looking forward to the next round!

PS: Chrysler A57 Multibank gang gang :sunglasses:


Congrats to everyone who participated this challenge, it’s a fun time seeing all those nice vehicles everyone made.


Excellent, excellent round of fun, skill, and balance. Insanely well done especially knowing that this is the first csr hosted by Cherry. Love this section of cars, and that brought it much needed variety. I mean it broke the record of most CSR entries…
With that said may I ask for a CSR122 style competitor spreadsheet?


Congratulations! Chickenbiscuit! A well-deserved win for a great looking car and On3CherryShake for a good round as well.

Chrysler A57 Multibank


Haha, why is everyone doing this multibank comment at the moment?


I mean if you absolutely have to, then yes. Congratulations!

And thanks again everyone 🥰 I’m so glad this round went so well. Can’t wait to see what’s next!


Can you make the spreadsheet public please? Currently it needs to request access.
I just want to know if the Pearlite Virtue had the highest comfort score :laughing:


Should be good now. Thanks google! :man_facepalming:


Chrysler A57 Multibank


Awesome job hosting this round! Oh, btw Chrysler A56 Multibank Gang is better


But there is no Chrysler A56 Multibank


That is what they want you to think


Oooh, nice, good to see the spreadsheets. Thanks Cherry for a good round and congrats to all the finalists, especially to the winner Chickenbiscuit :slight_smile:

Browsing through the data I see that my car was one of the very least powerful - ouch, should’ve gone for the turbo, but the engine was rushed. And seeing that the only other car with my level of complex suspension was the Bonham… Yeah, I totally get why it wasn’t received well :smile: (also lulwut how was my car relatively cheap to service)


it…was a meant as a joke…


Thank you for the spreadsheet Cherry, although I fear some columns are messed up with their averages and all.


Notice I said “hack-job” spreadsheet, because I really didn’t use the averages at all. I fixed and kept what I needed. None of that was important to me, so please, chill out. I didn’t really have to release the stats at all.

Edit: let’s be done before I get upset, I wanna end this round on a good note. :))