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CSR123 - Slightly Super Saloons (THE FINALS)


Well done for trying to host something in the midst of all the updates! If i understand correctly, once Stable branch becomes the current OB version, that’s what you will use?


Correct! Better to wait for the new release than to have a bunch of entries broken part way through haha. Hopefully it’s out soon.


You’ve well written that in the brief, but is there an upper limit which makes the car instabin.

90K is obvious but is 60 way to high or just acceptable without considering worthiness or not.


Go bucks baby. Where at in Ohio?


Nope. It’s your judgement, that’s why it’s a soft limit. How much are they willing to spend? And do you think your car is worth more than that general price range?

That’s what it comes down to. Like I’ve said before — I can’t tell y’all what to build haha


Ok thanks :wink:


Basically, use the same logic as the last csr, but toned down


Yeah I’m doing a scaled down, sedan version of the last car. If that thing was the equivalent of a high spec Commodore then what I’m doing could be interpreted as…idk, an Insignia OPC? A Fusion Sport? Kia Stinger GT? S60 T6? I’m quite a bit under budget, though I believe that it’s still very much a premium spec car.

Now with correct naming format and a somewhat realistic size engine, hopefully I can break my instabin streak


As with the previous round, there are no production unit limits for engines or trims - I think this is because the engineering time limits for either are already generous enough. Also:

I take that as “trim reliability and servicing costs are moderate priorities, as is fuel consumption”. Also, even though a catalytic converter is required, must it be of the three-way (either regular or high-flow) variety?


How inexperienced or masochistic one would have to be to use a two-way cat in a modern car? I take that as a part of common sense, as soon as you know what you’re doing in the game.


Unless you have an objection to it, I think I might post my car in a few hours once I’m done with my exam. I worked on it the entirety of yesterday, got some really helpful feedback from friends, and am at the point where I’m not sure I can really improve upon it any more without increasing the cost.

So I think I’m done with it and it’s submission ready, but seeing as the submission window is delayed until further notice I’ll just post it here now… I saved the car file and will submit it to you as soon as the submission window opens. As mentioned before, I hope to break my rather depressing instabin streak with this one.

Also, might wanna add this as part of the “inspiration”. I for one think it was the most under-appreciated sports sedan of the past decade. A really advanced AWD system coupled to an optional 6 speed manual, and typical excellent Honda quality and reliability. Styling was polarizing for sure but I like it.

While you’re at it, might as well add these two to the inspiration, as magazine road tests had them as being very close to the E90 and F30 in terms of driving feel and overall competitiveness.



Let me get this straight, you want to make a car that is inferior to the referenced cars because you don’t want to make the kind of car that the host is asking for? When the host asks for X, your best bet is to make something like X and not deliberately inferior because that just lands you in the bin.

I can understand that you’ve put many hours into the car and you feel it is great but I too can also spend many hours making a car that is completely unsuitable for this. This has happened a lot across many CSRs recently, take CSR 115 that I hosted as an example, where people deliberately make something that isn’t what is being asked for. The reference is premium sport(-ish) premium sedan. How hard is that to grasp?

Why am I saying this? This is Cherry’s first CSR and so far this thread is looking more like a teacher trying to teach his students basic linguistics in preparation for a reading comprehension test, only for the students to understand the way to do things and then deliberately not do that. CSRs take a lot of work and seeing this sort of stuff is seriously demotivating for the host.

Please consider what the host wants when you are making the car. Don’t make what you want, make what they want.


I haven’t even posted the car yet, how do you know if it’s inferior or “completely unsuitable” to this? Not every build is gonna max out the budget. In the past CSR, I along with los of contestants was well under budget. On that note, would you consider the G37, TL-SHAWD, Stinger GT, S60 T6, to be “premium sports sedans”? Because all of those started under 40k in 2012(and in the case of the Stinger under 40 grand now)

My car has a premium interior and infotainment, AWD,an LSD, and a turbocharged straight six making well over 300 hp. By the definition of the term it’s a “premium sports sedan”. And yet it’s well under budget. While the buyer might be able to spend that entire 55 grand, if they find a car cheaper than that which fulfills their wants and needs, then that buyer might very well go for the cheaper option and save some cash. Or not. It’s down to the preferences.

I’m not sure why clarifying requirements when he did say he was “open to questions”, would be “demotivating” in the least. And having hosted challenges myself I more than understand that they take a lot of work. But I was more than happy to answer questions and clarify the requirements, and I’m glad to see that Cherry is doing the same.

I’m making a car which fits all the requirements, is in the spirit of the competition, and which I like. And I think the host will like it too, as will the fictional buyer; I tried to make it such that it would appeal to both. If that doesn’t happen, then guess what? It’s just a game, and there’s always a next time! And I made a car which I get to toss around in Beam. That’s the worst case scenario, and I’m making a genuine attempt to aim higher than that: a car which I, the host, the fictional buyer,and the other contestants all like.

Lastly, let’s not ruin this for others. I’m sure you have a great car planned up with your own idea of what a premium sports sedan should be like, and I’m looking forward to seeing it as well as the other entires. So in the meantime, take it down a notch, and I think we’ll have a great challenge on our hands with lots of unique entries.


Mine is 4k under budget but it’s got a luxury interior. I think you’re taking a risk going 15k under, effectively putting it in a different market.


Eh. It’s up to the judge to decide what’s best and in my case I felt like a premium interior was the way to go for a sports sedan. I’ve sat in 3 serieses and the interiors are definitely more on the premium side of things than luxury. The “luxury” interior I feel is more appropriate for an executive car and I used it in my last submission, I imagine a lot of others did. As per being in a “different market” I don’t know about that seeing as the S60 T6 used in the inspiration cost 38k in 2012, yet is what we’d consider a premium sports sedan.

But more power to you for giving your car a superior interior, and I have no doubt that it’ll help you out. Hope you kick some ass.


I’m in a same area as you.
It is recommended to use discord for this kind of discussion. It doesn’t seem that hard to get tbh.
Also we aren’t that rational, styling is going to be a big part. And a luxury interior should help a lot, as long as you don’t skimp too much in infotainment.
@abg7 AWD here, turbo V6, I’d think they prefer AWD although tbh snow tires would be much better, and they’ve indicated that they would do that. Straight sixes are the perfect engine here.


I also made a test car recently, but it’s priced around 50k with a premium interior and powered by a turbo straight-six driving just the rear wheels.


Turbo straight six drift gang <3


Is that G6E Turbo type car by any chance?


More like C43/M340i given that my entry is mid-sized (D-segment) and not full-sized (E-segment) as the G6E Turbo was.