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CSR123 - Slightly Super Saloons (THE FINALS)


2012 Hanno S360 R-Spec

by @mcp928 and @mat1476

Performance and confidence in harmony.

2012, Hanno Motor Company Ltd.


That ad would have been a million times better if you had the reader facing up towards the car, as if the car is towering over the reader.



Submissions coming in nicely, thank you all!

Still AFK until tomorrow but I’ll start rifling through them soon and later put out the list of entrants, as per usual for this challenge.

As a reminder: as Mr. Regular once said in reference to Elon Musk: “lurk more.” Just a reminder to all that this is NOT discord and there is no need for this thread to be so long as is. Not upset, just a reminder to think before you post a lot. Thanks!


haha, longboy


2012 Quezon Cordova GT


The Harlem Eustice,
brought to you by Charge CCM co.


Nice Ford.


More pictures


-Cabrera Boreas

If cars could bark, this one would bite you
One more pic, just in case our advertising campaing hasn´t worked with you


2012 E B4 E Performance package

-Not the best. Just not the best.

Safety? Yes. Because if your heart ain’t beatin’, we ain’t eatin’.

Wallet happiness? Sure. 44,000 USD. Your wallet can probably handle it.



Hayato S


Bonham Chaucer Silverstone. Class and performance. 350+ hp, RWD


hm I’m sure this was built with the upmost research and care.


Zephorus I don’t have a name yet


The all new 2012 Taka Fuji | LXH Trim



2012 Morton Ceilao

More Shots


2012 Nurgenburgen Autobahn
The four-door GT for enthusiasts.
Why choose between sport and comfort if you can have both?


Franklin Marshall Horizon Se


Have you ever designed a bad looking car? This is great and looks very real.


The all-new Everso Cantabria SX

Equipped with a 346hp turbocharged engine, the eye-catching super-premium SX trim will take you whereever you want to go, at speed and unruffled.


  • The powerful inline-6 engine is good for a 0-60 time of 5.2 seconds, but VVT technology means that the Cantabria SX is just as comfortable cruising on the motorway with tests showing that the 8-speed automatic will deliver 43.9mpg under ideal conditions.

  • Loaded with technology, any driver will be comfortable behind the wheel, the eminently drivable Cantabria SX features ESC, a luxury satnav system, heated seats and many other perks.

  • High safety ratings across the board mean you can transport the most precious of cargo with confidence.

  • For those who seek a more visceral experience, the rear-wheel drive Cantabria SX will happily go everywhere sideways, at peak power you’ll barely recognize the car you thought was merely a luxurious, eye-catching executive compact! (Everso International Motors urges you to only do so in safe and supervised conditions and accepts no liability for damages incurred during hard driving)