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CSR123 - Slightly Super Saloons (THE FINALS)


AHB Domingo XD - R370DC

please buy car

pics and stuff


2012 Jinhe Qingxiu S 346T



2012   SEIKATSU   PRINCE   350Q   HF[VL]



2012 Cheval ZS

A nice blend of performance & luxury



Shitty Photoshop is shitty.
Schnieder 5L C30S

(Im sorry)


We just realised the marketing team didn’t do their job properly. Just one photo, with bad lighting, using a sub-optimal wheel option.
As any good corporation would, they have just been promoted and given more important roles. The new marketing team, on the other hand, has come in and took some new, better photos.

(Apparently the old marketing team became the responsible for PR and this terrible announcement)


2012 Olsson-Vector 6300 Orkan GT

Made in collab with @MasterDoggo

Can you tell how much demotivated I was while making this ad?


Rocket Apollo Boost

Pure Enjoyment

More pics


Are you after the jealousy of your colleagues?

Are you after the thrills of speed?

Are you after the comfort of a magic carpet?

We’ve got the answer for all these questions.

2012 MAHG Sigma Prestige 4 Berline.

More details

You want your car to iron the road at 280km/h? Our hydropneumatic suspension with electronicly controlled antirolled bars will flatten every bumps and take every corner flat to ensure a maximum stability and comfort!

280km/h you said?!

Yes,thanks to our TurboEARTH 4.1 V8 and its 350hp and 483Nm of torque available from 3000rpm, you’ll get a Top speed of 290km/h!

What’s TurboEARTH all about?

We care about power, speed and silence. But we do care about environment as well! So thanks to new engine and turbo technology you can get a 2.1Tons vehicle launching to 100 in 6.07 sec and averaging 6.8L/100km at 90 km/h.

2.1 tons?! Why is it this heavy?

Thanks to heavy use of aluminium hundreds of kilos have been shaved from the car!

But this weight is unfeelable in the car, thanks to a playful handling, all wheel drive and superbly competent suspensions.

Then, you have to consider the build quality of the bodywork, the luxurious interior and the infotainment!

Wow, luxurious interior? But what’s the price? I’m afraid now!

There’s nothing to be afraid of…

The range starts at 52 000 USD for the entry model and 61 100 USD for the model shown.

All of it with interesting finance, 10 year warranty and at home service.

For more informations, meet us at your nearest dealer!


2012 Kinusoka Osprey GT6

Value. Comfort. Performance.

Yours for $49300

More Pics


The 2012 Thompson Chinook GT

Performance and comfort, yours for under $50000.


The Miku Aoi Hatsune Miku Edition

just buy it hatsune miku is in it

Every car also comes with the new Project DIVA game!!! the fucking car
hatsune miku = yes
fast = yes
cool = yes


The 2012MY Prince SC4 ST. Powered by a 2999cc I6T producing 445PS/445NM. Rated 29mpg combined. 2012MY Prince SC4 ST starts from 47900$.


2012 Tevian Elambra GT

Built with passion.

Tevian Motor Comapny



Evgenis Basilisk 5.0 V8 Executive

Offering stellar effortless performance and unrivalled levels of comfort, the Evgenis Basilisk 5.0 V8 Executive is the ideal car for someone looking to always arrive at their destination as fresh as when they left and always on time and in style. 0-100 kph is dealt with in 5.1 seconds*, but won't completely break the bank thanks to 30+ UK mpg fuel consumption. Drive it once and you'll want to drive it again... and again... and again.

*Acceleration figure correct in BeamNG testing. Statistic in Automation is higher but we all know that they’re wrong damnit.

Can’t be bothered to make a gallery



  • Class-leading safety
  • Uncompromised comfort
  • Driving thrill, with sport mode available on demand
  • High reliability
  • Smooth 5L v8

Thrill and elegance combined in a single package, starting at $52000. Contact your local Vega dealership today.

The new Vega Saetta RL. You may have both.



It’s cheap. That’s all it has going for it.

The Vienna Limited is equipped standard with the Maxtec Inline-6 engine, developing over 50 horsepower and achieving a 0-60 time of just 6.4 seconds. Integrity and good looks not included as standard.


That’s fantastic, 6.4 seconds in a 50hp car! lol


no mate it makes more than 50hp, which is technically the truth


American quality. 50 horsepower for 39k.