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CSR126 - Pointless Filler and a Boring, Unimaginative Setting


well it’s close enough


Have another link to that.

Currently waiting for an ad from @MrChips and a car from @donutsnail. Other than that, it’s thankfully looking like there’s a relatively low amount of entries this time around! Good to see my CSR107 pains won’t be repeated


Neko TX-1 Deluxe CrewCab


1988 Forea Colza RX Wagon


More Pictures


The 1988 Vernon Yosemite Y15 LWB( Top of The Line XVT Trim shown Here)

(Base Bare Bones Diesel Trim Shown here)


1988 Edelgard Mangonel



The 1988 Ebernhard Constice

Look, I don’t know. I think its rather good looking. Its mostly about how it feels when you’re inside and that’s rather difficult to describe when it doesn’t exist.
I do know, however, that i meant it to be a luxury (midsize) car through and through and i believe the styling compliments rather nicely the 3.2 V6 that moves this familly cruiser very smoothly to 60 in a not brilliant length of lime.


1988 PMC Fossa 4xA

A 4WD mid-size station wagon. A quick run to the convenience store, or driving to the Alpine Loop? Doesn't matter. It will take you there.

by @mcp928 and @mat1476


More images


Apologies for the “Meh” Quality pictures/ad, I got carried away in the fixture placement and it doesn’t look like I’ll have time to post a better one before the deadline ends…

Introducing: The 1988 Makina Corus 1.8 SE Limited

The 1.8 SE Limited is Makina’s Top-of-the-line Trim Level on the Gasmean/US Market, featuring a very economical 1.8 Liter IC18NEU Inline-4 with plenty of low-end power to get it off the line at a decent pace.

It’s equipped with a 4-speed Automatic Gearbox, ABS, Power Steering and Progressive Springs for a very comfortable ride.

The exterior features body coloured bumpers and mirrors, 14 Inch Alloy Rims, 175/70R14 Tyrelli Tires and a revised rear light cluster with clear turn signals for a more modern look.

We welcome you for a Test Drive at one of our Dealerships, and hope to see you soon.


1988 Rhisuki Tabi 2.0 Touring

The Tabi is Rhisuki’s mid-size sedan offering. The Touring trim is the highest trim available, giving the Tabi a smooth and powerful 2.0L boxer 4 engine, a high quality premium interior and radio, all optional safety features, and 4 wheel disc brakes. All these great features paired with all around independent suspension is sure to make a pleasurable ride. Optional AWD is also available (but not on the entered car).


I added more pictures here

While not being over the top as the other lineups, the G150 still maintains it's affordability while not being the worst.


1988 Auzenne P70 2.6 SE-L

“The French Way of Driving, now available in America”

more pics


Crappy ad but does the job




Entries received from

@ Executive
@ Fletchyboy100
@ Jaimz
@ vero94773
@ desperatedonut5
@mcp928 & @mat1476
@unbid - (yet to post an ad)
@RandomKeeper - (yet to post an ad)
@Ryan93 & @MasterDoggo - (yet to post an ad)

If you don’t see yourself here, let me know asap. To everyone participating, good luck in the judging!


I have posted an ad, check again!


I blame the forums lol


I’m not in the list! I’ve done the ad and sent you the .car file!

I’m gonna send it again to be sure!


The ad’s there but I’m sorry to say the submission came in too late. Hey, better luck next time!