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CSR126 - Pointless Filler and a Boring, Unimaginative Setting


Yeah… I guess cheapess doesn’t make it always good, but i’m surprised it was the cheapest entry.


Mine’s cheap, but it was totally undercut by yours…

But it’s understandable since mine’s a big 4.0L V6 SUV…


The lack of ABS for your and abg’s car wasn’t mentioned due to it being unrealistic as it very obviously isn’t, it was something worth mentioning because of the fact nearly every other car submitted has it equipped - in other words, I wouldn’t worry about it much lmao


My original thought was to submit the cheaper DX model with a 2.3 litre V6, premium interior and no ABS, but since the asking price still was far from the limit then, I thought that it would have been more realistic for a buyer to go for the GLX model. The 4 seater VIP top trim was not really the ideal family car, so…


Genuinely surprised I didn’t get instabinned at the start of the post. This was fun to do tho :smile:


Apparently I’ve got a lot of learning to do, but I suppose that’s not too surprising. I hadn’t even thought about the headlights, and I suppose I should’ve done more research on 0-60 times for similar real life cars. Definitely had a good time with this, looking forward to the next one.


@CorsicaUnknown, any news on when we can expect the next wave, of results…not covid?


We’ve already got the latter :grimacing::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


those tiny wheel scare the crap out of me


Right, I really am sorry for being silent for nearly a week. The simple answer is, I’m hoping to get the next part out within the next few days but I wouldn’t quote myself on that kek. Everyone’s free to direct their anger at me in any way you wish.


No anger matey, just wondered were we are at. :+1:

Longer I wait the longer it takes for you to bin my entry! :rofl:


As the sun comes up and night rolls out, you can feel it starting all over again.

Nik: "hey yeah good morning who cares, is it normal to have a rash here?"

Eric: "I’m sure it’s nothing, I’ve also got something similar. Anyways, you gonna go through some more cars today?"

Nik: "Yeah aight’, feels like it’s been a week already anyways."

@Vri404 - Hanami EcoVan

“Among the three minivans, the EcoVan certainly showcases its van roots the most… Being dull may not be a crime but using two differently styled door handles within 20cm of each other certainly is… The inline-5 makes plenty of power, especially at the low-end…”

@On3CherryShake - Rolland Marquet

“This sexy beast shines with its fantastic interior fit-and-finish and attractive exterior looks… The engine is a proven unit, being both quiet, smooth and dependable… Compared to its competitors however, luggage space is lacking and has to be expanded by completely removing the third-row seats…”

@Tzuyu_main - Seikatsu GrandMaster

“The GrandMaster is really what the EcoVan should’ve been, another affordable, spacious and reliable flat-nosed van… When it comes to ride quality, the suspension is surprisingly spongy, another surprising thing being it’s equipped with a limited-slip differential…”

Nik: "Oh christ, shoot me why won’t you. To start off, the Hanami is out of the question as it’s just a tad too outdated for my liking. It has a 3-speed gearbox for example. And now, it comes down to the Rolland and Seikatsu. I repeat again: someone please shoot me."

"You remember that moment when you were a child, at the toy store with your mum and she told you “you can only have one of these toys?” Yeah, choosing between those two was harder than getting people to realize that black people are indeed also people. And here I am again, with that same decision… Do we go with the one that’s cheaper to buy and run or the one that’s fancier inside and better to drive? Eh to h ck with it, I’ll leave that decision for my d mned future self! Fuck him."

The Seikatsu GrandMaster and Rolland Marquet are longlisted for the finals.

@Fletchyboy100 - Brantan Bourbon

“The Brantan Bourbon is a relatively attractive, reliable SUV with close to no hurdles… Specifications are very much fitting for a vehicle of this type with fuel economy comparable to that of an oil rig burning, acceleration times rivaling a traffic jam of snails and a genuine 4x4 powertrain, instead of simply AWD… The suspension however is surprisingly soft, leading to major body roll…”

@Jaimz - FM Overlander

“The FM Overlander is full of surprises, like the fact it’s nearly tied for being the most expensive of the group despite also being the smallest, featuring fewer fancy features than the rest and only having 4 seats… FM has done little to improve their safety kit since the 70s and it shows here… Styling can be described as odd, a few standouts being the small door handles and tiny running boards…”

@MrChips - Rebel A150 Atlantic

“The A150 Atlantic from Rebel is striving more towards being a large family cruiser, instead of a proper offroader. This is showcased with the lack of a proper 4x4 system, no locking diffs and no underside skidtray… 7 seats come as standard and while room in the third row might not be excellent, there is still plenty of room in the boot…”

@Xepy - Edelgard Mangonel

“Despite what its looks might suggest, the Edelgard Mangonel is very much up to date with its technologies… The interior offers extensive space for both the passengers and luggage, as should be expected from the exterior dimensions… Acceleration is also surprisingly nippy and while nowhere near sports car speeds, gets the beast moving just fine…”

Nik: "Guess the Overlander is an easy target, offers less for my money than the others and isn’t the greatest looking thing in the world, frankly. Sorry, I like being mean. Anyways, the Brantan and Rebel are fairly similar to each other, at least in size. The Rebel has two additional seats and should be safer, plus features more equipment so I know my choice between those two. But, and this is a big one, the Edelgard."

"To be fairly honest, despite being very similarly priced, the Mangonel doesn’t offer much above the A150, other than its gargantuan size. It definitely isn’t as easy to drive or park, or as cheap to run for that matter, and I’d say that’s enough reasoning to not keep it in the running. Looks good though."

The Rebel A150 Atlantic is longlisted for the finals.

Satira 220 (light blue), Norström N40 (dark blue) and Fujita Fusion (have a wild guess)

@BigBoiShibe - Satira 220

“With the exception of its Double Wishbone suspension at the front, the Satira 220 is very much your average commuter car… Owner surveys have showed the 220 to be among the most reliable cars on the market today, with very little to go wrong… For its size, space inside and room in the boot is plenty…”

@Reizei - Norström N40

“The Norström N40 qualifies under something the Swedes like to call “Överdriven, ja ja”… The bolted on turbo, while a low-pressure one, is a turbo nonetheless… Its skyscraper suspension is most likely related with the AWD drivetrain, but it only ends up hampering with the looks… As for the exterior looks, it ends up being relatively hodgepodge in nature, especially in part to some oversized elements such as the doorhandles and exhausts… There’s also a spoiler sticking out of the windshield, very nice”

@Mad_Cat - Fujita Fusion

“The Fuijita Fusion ended up being the cheapest car in this field and boy does it show… Compared to its rivals, there ends up being a lack of equipment installed, such as power steering and speakers that would be more than just a step above listening music through a tin can… Ride comfort is good, nothing noteworthy about it or the driving experience… The wheel-to-tire ratio is rivaling an industrial dump truck…”

Nik: "Huh, well this should be easy: the Satira does its tasks the best and won’t mean I’d have to sacrifice my legs in a crash. The N40, while not necessarily bad, just reeks of overdone design and engineering choices and that exterior… I like quirky cars, I don’t like cars that force their quirkiness into your heart."

The Satira 220 is longlisted for the finals.

@Ryan93 & @ACoolCrab - Olsson 4300

“I’ll just take a moment to give a shoutout to the the madman going by @ACoolCrab, getting his forum username changed so the submission wouldn’t count as an instabin… Good to see the Swedes can still build something sensible, Olsson’s 4300 is a very attractive, very nice and very comfortable liftback… The turbo adds some actual beef to the engine, plus obviously helping with fuel economy”

@Marcus_gt500 - MCA Virgo

“Style appears to be what MCA is banking on with the Virgo and while it definitely has some, certain design cues are questionable… Its teeny-tiny doorhandles and large overhangs make the proportions look confusing… It is one of the sportiest cars in this field however, especially with the 5-speed manual as it accelerates from 0 to 62 in under 7 and a half seconds…”

Nik: "Two six-cylindered large liftbacks? Sign me the hell up babyyy… at least for the Olsson. While both are good at being premium cars, the Olsson comes off as more refined and better looking, not much else to say. The MCA will be shot at dawn."

The Olsson 4300 is longlisted for the finals.

@Mikonp7 - Neko TX-1

“As a wise man once said, the point of Mikon is to miss the point, either intentionally or unintentionally. Being the only pickup, the Neko T-”

Nik: "Nope nope nope, goodbye. It might be quick, it might be premium but in the end, it’s a pickup and it lacks some crucial reasons you’d go for one: it ain’t that cheap to buy and it ain’t that cheap to run. I have no doubt in my mind it’s good, I would doubt if it’s what we’re looking for though."

The Neko TX-1 isn’t longlisted for the finals.

Nik: "Right, next up is t-"

Noticing something from the window, he stands up and takes a look outside

Nik: “Huh, I could swear that van’s been circling this street the entire day… Odd. Anyhow, I’ve got some more people to make fun of. Can’t waste a single minute, y’know!”


I’ll take that… probably the best I’ve ever done in a CSR :joy:


Well, f**k. Let me get back to my classics them.


A long time ago in a forum far, far, away…

Peace has fallen over the forum posting known as CSR…where the combatants are unsure as what is happening and whether they’ll progress through to the final stages…


While this has taken longer than most CSRs so far, there’s two things.

  1. It’s still shorter than CSR 123 was from “beginning” to end.

  2. His personal life still exists, and I do know that Corsica is trying. I would expect at least the next part to drop soon.

No worries, our patience will be rewarded soon.


what’s that? some kind of dlc?


Back in his designers chair, Nik once again pulled the magazine up to his nose and started going through the magazine. As they’d plan to already start with test driving the day after, he decided to shift through the final batch with as little mercy as possible.

Nik: "13 left, quite like our first concert in that small pub."

@vero94773 - Astrale Dominus

“From the outside, Astrale Dominus is an interesting looking thing with aerodynamically hidden rear wheels and rear sliding doors. Overall however, the styling is round and comes off as futuristic, too futuristic to be exact… In the middle of the well-furnished interior sits a cassette player straight out of the clearance bin at Walmart. This cheap entertainment system really brings the interior side down and makes us question the $31,500+ pricetag more…”

@thecarlover - RCM Atlantic Mosport

“The RCM Atlantic, especially in Mosport spec, is like Samantha Fox and Phoebe Cates sharing a hot tub while furnishing each other with caviar - sex(ist)… Even with its sporty exterior, the Atlantic takes no shame in its roots as your average family wagon and that’s a good thing as underneath the speedy-stuff lies a practical, good to drive and comfortable family hauler…”

@66mazda - Kaizen SCE19

“The Kaizen SCE19! While it may sound like a vacuum cleaner, it is indeed a compact wagon with sporting credentials. It looks good, it drives good, it’s fast and sitting inside is a very nice affair. Is it worth being over $10,000+ more expensive than the RCM? Nah, not really”

@george_m997 - GMD Aleza GT

“Like the RCM, the GMD Aleza GT is also a quick and practical wagon. Unlike the RCM, GMD has gone full-out with this one… Particular color choices, like the white hood and red brake calipers give it a sporting edge not seen on any other car here, the same goes for the performance tires and the covered up underside. Unfortunately, it also has an exhaust the size of a garbage can and that’s reflected in the amount of noise it puts out… While the suspension is tuned for performance driving, it’s still fairly good in normal driving…”

Nik: "So the Astrale looks to be… odd-looking and a bit overpriced, while the Kaizen is just overpriced. Those seem to be easy go’s, same goes for the GMD: they’ve just sacrificed too much compared to what we’re looking for, what a shame. The RCM looks nice."

The RCM Atlantic Mosport is longlisted for the finals.


@unbid - Carson Centauri

“THIS is the Carson Centauri. Looks odd in a good way, is surprisingly cheap coming in at just under $21,000 and has lots of space! After those positive sides, it’s a shame to find out about the poor fuel economy of just 15MPG average, the all-round Double Wishbone suspension setup that isn’t put to much useful use and the rear brakes, which are bigger than the ones at the front. It is most definitely not a bad car, it’s just poorly optimized in some places. Perhaps like this challenge.”

@Executive - Hakaru Presage

“Hakaru’s Presage is definitely an attractive car, if a little derivative… The driving experience is fun and the steering is responsive, coming off as among the best in its class… You thought it was just going to be positive stuff though? Ahahhaha no. Ventilated brakes are supplied at both the front and rear and that shows with our brake testing, which showed close to no brake fade during many tests. Why go through the trouble to supply this 14 second 0-100kmh economy car with these kinds of advanced brakes? Maybe for the buyer who is impressed by brake discs, who knows… While the body may provide good structural integrity during a crash, the safety equipment featured on this model may not…”

@z2bbgr - Mostima 2400 GL-ES

“The 2400 GL-ES, presumably from Mostima, looks good at first sight but gets stranger the longer you look at it. Mainly, the problem comes down to wack proportions with its massive and wide boot handle, teeny door handles and an odd vent included behind the rear doors… The RPM limiter is right at the redline, not ideal to be frank… Otherwise, it’s a standard affair very similar to other cars of its size. Notice I said size and not price, as the 2400 comes off as a lot more expensive than its key rivals costing around $29,000…”

@vouge - Forea Colza

“Damn, couldn’t even finish a car before it got in your way :flushed:… Forea’s Colza is indeed a very sensible wagon… Particular standout spots are the excellent fuel economy, comfortable ride quality, low price and nippy engine. I mean it’s a good car, not much else to say.”

Nik: "text"

The Forea Colza is longlisted for the finals.

@patridam - Silverhare Conestoga

“A fine example of a true Amurican family cruiser, the Silverhare Conestoga has personally shot over 15 communists in its lifetime… As patriotic as screaming out the lyrics to Born In the USA on July 4th and about as comfortable too, with the suspension being surprisingly stiff… Braking is an oddity with the rear brakes being larger than the front ones and the vehicle taking around 60m to fully stop, very much a poor result once compared to the 40-45m distances from equivalent rivals…”

@RandomKeeper - Taura Malte

“Starting with the Taura Malte, the design has to be immediately discussed. While necessarily not a bad thing, the general look is derpy, mostly thanks to its lights being squished into the middle, both front and rear… This might also be the first time we’ve seen inset side bumper trimmings, completely defeating their purpose. At least looking at them is a good laugh… Comfort isn’t a strong suit of this car, with the suspension very much feeling uncomfortable and stiff… It also runs on certified Russian-grade 86RON, possibly a fault of mixing up measurements?”

@conan - MAG 215iSW

“Look at that! No really look at it, the MAG 215iSW is a looker and it’s finished in brown!! I wonder if brown wagons will ever be appreciated as much as they should be… It’s also rear-wheel drive, so that’s cool… The large body, being in similar dimensions as the Silverhare, offers plenty of space for both the passengers and luggage…”

Nik: "Oh neat, an easy one at last."

The MAG 215iSW is longlisted for the finals.

@mat1476 & @mcp928 - PMC Fossa

“The PMC Fossa is good. Alright. Unlike the Armor, there’s no manually lockable diff and no fulltime 4x4 system, instead going with simpler all-wheel drive… At just over $28,000, the price comes off as a little steep taking the equipment you receive into consideration… Driving is a relaxing affair with good and responsive control… Fuel economy? Let’s not dive deep into that…”

@GassTiresandOil - Armor Everest

“The first of our two offroad-wagons is the Armor Everest, definitely more of an actual offroader than the Fossa with its 4x4 drivetrain, manually lockable differential and a full skidtray underneath… 70s touches litter the car, especially with the square and chrome-filled design, pushrod-powered V6 engine and safety equipment that fits into yester-year…”

Nik: "Huh, so both are pretty good but have their share of problems? Huh. Well looking at the Armor it appears to be a little ancient which wouldn’t be a good look for this former drummer in a band that once existed, if I may say so. As for the PMC, it looks like absolute sex and I’d love to consider it, if it didn’t cost more than a Rebel A150 Atlantic that also features a nicer interior. What a shame."

Neither car is longlisted for the finals.

Nik: "Whew, and that’s the whole lot, innit?"

Taking time to catch his breath, Nik proceeds to compile every car he circled in the magazine onto a piece of paper, with each dealers contact info listed. A quick stretch and a drink later, he takes the list to Eric for final approval.


Eric: "Wait wait, hang on just a moment! That’s 13 cars you’ve got lined up here, you sure we have the time to drive them all? Actually let me rephrase that. That’s 13 everyday family cars you’ve got lined up here, you sure we have the mental capacity to be able to be bothered to try them all?

Nik: "Whew, that was really stretching the limits of an English-language sentence. But you raise a good point, should we go ahead and trim this a bit?"

Eric: "Nah I like your forest. You should cut down on the amount of cars though, otherwise we’re gonna be in the ground by the time we’ve finished trying them all!


@Ryan93 & @ACoolCrab

Good luck to everyone, see you all in the finals! Lord forgive me for what I’m about to do.


hahaha, why the heck the hood is white, it should be the same colour as the body though, i must got something mixed out when exporting, and the car is based on the Sierra Cosworth with more power to try to compensate for the slushbox auto ruining the accel, so yep no wonder it didn’t win, congrats to who is going to the final y’all and goodluck


You still did better than me, I was in the only “nobody won” round. Maybe I should pick someone other than American Motors to style the engineering after…? I am curious based on the review if a locker would have improved the scoring of the town and country rambler motif though?