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CSR126 - Pointless Filler and a Boring, Unimaginative Setting


Yeah… I guess cheapess doesn’t make it always good, but i’m surprised it was the cheapest entry.


Mine’s cheap, but it was totally undercut by yours…

But it’s understandable since mine’s a big 4.0L V6 SUV…


The lack of ABS for your and abg’s car wasn’t mentioned due to it being unrealistic as it very obviously isn’t, it was something worth mentioning because of the fact nearly every other car submitted has it equipped - in other words, I wouldn’t worry about it much lmao


My original thought was to submit the cheaper DX model with a 2.3 litre V6, premium interior and no ABS, but since the asking price still was far from the limit then, I thought that it would have been more realistic for a buyer to go for the GLX model. The 4 seater VIP top trim was not really the ideal family car, so…


Genuinely surprised I didn’t get instabinned at the start of the post. This was fun to do tho :smile:


Apparently I’ve got a lot of learning to do, but I suppose that’s not too surprising. I hadn’t even thought about the headlights, and I suppose I should’ve done more research on 0-60 times for similar real life cars. Definitely had a good time with this, looking forward to the next one.


@CorsicaUnknown, any news on when we can expect the next wave, of results…not covid?


We’ve already got the latter :grimacing::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


those tiny wheel scare the crap out of me


Right, I really am sorry for being silent for nearly a week. The simple answer is, I’m hoping to get the next part out within the next few days but I wouldn’t quote myself on that kek. Everyone’s free to direct their anger at me in any way you wish.


No anger matey, just wondered were we are at. :+1:

Longer I wait the longer it takes for you to bin my entry! :rofl: