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CSR126 - Pointless Filler and a Boring, Unimaginative Setting


Lol I was in that round too, and I too based my car on a more capable version of an Eagle wagon. I guess the customer REALLY isn’t interested in buying an AMC.


I’m sorry that it’s gonna come to this but

I’m gonna have to call this CSR off.

You know that DLC called “real life”, right? Well it sucks more than I suck di-
I’m sorry to everyone who submitted and having to wait a months worth just for it to end like this, you’ve got my clearance to spit on my grave. I doubt anyone’s willing to take the duty of finishing the writeups to themselves, so here are the final rankings

1st Place - @Tzuyu_main

2nd Place - @thecarlover
3rd Place - @Ryan93 & @ACoolCrab
4th Place - @NormanVauxhall
5th Place - @On3CherryShake
6th Place - @BigBoiShibe
7th Place - @Stryder237
8th Place - @vouge
9th Place - @Repti
10th Place - @MrChips
11th Place - @conan
12th Place - @yangx2
13th Place - @donutsnail

Also, if anyone’s interested, the pretty barebones spreadsheet for the round.

Sorry to anyone I disappointed and good luck to the host of 127! Cheers for now.


Don’t worry and thank you for your time.


TBH, you did a fantastic job this far and I don’t want to blame you for life coming in the way. Better doing an abrupt and quick finishing than to never finish.


I agree. Posting final rankings still counts as finishing! Congrats to @Tzuyu_main as well!


Given it’s my first CSR, placing 7th is more than I hoped for, especially when I beat out more established creators who’ve impressed me before.

This round was excellently done, so I don’t mind the ending. Real life trumps anything here.


While I have to admit that I am somewhat frustrated, as it is still ultimately an agreement, I do very much understand (to an extent) what you are going through. Ultimately, I have no “bad feeling” towards you, and regardless this was still an excellent, well written CSR. Thank you very much for being honorable and transparent, and making the best out of a bad (and out of your control) situation.
Also theoretically posting the rankings would count as finishing, so you still did nothing wrong really, epecially given your circumstances.
Wait did Delta just won his first CSR?
Excellent, well deserved for such an underrated engineer.
ps part of the fun is the lore lol


Massive thanks to Corsica for creating and hosting a great challenge; it’s unfortunate but understandable that things had to end this way but hey, we got the results. And thanks to everyone else for making this a truly competitive round of CSR.

I’m absolutely delighted to have my first CSR win (especially after being in finalists for a lot of rounds), but I’ll be passing on hosting duties to @thecarlover.

CSR_126_-tzuyu_main-_Seikatsu_GrandMaster_3_0_Exceed.car (173.8 KB)


It’s a pity this round didn’t end the way it should, but at least it produced a worthy winner - and the right one to boot.


Pointing out the obvious as per usual, restating what everyone already knows as perusual… but throwing such dense shade as that? Wow, ABG.

As for the actual round,

very well done so far and pleasant to look at and read. No worries that it wasn’t finished, at the very least the winners and spreadsheet was announced so I’m not upset. Thanks Corsica for the time and the effort, and Congratulations to everyone :))


Thanks @CorsicaUnknown for your time, even if you didn’t quite get everything out.

I’ve got a couple ideas for a new round so give me roughly 24 hours to put something together.


Here’s the thread for the new round: