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[CSR69]: A sports car for a French guy


Other used banned?


The colour looked a bit 2003-ish… I remember orange pearls had somewhat of a popularity back then. Out of place on a standard car in 1995, however, most cars are available in different colours so to be honest I don’t think that colour should have anything to do with which car that wins the round…





^ :cry:


We’re more than 72 hours past entries closing, so, uh, do we have to enforce


This is a rule. One we don’t like enforcing, but one that we’ve had to resort to 2 or 3 times in the past. It’s never good when this happens, so, please respond ASAP.


To be fair, the forum downtimes might have messed up his planning with other obligations, but an explanatory note would be nice.


I also expected considerable delays in announcing the final results due to unexpected server downtime, but this is really pushing it. I’m still hopeful about this round being concluded satisfactorily, though.


For this deliberation, Thomas and Frank went to differents car seller to try every cars.
(Consider Thomas is talking to Frank after every test)
Frank came with his new Sakurada Elea Sport.

Frank: " Let’s go! "

1. Vri404 - ERA (Enjoy Racing Autos) Maglev Turbo

Thomas: " Well, I’m not really conviced by this one. When you look closer, the side looks strange, the 2 stripes doesn’t have the same length, and the curve of the stripe is very square. The front looks good but the rear look a bit too much late 80’s, too square. For the performance, I didn’t feel the sportiness of the car. Even if it’s light, it’s not fun as it should be. "

(Sportiness is at 27.1, and the minimum was at 30.)

Sadly, we do not keep this one.

2. HighOctaneLove - Bogliq Buttress Enthuse

Thomas: " I would have thought that the engine would be too big for the size of the car and that it would weigh, but not at all! The car is fun as hell! The design works very well for me, I love this double mid exhaust! "

Let’s keep this one!

3. Conan - Whiskas Turbotinga

Thomas: " Haha, the famous car named as my cat’s food name! Well I have to admit, the design is a beautiful/10, specially this rear, he’s awesome.
But this power… This is so much power, and all the 360 Nm of torque comes suddenly at 3300 RPM! This engine is too much for me, too extreme. "

Sadly, we do not keep this one.

4. Geronimo - Horven Type A-R

Thomas: " I was amazed of this one. The smoothness of the turbo is incredible, but the torque and the power are only available after 4500 RPM. That’s not a problem, but I had to notice it. And yeah 1300kg is a bit heavy, but the engine is ok. The design, hmmm. I really hate the color, but I think it’s available in another color. The front grill fell empty and must be painted in black, or just a basic platic colour. The rear feel strange too, the strip up the tailights is a weird thing. Overall, the design needs more sportiness in my opinion. "

Sadly, we do not keep this one.

5. Private_Miros - PMI Dotai Fuga 2.2 Type-B

Thomas: " The Dotai Fuga 2.2… 160hp is good, but it’s a bit soft for a 2.2L. Anyway the drivability amazed me for a big car like this, no doubt it’s a real sportscar, and with a multilink rear suspension please!
But when I got out of the car, I’ve remembered the design… Honestly, the front is full of details, but these frontlights…I don’t like them. The rear isn’t bad, but not exceptionnal. "

Sadly, we do not keep this one.

6. VMO - Gabatron Xenus TS 16V

Thomas: " The Xenus TS 16V! I have to say I loved it! It looks amazing, the only thing I don’t like on the car is the rear badging, a bit too big. But the overall look works very well!
And the test drive? It was really cool. I wouldn’t expect this drivability and fun for the 1222kg of the coupe but the double wishbone does the work, and the 2.0L is never empty. I really liked this one! "

Let’s keep this one!

7. NormanVauxhall - Znopresk Zeta 1.7 Sport

Thomas: " I don’t know what to say about this one. She’s just P.E.R.F.E.C.T. Looks so good, it’s full of little details, and look at these front lights! The rear is good too, but not as nice as the front.
The test drive was a part of fun. It maybe produce 136hp but it’s enough for the 1053kg. On the other hand, the engine is bit too empty after ~7000RPM but this is not so bad anyway. "

Let’s keep this one!

8. Rk38 - GBF Senio 1700 CE

Thomas: " The sister of the Znornd…Znorprk…The car we just tested before! Did I said the Zeta was perfect? No the perfect car would be a mix of the two cars. I can’t say already which one I prefer, they are both looking so cool!
I didn’t find any differences at the driving experience. The engine feel the same, even if the seller told me this one was the 1700-135 CE, and the Zeta just the 1700-135. "

Let’s keep this one!

9. Chickenbiscuit - LMC Miro S6

Thomas: " Let’s continue with the mid engine! This one looks good too. The test drive was… Well the 2.7L of 240hp makes it a GT. It’s sporty, the drivability is nice and the inline 6 is very powerful…
But look at these tires, they are way too large, I don’t want to have to change them.
It’s a good car yeah, but that’s not what I’m looking for… "

Sadly, we do not keep this one.

10. BoostandEthanol - Keika Twist 2.2

Thomas: " The mid engine session isn’t finished yet haha. And this one is amazing! I love the front, and the side stripes are interesting. However, the rear isn’t as good as the rest, but it’s not bad at all.
The test drive was really fun, the car is light and the almost 170 hp are enough to have fun! And the sound of the V6. Even if 2.2 is a bit big, it’s not so big for a V6. It is a pure pleasure to drive! "

Let’s keep this one!

11. TheElt - BM Nut VCi

Thomas: "I’ll never forget the first drive of this car. The engine is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. 9k RPM of pure fun, it’s hyper light, and hyper fun! Even if there is nothing under 6k RPM, it’s way too fun. And what an idea to go under 6K RPM?
However, I’m not convinced by the design… The rear definetly doesn’t works for me…And the front isn’t bad at all, but the frontlights are too weird… I don’t think it’s a car for me, It’s a pity because I love the engine… "

Sadly, we do not keep this one.

12 . thecarlover - RCM Megabit Finale

Thomas: " Again, a 2.2L, and not very powerful for a 2.2L. But it’s enough for 1200kg, even if I would prefer a bit more than 154hp. Anyway, It’s very nice to drive, and it felt more comfortable than any of the other cars until now, that’s a good point.
Let’s talk about the look. Do I like it? Hmmm I wouldn’t say that. I love it! One of the best looking of the list for sure! "

Let’s keep this one!

13. Cheeseman - 1995 Evgenis Boruto 1.9 V6

Thomas: " Another Mid engine! I have to admit, this is the one I liked the least of the Mid engine cars of the list. The overall look isn’t bad but it is basic.
Otherwise, the engine is really cool. A small V6 of 142 hp is very a cool thing… But the rear wheels are so large, too large. And the camber is excessive for a small sports car like this, I must be able to assume the maintenance of the car after buying it… "

Sadly, we do not keep this one.

14. Chipskate - Falcon Vertru 18T

Thomas: " This one is looks japanese on the front. My impression of the test drive? The engine kicks in with taht turbo, but it’s not scary because all this power in on the front! The engine is powerful enough for the 1200 kg of the car, so that’s a good point.
The design is cool for sure, but it does not breathe sportiness, except the double exhaust and the bonet extention, nothing says it’s sporty. I would like it with a more details on the design, with things like a front lip. "

Sadly, we do not keep this one.

15. MrComputah - Shogun Gaikotsu 1.8

Thomas: " This one is the most funny looking car of the list! I love the front looks cute and the rear is all the same. I like it.
It’s light, but the engine ecounter issues for me. Only 126hp for an 1.8L, I would prefer a smaller engine with that power, it would save weight, but that’s not what annoyed me there. The torque curve progression is strange, it make a small hole, and I felt it when I drove it. "

Sadly, we do not keep this one.

16. strop - MM Excelsior

Thomas: " Oh yeah, a big 2.5L V6 of 210 HP. Even with the 1200kg, you feel all the HP with this engine. Strangely, it’s a RWD, I thought with that look it was a FWD, but it’s not a bad surprise, I prefer that than the opposite haha!
I’m more concerned by the design of this one. It looks good but empty, I don’t know what but for sure it’s missing something on the front and the rear too… Maybe a license plate socket…"

Sadly, we do not keep this one.

17. Sillyducky - Fahrzeug C2 - Sport

Thomas: " Wow, the inline 6 is big, and you feel it! Strangely for a 3.0L I6, the torque isn’t linear, not as much as an I6 should be. it’s heavy but it’s offset by the 200hp of the engine.
The design is…Well, to be fair, I love the front, I looks like a classy german sportscar, but the rear is not good as the front is. Really not, The lights doesn’t works for me, and the badging is enormous, and I think it’s missing details on the rear bumper. "

Sadly, we do not keep this one.

Sorry for the delay, but the forum downtimes was at the worst moment, the week end and the monday, the moment when I had all the time to write this review. I said it on the discord but I know it’s not a good plateforme to write a permanent message to warn everybody, but I didn’t had so much time to go on the forum. I’m sorry that I’m not home during the day, and yesterday I was not at home during the day and night so… I wrote the end of this (I had already started), just in one hour, I already have to go outside. I’ll try to write the final verdict this evening when I’ll be back, or tomorrow at the latest (it’s actually 17h50 in my country). If it’s too long for you, feel free to stop this CSR and begin another one, I would understand the decision.


Your verdicts on the remaining cars was well worth the wait! And I am definitely going to hold out for your announcement of the final results for this round.


Thomas and Frank (François, non?) would have liked the Type-A, but that was outside of budget.
The front lights were mid-nighties Prelude inspired. The rear is simply standard nineties, IMO.

That’s not a critique, I must stress. Love the general write-up. Am a serious fan of 4 of the designs that went on to the next round.


While I wasn’t expecting to go that far, I will note this is the first time I was binned because of a missing license plate socket.

That’s likely an exaggeration, but I think it’s worth reflecting that sometimes we reach a stage where what’s really being rewarded is the tendency to go into extreme detail. This isn’t a bad thing, especially as it is undeniable that when it’s done right there is an immediate reaction. But we have to be mindful of the underlying feeling that a lot of people have that things like this can become like a glitzy Photoshop competition.

I agree that a few details would have improved my design, had I more time. Specific touches with certain vents and windscreen washers and a properly placed antenna would not have gone amiss. But given the body, not a number plate (I invite you to try). And much more than that, and it would cease to look like a mid 90s car.


No you didn’t got binned because of the licence plate, that just a detail I noticed to add some consistency to the dialogue, I just found that the overall design was too simple. But the judgment is of course not objective, it’s all about taste, and I have to make choices.
And if the CSR was hosted by someone else, the results wouldn’t be the same.

But yes, lots of thing is about small details, It takes lot of time to make, but these details make the difference on a design.


Keep in mind that I had to do choices, your design isn’t bad for sure!
To be fair I reworked it by curiosity because I found your front was really interesting.

I prefer smaller lights, but that’s all about tastes :slight_smile:
(the hole instead of the grill is a bug I have on every entries :confused:)


Of course, don’t worry, I am not objecting to being binned at all :slight_smile:

PMI likes your design bureau’s suggestion and will keep in mind for the next update (it does look more late 90s now).

The grill hole grill bug is since the last update, yeah, I know.


too simple

I understand where this is coming from. This isn’t an issue with this round alone, but in general. The problem in judging aesthetics in this game is that people don’t apply consistent judgements because a lot of it is based on perceived effort “in styling the body that is already provided”. Which isn’t how it works in real life at all.

While there’s something to be said about three fixture chumps and simply failing to make something cohesive, if people aren’t vigilant about how we go about this, the “beauty contest” will be something more akin to throwing period correct out the door and making everything look like a supercar or at the very least some kind of stage 3 riced up bodykit from NFS Underground.


That’s one way of looking at it. Plus, it seems like some of the ones that moved on weren’t, shall we say, period correct. The mid 90’s was a hodge podge of blah left over from the 80’s, with a lot of carved soap bars coming onto the market to replace them. Very little exciting about 90’s cars, even sporty ones, if you exclude exotics. I got my driver’s license in '94. High school sophomore at the time. Wanna know what the coolest, best looking new sports car/coupe was then?

The Chevy Camaro.

That’s a low freaking bar.

THIS is something that gets me. Fine, I get instabinned for aesthetics, which I can deal with. I know mine are very hit and miss. But for THIS particular entry to NOT get instabinned in round 1? When it didn’t meet the minimum specifications? That’s a slap in the face to those who worked their asses off to actually meet your demanded specs. Someone who DID turn in enough work to go on to round 2 didn’t because you made room for a car that didn’t meet your numeric minimums.


Actually, my car did meet minimums when I entered it, but I think the update changed some stats, and therefore, changed my entries stats. I wouldn’t enter a car I knew fell bellow the requirements.


Fair enough. That may well be the case, I’ve had that happen in other competitions too. But he went out to point it out here, without regard to any updates or other such possibilities. Poor form all around on that… if you did design yours with 30+ and the update broke it, he called you out for no reason… and he also advertised that the “sub par” model made it through to round 2.

(Was there actually an update between submissions opening and him judging round 1? I do not recall one…)