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[CSR69]: A sports car for a French guy


Discover the new model from Horven: The Type A Rask

The Norwegian brand release a new variant for the acclaimed Type A Sedan, the Type A Rask (norwegian for fast).

Designed for dynamic and ambitious clients, it feature a Turbo four cylinder engine boasting 172 horsepower, for people that want more than simple car!
Even if its a coupé, you can still invite your friends on your ride on the two comfortable rear seats, it is better that they come in your car as they will have an hard time to keep up with your pace!

Don’t hesitate at only 10946$.


The RX-8 came out in 2003. Absolutely nothing in the entire sports car segment back in 1995 was available with even one pair of suicide doors. You’d only find them on the odd concept car or full-size truck at the time, unless you saw a London Taxi.

Also, of all the posssibilities I tried for this round, the small NSX body turned out to be the only one where I could fit corrosion-resistant steel panels on a galvanized steel chassis - CR steel is very expensive, and with a tight budget of just 11k, I wouldn’t have been able to afford it with any other body. I was banking on the possibility that Thomas would have to consider environmental resistance when choosing his next car.


Thanks, but no-one actually gives a fuck

edit: If you’re reading this, he edited his post to not look wrong, so check the edit history


You sure its not Minivan sliding doors? :thinking:


Might be tricky getting them to slide past those flares…


Stick this up your arse Abg!


Err… wikipedia doesn’t mention any car in the 90s with suicide doors apart from a pickup truck.

Also the tone in some of these last few replies… Friendly competition anyone?


“…apart from…”

And anyway…this IS friendly! :smiley:


A change beginning with the 1999 model year gave the SC a small suicide door on the driver's side. This type of door had previously been used in extended cab pickup trucks, but was an innovation in coupe design.


Saturn had em. They were a thing around the time, just not demonstrated that much apart from concept cars and black cabs.


Not quite as good ol’ London taxi the 1958–1997 Austin FX4 certainly features them.


Are we building replica cars where we have to stick with exactly what was available at the time, or are we building imaginary cars how we want to?

There’s absolutely no reason why a 90’s car couldn’t have suicide doors. Just because hardly any did, doesn’t mean that someone cant design one that does.


@abg7 Quit editing your posts to make us look like asses, thanks a ton :kissing_heart:


But logs never lie right?


Straight from Japan and now available at your local PMI dealer:

The Dotai Fuga Type-B

Produced by PMI Dotai G.K. in Nagoya, Japan, the Dotai Fuga is a sports coupe that offers quality manufacturing and two brand new high tech engines.

The Type-B is the budget-friendly base trim and sports a 2.2 liter naturally aspirated 4 cylinder engine with variable valve lift and timing. Basic equipment includes 4 full size quality fabric seats, sunroof, electric windows, power steering, and a car radio. Options offered include airco, integrated radio and cd-player and leather seats. Prices start at $10989.

Overview of available trims:

Dotai Fuga Type-B Dotai Fuga Type-A Dotai Fuga Type-X
Base trim Premium trim High-performance trim
2157 cc inline-4 2157 cc inline-4 Turbo 3105 cc V6 Turbo AWD
166 HP / 188 Nm 220 HP / 249 Nm 283 HP / 370 Nm
5-speed manual 5-speed manual 6-speed manual
1146 kg 1289 kg 1573 kg
220 km/h 238 km/h 250 km/h
7.3 s for 0-100 6.9 s for 0-100 5.5 s for 0-100
5.4 l / 100 km highway 5.0 l / 100 km highway 6.3 l / 100 km highway
8.4 l / 100 km city 7.7 l / 100 km city 9.5 l / 100 km city
Driver airbag standard Airbag + ABS Airbag + ABS + TC
$10989 base price $14190 base price $23327 base price
------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------



Gabatron Xenus TS 2.0 16V. Vive le France!

Is a sportive baguette




Ceci n’est pas une Hommell Berlinette (mais ele est trés similaire)…

My (probably rusty) French aside, time to lob my own grenade into this field of hot grenades;

There are tigers, there are panthers, there are jaguars. But those ferocious felines are never truly tamed, always on verge of losing their temper.

Meet the Alvatore RS, our tameable black cat. A cat that can live in town, but then latch the claws to any stretch of asphalt which brings out the beast within. Many rear-wheel-drive coupes sacrifice luggage space, taking their engines to the back.

However, the RS brings the same level of driver interaction, without ending any chances of losing passengers. Rear-wheel-drive. Double Wishbone suspension, front and back. A special rear wing. Four seats. The Alvatore RS ensures a safe change of habitats, wherever you go.

The heart is up to pair with the RS’s sharp claws; 161hp are always there, unaided by any turbos, only stopping at 7800 rpm. Small but mighty; this 2-litre, 24-valve inline-6 takes knowhow from the proud CSM touring cars that clinched podiums all over Europe.

It is often told that curiosity killed the cat. However, the Alvatore RS is a kitty that only sparks more curiosity, the more you get to know it. So come to your nearest CSM dealer, and see what the Alvatore RS has to offer. Because if you don’t, breaking a mirror will feel like child’s play…

*example shown with optional “Riding Red Hood” visual package and roof rack. For more information, consult your nearest CSM dealer

(Yes, I know I said a classic hot hatch was my dream for this. But Lord knows how hard I tried, only for the attempts to be filed under the Fun class. Making a fun car that’s not Fun is a tough ordeal! :sweat_smile:)


I’m now kinda thinking this round should have been set in '93 to see how many people remember the french law on yellow headlamps…