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[CSR69]: A sports car for a French guy


It says he’s a French guy…doesn’t say he lives in France! :rofl:


But does it really matter if any car had the Mazda RX8 style doors in 1995? After all, it could have been done since it’s not really rocket science. The disappearing B-pillar was there on the Nissan Prairie/Stanza Wagon MPV already in the 80s, and to combine it with suicide doors instead would not have been impossible, the door mounted seatbelts also was used on some General motors cars and Volkswagens sold in the US… Sure, nobody did it, but in an alternate reality, why couldn’t anyone have beaten Mazda for some years?

Unrealistic technology is another thing, like satnav and carbon fiber body in 1959, but this was just a feature that nobody was thinking about implementing by then yet.


Yeah but he does :grin:
But np for the yellow headlamps, I won’t judge on this lol


I’m not familiar with the yellow headlamp. Does that also include fog lamps?


Yellow headlight are not allowed on 1992 cars and after, so no worries :slight_smile:
Edit: and I believe it was mandatory before '92, it’s an old law about the war, to recognise our cars and also military vehicles in the night with the ones of germany.



Inspired by Venturi. I like it.


Ah shit all my ideas are being taken.

Do I just go speed meme again? It’s not like I’ll be hosting anyway :joy:


I think I know who’s going to win. Nonetheless, here’s what I’ve got. A bit derivative? Oui! At 1/3 the cost though (presuming retail 50% markup), fledgling enthusiasts will flock to the Giusseppe, as a 'practice car. We partnered with French flagrance maker Gladé, to amp up the faux leather with genuine leather smell.

By the way, I only took 2 weeks of French back in high school (in an effort to be tri-lingual), but dropped it because I wasn’t very good. I’ve got oui, non, monsieur, mademoiselle, my numbers to 10, basic colors, and papierkorbe (because it’s similar to German).

Papierkorbe is waste paper basket


I’ve taken about 5 years of French, including three university years, and this is the first time I’ve heard about that word (or its German equivalent, for that matter).

Although I do know of Papier-maché, that’s a recognizable paper-related term (because English-speaking people use it very frequently)…

Regarding the G3, the Gladé thing made me chuckle. Should’ve added the Peugeot fragrance cartridge system. Because we heard you like men’s cologne, so we’ve put men’s cologne on your men’s cologne! :rofl:


Hopefully, being French*, he will go for something a bit different! :wink:
.* Completely not a stereotype :sweat:


I wonder if that semi-active suspension could turn out to be more trouble than it’s worth… Otherwise, it’s a thing of beauty, and for once its advertising tagline might just be true.


Forum is back:grinning:, I keep the deadline to this saturday, tell me if you think a, extension is worth it!


Forum being down wouldn’t have prevented anyone from being able to work on their submissions. I don’t think a delay is necessary.


This is a 1995 Rado TX, with a 2.7l naturally aspirated V8 producing 193 hp and 224 newton-meters of torque, with a redline of 8200 rpm.

That propels this two-seater that weighs 1064 kg to 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds while the interior of the car doesn’t break your back and will try to not kill you in a crash. Fuel economy? 11.6l/100km. Price? $10,878.


Presenting the new Albatross 200t Liftback, the latest in the Albatross Motors lineup. The 2.0 liter turbocharged 4 cylinder pushes you to 62 miles per hour in a mere 7.3 seconds, and onto a top speed of 137 miles per hour. As standard, this sports liftback comes with a viscous limited slip rear differential, 4-wheel anti-lock equipped disc brakes, traction control, a cassette stereo, and more. It even gets 35 MPG (6.7 L/100km). Best of all is the price: you can have it all for $10,773. See your local Albatross dealer for more.


Giusseppe regrets to inform of a misprint in their advertisement. The claim of 8.8 liters per 100 km are overstated, and are a result of testing at an American facility, and erroneously trying to convert to metric off the top of my head. The actual figure is 11.7 l/100k. I know that’s a huge difference, but I forgot to turn on Metric when I finalized this design (hence why power numbers are in HP) My bad :flushed::frowning_face:


I think Vic said it best. Unless someone had a critical game issue which ruined their entry and wasn’t able to state it, during the time the forum was down, it’s probably best to keep the deadline as-is.


The Keika Twist is the ideal sports car for the driver. Well balanced, lightweight, easy to drive, and with a 0-62 time of 6.1 seconds, it can out accelerate larger, more expensive rivals.

The advanced 2.2L “AR” V6 makes use of advanced components such as 4 valve DOHC and Multipoint Electronic Fuel Injection, and keeps revving until an incredible 8200RPM. The forged internals keep it reliable at those intense speeds, making sure it’ll last forever.

It’s futuristic looks will turn heads and make you the centre of attention whether it’s on or off the track, and the advanced aerodynamics will keep you stable at all speeds.

The low price and running costs mean whatever your budget, you’ll always be able to afford it.

Keika Automotive.
Sports Cars at their Finest.


Main post edited, the 205 of Thomas is now a fictive car: the Jipot P3.
A screen of the car have been added.

Entries end in ~24 hours.

If your PM with your submition didn’t get a like, it’s because I didn’t saw it, so send me another message under this PM , only if I did not liked it.

And ofc you have 24hours to rework your entry if you want, just tell me you reworked it with the new file in PM :slight_smile: