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[CSR69]: A sports car for a French guy


BM Nut VCi

Forget those turbos, the Nut uses a special twin profile cam to deliver outstanding performance without ruining everyday drivability and fuel economy. The result? A 1.4 litre inline 4 revving to 9000rpm and producing a whopping 144hp sent to the front wheels through a 5 speed manual gearbox. 62mph comes in 7.1s and it’ll carry on to 120mph, all while delivering 8.3L/100km combined economy and an easy driving experience.

4 seats, a cassette deck, speed sensitive power steering and ABS all come as standard, as well as vented front disk brakes to keep you lapping quick.

All yours for only $10,087


May i present the Anhultz TerraSport?

wanna know specs?
look at the ad. that´s all ya gonna get :stuck_out_tongue:
if asked, additional info can be provided

Good luck to all entries!


This is the ultimate sporting experience, this light RWD car has a 2.0 NA I6 and can return up to 9.4l/100km economy average.




Hurry up before it disappears. RCM Megabit Final Edition. 10,960F.


Extra angles

Edit: changed ad a little




Is it wrong to admit that I found the Jipot more akin to a Citröen Visa/Peugeot 104 than a 205? Then again, that just makes Thomas’ story even more relatable. Poor guy can really use affordable modern performance when his car is already 20 years old! :rofl:


Yeah but there is no 205 body, the other Hatch body was too long… So it’s even more sad if he have to drive a visa/104 like everyday, pray dor him kek


Shogun Gaikotsu.

An affordable sports car for the average person…that’s by no means average.


Call your local Shogun dealership for more details!



The Apex Alpha Coupe in the uncompromising VSr Turbo trim. Don’t let anything distract you from the pleasure of driving.

Drive your dreams.

Yours for only 10982,-



Yes, I know. The '80s is an era lacking in compact bodies within the game, which is a shame. The current '80s compact body is cool for JDM purposes, but not so much for Euro ones…

Also, pressez f pour respect (ultimate hommage for Thomas lol)


1995 Evgenis Boruto V6

Who could resist? A sporty, V6, mid-engined sports car for just under $11,000. There’s no reason not to love the Evgenis Boruto, offering the most pure and exhilarating sports-car experience you can get.

Pls note that the name reference was unintentional

[Muffeld Eurobeat]

CSR83 - One night in Bangkok [ENTRY IS OVER: Final Results has been published!]



edit: yes, I brought a 4-seater to an MR coupe fight. It’s a lore car that’s been used before, bite me :weary:


Csr entries are closing in 15mins, I’ll post the first round in few hours!


oshit, can I send you mine when I get back home? I completely forgot lol


How long until now?