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[CSR69]: A sports car for a French guy


:expressionless::face_with_raised_eyebrow: What’s wrong?

@strop You discovered my secret :smirk:


Considering that you’ve been on these forums since 2012, surely by now you know not to double post and instead to use @username to tag people


Frank picked up Thomas at his home, to go buy his new car. He took the opportunity to come with his new Sakurada Elea sport

Frank: " So, where do we go? "

#1 BoostandEthanol - Keika Twist 2.2

Thomas: " My final choice is on the Keika Twist 2.2! For less than $10.000 (but not the cheapest!), it is the best compromise between power and weight, it is the funiest to drive,(one of the best drivability, and it has the best sportiness by far) and this V6…An amazing car, I’ll enjoy it every time i’ll turn on the engine! "

#2 Rk38 - GBF Senio 1700 CE

#2bis NormanVauxhall - Znopresk Zeta 1.7 Sport

Thomas: " If I had to choose a car instead of the Keika, It would be one of these 2 cars. But I wouldn’t know how to chose them? They are both great, and provide the same amazing sensation ( Almost the same drivability, the best after the Keika).
More over, they are the cheapest of the entire list since the begining, particularly the Znopresk who’s THE cheapest.
Engines are good, but I really prefered the one of the keika, and the keika isn’t heavier compared to these, even with a V6. "

#3 thecarlover - RCM Megabit Finale

Thomas: " To be fair, if this one would be lighter, and a bit more sporty, I would choose it. The design is amazing, and this was the most comfortable, but also one of the most expensive of the list. On the other hand, it has the cheapest service cost, and that’s another reason why I hesitate to choose it!"

#4 HighOctaneLove - Bogliq Buttress Enthuse

#5 VMO - Gabatron Xenus TS 16V

Congratulation to BoostandEthanol, and thanks to everyone for participating. Even if it took me lot of time, it was a pleasure to write it and to see in details what everybody made.

Automation Sunday Cup - Race 4: Laguna Seca

To be honest, very many of the cars you mention are sports versions of more regular cars, and sure they are fun, but I would not call the design of a 90s Mitsubishi Lancer, Nissan Pulsar (or Sunny in some markets) or Mk3 Golf very exciting. Cars were still following the design theme that the Ford Sierra and Audi 100 had introduced in the early 80s, but smoothened to complete blandness, and we started to move away from that with cars like the Mk1 Focus or the Chris Bangle BMWs… both seen as ugly when they came out but 15-20 years later I can see them as a much needed change.

Looking at my favourite 90s cars, like the BMW E34, Mercedes W124, Corvette C4 or Jaguar X300, most of them obviously are either survivors from the 80s or evolutions of those cars…


I knew I was doomed when all the pretty mid-engined entrants turned up! :heart_eyes:

Whod’ve thought a small hot-hatch would end up as a quasi-wildcard, eh? :wink:

CSR… shakes head :sunglasses:

Oh yeah, I’m really happy I came fourth and congrats to @MasterDoggo for a fun round and @BoostandEthanol for a sweet, first time rookie, victory!!! :face_with_monocle:


The conclusion to CSR69 was well worth the wait! I’m not surprised that the top three all chose the smaller version of the NSX body - it was just so OP in this round, given the ruleset, that it could be used to make a fine-handling car very easily. I tried to do the same, but neglected to lavish plenty of time on the exterior styling - and hence got cut out early on. What I did not expect was BoostandEthanol taking the win over some seriously strong opposition - so congratulations to him!


A hot hatch could have win, the last deliberation was mostly about stats, cost, I really like every design of these 6 finalist :slight_smile:

Edit: But yeah, I liked very much the plastic thing on the front of the Keika, it remind me if mclaren where like they are now in the past. I don’t know if you understand xd


Woah! Wasn’t expecting that! I guess I better get on CSR70?


Exept If you can’t (in this case ask the other finalists I think :slight_smile:), yes.


I’m all good to host! Wasn’t expecting this for a first entry though!


Well, unless you’re Scottish, anyway.

This. So much this.

COULD have, yes. But it would have been extremely difficult to. As abg7 pointed out, the not-NSX was very OP this round. If I may ask, how many design studies did you create before you opened the competition?


How many times will you complain… I can’t answer anything exept “If you say so” because whatever I’ll say, you’ve always have something hypotetical to say like this ?
If you want to know, I made 5 tests cars and no one was with the small nsx body, they were all around 8-9k $ exept the one I made with the ferrari base model who was close from 11k.


That is why you don’t use just the in-game stats to determine how good or bad the car is. It just leads to OP designs and min-maxing. Which is not wrong by any means and when done well it can be pretty good. But that of course requires a lot of testing and perhaps equations table (bell curve table that Leo made years ago and first used in the car comparison I made, it’s been used elsewhere too, it’s basically what in game stats and market rating is but you can compare the few car that is in the competition).

“Realism” rounds can be easier to design, and can make the field a lot more level. But you gotta put creativity in how the car is judge as you have to sit in the seat of the buyer him/herself. Which can presents some other problems.

There is not a single, best way to run CSR.