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[CSR70]: A Car the Cops Can't Catch


MY05 Bogliq Slyde Entrance (Options list custom build)

Base model Entrance wagon … Check
Empower engine and drivetrain option … Check
Enthuse wheel and brake package … Check
Leeroy by Design Aero package … Check

The results … 6 sec 0 - 100, 8.4L/100km, 1099L cargo space.

Sleeper status … CONFIRMED

Buy better, buy Bogliq


Epoch, as the commercial arm of Ios, has been delivering the ultimate in flexible transport and commercial vehicles with the Epoch Bear. Available in both short and long wheelbase options, two or four doors, from 2 to 8 seats, regular or XL roof, and a multitude of internal fitout options, the Epoch Bear has been the workhorse for all trades since 2000.

New for 2005, we would like to introduce the latest addition to the Bear series of commercial vans - the Epoch Bear SC. Featuring a tough and durable AWD system, the Bear SC will never let you down, no matter what punishment is thrown at it. A massive 2244L cargo area will swallow all but the largest loads*, and is accessible through Epoch’s patented “Vertical Barn” rear access system. If this wasn’t enough, the Bear SC will satisfy those who require their deliveries lightning fast, as we have managed to squeeze a twin-turbo 3.4L v8 under the hood. Don’t let this worry your wallet, however, as the fuel economy of the Bear SC has been rated at 11.2L/100km. Never has such power been accessible for such a small price!

  • For larger loads, Epoch recommends the Bear XXL variant, which can hold up to 5472L.


It ain’t of any use unless it’s also fast!

But I’m trying to find reasons not to enter yet another Fore GTi.


MY05 TSR Kazuma Turbo S

This is a very fast and practical wagon for the family and for fun. With 1021 litres of cargo space, it has more than enough space for all your groceries and baggage. It is also the safest in its class with a rating of 5 stars in the euro NCAP and IIHS. This time, in the form of the Turbo S, this is the most powerful in the 4 cylinder range with 305HP @7500RPM and 232 lb-ft of torque @5500RPM. With all-wheel drive as standard, the Kazuma is perfect for tackling any surface with no worries.

-TSR Kazuma Turbo S in TSR Exclusive Boulevard Red.

Since it’s the 90th anniversary of TSR, mark-ups will be removed.
Normal price (10% markup): $19767
Discounted price (no mark-up): $17970



I think you a word (or number) :stuck_out_tongue:


lol. It’s fixed now…


The newly introduced 7th generation Tishillyman Sasa took the European market by storm. It’s a cheap, reliable C-Segment automobile perfect for any family that needed just the thing. It’s engine range from a 1.4-litre 4-cylinder unit up to 3-litre V6. But the one that’s getting everyone’s attention is the new TG which stands for Turbo Green. It’s a new Direct Injected 1.5-litre 3-Cylinder Turbocharged unit producing 140hp. This motor along with a few other improvements such as lowered ride height, long gearing and smooth underbody cladding enabled the Sasa TG to achieve a whopping 61MPG(UK) yet still able to achieve 0-100km/h in 8 seconds and a top speed of 225km/h. It’s on sale now for £13,395.

The New Era of Motoring. Responsible, Sustainable: Tishillyman Sasa.


Anhultz Ganimede
3297cc Inline 6 engine
179hp/ 330mn
Grey interior and five seats
LOADS of cargo space!
1473miles only
and great reliability (at least for the first few miles…)

Pretty much new, minor scrapes on alloys, otherwise perfect condition
break in period followed as tha manufactures wanted

Price around 16 500 USD

The perfect car for not getting attention :stuck_out_tongue:


So I messed up badly on the price, my last submission was over $26,000 so I had to make a few ‘efficiency savings’! :shushing_face:

I will send the ad and the .CAR file to BoostandEthanol now :slight_smile:


The Router is indeed back, and hopefully it looks better than it did last the last time it was entered into a CSR :wink:


The current generation of the Americar Executive went into production recently, and the top of the line engine option increased in displacement as well. Now it’s at 15.5 liters and 12 cylinders which is the largest we could fit in the engine bay. This OHV monster of an engine drives the front two wheels making 409 horsepower and 878 foot pounds of torque, which is enough to propel this giant to 62 mph in 6.7s and gets it to a top speed of 168 mph through a high-tech 5 speed automatic.

But it doesn’t have to be bare. This model comes with premium fake leather interior and a 4-speaker Radio/Cassette/CD combo player. In the case of a crash this car is very safe, thanks to it’s size and mid-range safety features.

Also, it can do all this without breaking multiple banks, thanks to it’s price tag of $17,407.


What the… I don’t even…



I see what you did there

Also pleased to note that nobody appears to have used the same body that I have. Since we’re just going for broke, you’re all gonna get a shock when you see my stats :joy:


You’ve got my expectations up now! This better be good!


Basically it’s a Toyota Verso. That’s faster than a Maserati GranTurismo :joy:


Yeah, this surpassed all expectations. I fear for this competition’s balance now…

Unfortunately, after I tried downloading some mods for Automation, everything had broken so now I’ve got to try and get it working again.

Everything is fine. Nothing was wrong.


2005 Birmingham SCV
This van is more than it seems. Available as an option pack for the standard SuperHauler, the 3.8l turbo V6 produces 350bhp and allows for a 6.2 second 0-60 time with a huge towing and storage capacity. Apart from the carbon-trimmed accents and small side decal it is also completely inconspicuous. Available from just 17,800 now.


2005 Kiriminas 22W

Lūk, Kiriminas!

Automašīna visiem. Tam ir pietiekami daudz vietas, taču tas nesmēķē daudz benzīna. Tukšas naktsmītnes piecām istabām, viss par zemu, zemu cenu.

Neapdraudiet savu dzīvi. Veiciet kompromisu par dzīvi. Vadīt to šodien!

Terrible Lithuanian translated, in equally terrible English:

Look, Kiriminas!

Car for everyone. It has enough space, but it does not smoke a lot of gasoline. Empty accommodation for five rooms, everything low, low price.

Do not hurt your life. Make a compromise on life. Drive it today!

Automation price at 0% markup: $15243