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CSR74: Back On Track



If I may, the lighting is a bit too dark in your picture. Unless that was intentional, it won’t help with seeing your design properly…

Well yes, racing wagons were not a long-lasting trend. Especially regarding Echowaffle’s own remark about aerodynamic advantage (how does that work I don’t know, damm Swedish magic)…

But a touring car fan such as myself can be allowed some dreaming room, no? :stuck_out_tongue:


This car is very cool and good


what if I tell you that 14 mpg is fine, the fuel is cheap down there anyway.


Also, it’s $23,217.



It’s California. I know from experience, fuel is not cheap here. It’s always at least $0.30 more per gallon than the rest of the country.


Damn, I’ve just the budget for carbon fiber, and it allows me to go below the ton, which is good for marketing - but then shouldn’t I just make it a lot less expensive ?



Can the maximum engineering time for the trim increased to 60?


I don’t think it will be necessary - it should be possible to use all-pushrod suspension if you reduce ET in other areas. Besides, 50 ET should be enough for a trackday car.

Before launching this round, I did some testing with a few cars, just to see if 50 ET was enough - and indeed it was, so I am keeping the maximum trim ET at 50 after all.





“It doesn´t have to look fast if it actually is, does it?”

*color may vary from vehicle shown in picture


After the succesful career of the Horven Type A-R, Horven is launching a brand new limited edition, the Type A-Redline!

The car engine is a 5L V8 climbing to 8100 RPM, roaring for 473 horsepower, you won’t lack any power on this car.

This model is track ready with adapted tyres and brakes.

For only 29000$, buy this car now! Only 5500 cars available!


I downloaded the laguna seca map, how do I get it working in the game?


Just place the folder containing the track map image and the lua file for that track in the Tracks folder in your Automation directory.




Sorry to be a nuisance (again), I can’t find a tracks folder. I see carsaveimport, carsaveexpost, and screenshots. I did some digging in the Steam files and couldn’t find anything there either.