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CSR74: Back On Track


since when has strop been he voice of reason?


It’s a joke, nothing else. No need for a serious explanation…


Haha no second engine. :stuck_out_tongue:


2005 Matteo Miglia De Silva Silhouette “Oscuro”

A Q&A primer

A timely refresh of the 2001 Matteo Miglia De Silva?

Yeah, actually no. It’s a Silhouette, meaning, it looks like the perky Italian FR coupe runabout and it kind of shares the same block, but that’s where the resemblance ends. And it wasn’t made by MM.

Oh, I see. Why “Oscuro”?

It’s dark. You’ll see alright.

Does it have some kind of special edition paint job?

More like no paint job. Behold!

yes I know that says Oscura. I can’t fucking spell. Also I fixed it later.

My God. Tell me that isn’t a tacky CF vinyl

It isn’t. This is genuine CF unibody.


Because lightweight meme.

Who did this, and what else did they do to it???

All you need to know is that it was a specialist outfitter that thought MM chickened out when they devolved from making cut-price supercar fighters to, uh, budget pizza delivery boxes (see: the Scatola, though some would say the Scatenato was a valiant effort at their trademark insanity). As for what else, here’s a hint…

There’s more rice here than a Pan-Asia Food Festival

I’ll have you know the intercooler is genuinely that large because the i4 got boosted to a solid 300hp, the hood vents are absolutely necessary, the front wheel camber isn’t just a stance nation thing, and every last part of the aero doodads are real and functional. In fact the whole package is geared towards one unifying goal: to go fucking fast. That’s also why to save additional weight, the drivetrain is FF.

FWD. I’m going to have to sit down for a bit

Think of this as what the Elan was to the MX-5. Except much more extreme. 565kg extreme.

Ever heard of torque steer? I bet if you hit the gas coming out of a corner your arms will fly out of their sockets

That’s why it has the latest and greatest trick E-diff. So you get to keep your arms. Also so it’s good for 4.1s to 100km/h, and an 11s quarter mile. You could drag a Porsche GT in this thing. Not to mention the cornering. Even accounting for the trick rubber it wears, at sub 1:33 around Laguna Seca, it’ll take supercars 10 years to catch up to this thing.

Sigh, fine, so, apart from their soul, what else got sacrificed to make this the lean meme machine, the occupant’s safety, spine and sanity?

Actually no. First off, it meets Euro NCAP mandatory ratings. Funnily enough it also kept the stereo, though admittedly everything in that department is still 2001 spec. And despite the lofty ride height of 40mm, it won’t actually destroy your coccyx every time it hits a bump. The only problem is getting over the bump in the first place…

So how is this within budget?

Trust me, it is. And it’s road legal, too! And it takes a lot to get a car that weighs barely half a ton to drink much petrol even if the engine is pushing out some 230hp/L. You might wanna, uh, budget for the tyres though.

You know full well abg isn’t going to buy this.

Well no, but it certainly follows the letter of the law, and more importantly, I can’t bring myself to build varying shades of a Ford Falcon Boganmobile.


First we offered the Solasta, then we presented the Solasta GT, and now get ready to make the move into the big leagues with the AAAA Soltasta GTX*. Brand new from the Australian American Automotive Alliance, we have build upon the foundation of the Solasta GT, with its smooth and responsive 4.0L V8 engine, however this time it has been turned up a notch with the addition of twin-turbo power, leaving you breathless as the full 330kW is unleashed on your command. Featuring a wide rang of improvements, from sports tyres all round to uprated 4-Piston vented brakes up front, from ESC and Variable Power Steering to Semi-Active suspension, the Solasta GTX leaves little to be desired. Command your destiny from the luxurious cabin and experience a drive that will leave you with a grin every time.

“Time to step up to the plate”

  • Cost without markup $22,934


OK, you killed the game. And here I was thinking my 900 kgs carbon 250 hp berlinette and its 1:45 on Laguna Seca were a tad too extreme.

An impressive lesson !


I’m not even pushing close to maximum power:weight ratio here, but that kind of engine would be so peaky and so overboosted that everything else would suffer.

You could say that there was a certain sweet spot here that allowed me to go ham on other things. Like a 1.41g fast circle cornering figure.


And i was super excited about laping 1:44 on Laguna Seca like 5 mins ago.You definitely dominates the track record.That’s really mindblowing.1.33 on Laguna Seca…That’s ridiculous.


The kit to build it, or the prebuilt car, can be yours for only $17500!


That’s about 65kg too heavy for proper extreme LennyThink


Moar Pics

Some more beauty pics


Well you can enjoy your glorified lawnmower while sucking the exhaust of a real machine :triumph:


Less than 72 hours remain. If you have an entry ready, please submit it if you have not done so already - just make sure it’s compliant with all the rules of this round.


Wait I sent you the fixed one haven’t I?Do I make something wrong again?Or you’re not talking with me?@@


I have already received your revised entry, and since it is fully compliant with this round’s rule set, you need not worry.


I was mistakenly using UK fuel economy, revised entry runs 1:35.8, costs $28972



Only $17,990 Driveaway, visit your friendly Bogliq dealer today!


2005 JHW Trakstr

Fast, Frugal Fun for $15,000!


Birmingham Apostrophy II type Z, with a 300+ bhp tubo i4 and AWD.


Brand new for 2005 Thunderbolt NS-R10 Vulture
Made by the performance car company started as bootlegger garage, Vulture is what you need when you search for a nice affordable and comfortable sportscar.

Thunderbolt Performance Cars. Always ahead of competition. On the track. And on the market.