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CSR75: Teaching the new generation


OK, so if I have this right, horsepower doesn’t really factor into this, just displacement and cylinders?

The reason I ask, is when I looked it up on wikipedia, it came up with some formula for every Kw over 40. My 1500 CC 4 cylinder engine produces 77 Kw, but incurs no tax. I just want to make sure so I don’t make a booboo like I did a few rounds back.


Keika Hop Junior. It’s ideal for people that are just starting to drive, but don’t want to fall asleep from boredom at the wheel!

Part of our used deal for only $8505! Buy today!


It does not. You only need to fill displacement, cylinders and cost.


But I don’t think learning on a 300hp with an insane turbo kick in the ass car would be nice lel


Well there goes Strop’s plan… lol


Now for a car, that if it were German would have you saying, “Ich wolle ein Auto mieten”
A car that was built to be affordable, and customize able for large fleet orders; don’t worry, we don’t ship it in primer like we did in the 1970s.
Pegasus introduces for 2015, the Getaway 5. A 5 door commuter budget, city eco, fleet passenger car that serves one purpose. That purpose is to get folks safely and economically from point A to point B. It looks like a lot of fun, and it can be, but that’s not the point. It gets 43.2 miles per gallon (US) in mixed driving. This car can safely seat 4 adults! The six speed manual shift front wheel drive transmission is easy to use, and lowers service costs.
A local rental company just returned their lease vehicles, and we’ve got to find them new homes! Only $10,720 each.



Nah man that’s for the advanced driving school :grin:


What the hey… I’ll probably get slaughtered on fuel economy, even though this is one of the highest I’ve ever made…



Últimas unidades, a precio excepcional.

Gabatron Automóviles Goaz SL. tiene 20 unidades en stock, de Gabatron G3 1.6 HPI Style.

Por el increíble precio de 13.622€, llévese un G3, equipado con climatizador bizona, llantas de aleación de 16", 8 airbags, y caja de 6 velocidades. Además de 5 años de garantía, y 2 años de mantenimiento.

Last units, at exceptional price.

Gabatron Automobiles Goaz SL. has 20 units in stock, from Gabatron G3 1.6 HPI Style.

For the incredible price of € 13,622, take a G3, equipped with dual-zone climate control, 16" alloy wheels, 8 airbags, and 6-speed gearbox. Plus 5-year warranty, and 2 years of maintenance.

Fleet price for 10 units: 136.878€


Dang it, beaten to the punch on the Spanish ad front. Maldito seas, vmo! (shakes fist) Oh well, 2nd-place is still a podium finish;

(Never thought Automation would be the thing to re-awake my latent Spanish. Who keeps saying videogames aren’t educational?)

*That will be $12.368 in non-Eurotastic currency (with -10% discount)

Contact your nearest CSM dealer now for the new fleet incentives campaign! Buy 10 units for the full price of 105.680€ ($124.338).

Here’s the translated ad:

Automotive Spanish Exam

1. Describe a small car which is capable of teaching you how to drive and live happily
Answer: Le coche (duh)
Why cheat?

The new Pidge PE. Now available for 10.512€

Edit: Ah, and PE doesn’t stand for “Physical Education” (although that can be hilariously ironic for a school car), but rather for “Por Escuela” (For School). If you’re going Spanish, go the whole ten tapas! :laughing:


Kyoki Adventurer, a budget choice.

Start price:$10500


The 2015 FAAL Plebia X. Bare bones transportation gone stylish. And posh. And therefore, not bare bones transportation anymore.

This CUV was everything a commuter had to be. Fuel efficient with its 1.0 TFE engine getting 4l/100 (59MPG US / 71 MPG UK / 25km/L). Safe with its myriad of driving assists and airbags, high up the groud but still contained (3.65m long). Drivable with its double wishbone rear suspension. Practical as heck with its fully modular interior. Entertaining, with its FAALBond™ V3 infotainment system. All of this in a contained price that allows us to sell you 10 Dealership Certified Used Cars for 91113.5€.

Extra angles


LSV Cruiser

Due to a prank call back in 2015 we have a huge shipment of unused Cruiser.
Cruiser is the perfect fleet vehicle for many purposes such as… …uhm… …driving.



So you kept them for 3 years on the off chance that the Nigerian Prince Doctor General was genuine? :smile:


For Immediate Public Release

Ohio Express Import Co. Ltd. wishes to express its deepest apologies for the recent misprint in an advertisement on a trade website. The advertisement in question mistakenly identified the Ardent Wren 1.3SE as having a standard 6-speed transmission. This is incorrect. The 1.3SE is only available with a 5-speed manual or automatic.

Ohio Express Import Co. Ltd. would like to note that the Wren 1.3LS has an optional 6-speed manual. There are a number of those available as well, though the starting price is higher.

tl;dr: Oops, I goofed on the number of gears.


We have a group of 15 leased CS15’s that were just traded in for the newer versions. All 15 would still cost less than your maximum budget.

The CS15 is very well suited to your needs, its small, efficient, and reliable. The engine is also very forgiving with exceptional low end torque.


15’ Maestro Coda 1.4e
Prices shown take into account 10% discount


Fusing the best of American and Australian design and engineering, stand out in style in the new AAAA Spectrum 2000^. Each vehicle has been crafted to deliver the perfect combination of fun, funky, and fresh no matter what your age or experience. With Electronic Stability Control, disk brakes all round, and variable electric power steering, the Spectrum will look after you in every situation. The punchy two litre engine delivers more flexibility and control on the road, whilst our state of the art fuel management technology maintains under 5L/100kms (47MPG) on the highway, and a frugal 5.8L/100kms (40.6MPG) combined cycle.

^Fleet deals available. Minimum order 10 units from $124,500 total.