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CSR75: Teaching the new generation


Hello, and thank you for your interest in our instructional car line, as you may or not be aware Pastinuji has been manufacturing spec-built cars for racing schools for decades, and fortunately for you, we still have some leftovers from the 2015 pilot program.

For your consideration is a fleet of RC-3X Trainers which simulate lightweight road cars. They are powered by a robust 1.3L Inline-3 which has a balanced power curve favoring a flatter power delivery and with a strong focus on economy to keep running costs of the school low. The vehicles feature two full sized, though sparsely padded bucket seats, and 4-point harnesses. Functional A/C and Radio are equipped so that the cars are comfortable in extreme climates. Boot space is adequate so instructors could simulate heavier vehicles for training purposes.

We suspect the remaining inventory of RC-3X Trainers may be a favorable choice for your school, as due to their low output, docile nature, and low running costs, are the perfect match for your venture.

I’ve included more detailed information and a price breakdown for you in this letter.


Pastinuji RC-3X Trainer
Powerplant: Inline-3 4v Devoloping peak power of 89.2hp @ 6300rpm and 91.1 lb-ft @ 3600rpm. Fuelcut-off @ 7500rpm.
Chassis: Aluminum Semi-Space Frame.
Body work: Steel
Suspension: (F)Struts ®Multi-Link
Average Economy: 62.8mpg (106mpg @ 70km/h)

Performance examples:
1.01g Latteral while equipped with Long-life tires
1/4 Mile: 16.75 seconds
100-0: 35.5M

Cost: Per unit cost of $8335


2015 ZAF Vertex Sense

Fun for the city.

Replace the whole fleet for just $110,953.50!


What Do You Expect From A First Car?

Maybe It’s Something That Looks Good…

Or Maybe It’s Reliability…

But Most Likely It’s Cheapness…

So Here’s Why You Should Buy The LLA G-POP

With a newly developed 3 Cylinder engine the G-POP gets good efficiency and reliability from a practical 1.2 capacity. With 5 eye-catching colours to choose from you will certainly stand out. With 4 different trim levels you will have plenty to choose from. With a low price you most certainly will buy.

On Discounted Sale now for only $8000 you will be lost for words, especially with a 12 month unlimited warranty followed by 5 years limited warranty it’s practically a no brainer.

*Price is further discounted for registered Businesses looking to buy more than 4 units @$7874

One note: Now I think of it, G-POP sounds kinda dirty :thinking:



I dunno, to me it sounds like the name of some off-brand Pepsi soda. I’d drink that… The soda, not the car. :thinking:


I think it sounds like a 50s teenager who’s been told he can’t go to the dance at Big Al’s on Saturday! :rofl:

P.s… couldn’t get it to double quote.


For some reason I thought it’d sound catchy and maybe a little hipster, since my car would be marketed at the city market.


The Cavallera dealership of Malaga has 10 units of 2015 fleet sale-spec Kunais for sale at ~130500. This may be a higher price but the cost is fully justified by the higher capability and quality of the car. Sporting a 116hp 1.4L naturally aspirated inline 4 (paired with a 6 speed manual feeding the front wheels), it has enough power to not risk putting anyone into a dangerous situation, while remaining drivable enough for a learner to cut their teeth on and gain confidence with but at the same time not compromising it’s sporty credentials, being fun to drive for anyone and everyone. Boasting world class driving dynamics and a high level of equipment, it can form the starting platform for any budding driver and their foray into a world of driving enjoyment. This is all despite reasonable running costs and very manageable fuel consumption.

Oof that was a monster run on sentence kek, anyway, the mark 2 Kunai makes its return to UE4. No guarantees that this model won’t be retconned because this body is arse and I’m not even sure whether a fleet spec version should exist, I’m just so tired after wrangling out the design of it that I’m sick of it and want it gone. This ad similarly is pretty much pure half assed marketing buzzword filled gibberish. Those illustrations above aren’t even a true representation of the car but whatever. Close enough.



Albatross Motors Presents, the Albatross 150 Turbo. This compact hatchback is powered by a 1.5-Liter turbocharged I4 which produces 127 horsepower, coupled to a 5-speed manual transmission which provides power to the front wheels. This combination allows the Albatross 150 Turbo to accelerate from 0-62 mph in 8.7 seconds, while also achieving a fuel economy of 54.1 MPG (US). The Albatross 150 Turbo is available for $9,349 for private sales. A fleet discount is also available, bringing the per-unit cost to $8414, for a total of $84,798 for a fleet of 10 vehicles. Please see your local Albatross dealer to learn more.


The all new Elos, for only $13,300. 47+ MPG (US), all from a 135hp 1.5L 3-cylinder turbo.


BM Rabbit

Small, nimble, cheap, the perfect runabout anyone and everyone

The cost-focused 1.2L i4 delivers it’s power smooth, and with apt amounts of torque whilst being extremely reliable. Thanks to it’s use of MPFI, service costs are kept low without economy suffering, the Rabbit can achieve 4.5L/100km combined economy. A full sweep of assists come as standard, as well as modern safety features like curtain airbags for that piece of mind. Dual control models available at a per-unit cost of $9,404.


BM are currently aware of a weight distribution issue with the vehicle, causing oversteer. Current recommendations are to leave any luggage compartments empty and never fill the fuel tank above half

Seriously the weight distribution on this body is MR tier despite it being FF, but I was too far in to go for a different body, 48.4/51.6 if you want to know how bad it is


Harts Rental Service has 10 2015 Kimura Auburn BXt manuals for sale in Malaga. The examples are all in great condition with low mileage and little wear. Each model comes equipped with a higher-spec 1.2L turbocharged inline-3 with 120 horsepower mated to a 6-speed manual, FWD, 0-100 km/h in under 11 seconds. Surprisingly good fun to drive; great for a beginner’s car. Top-spec safety equipment comes standard. It is also capable of achieving 5.8L/100km with comfortable seating for 5 adults and air conditioning. €13786 per unit with little maintenance; purchase the whole fleet for €138518.



I’ve received submissions from:


If you’re not in the list but have sent a car, notify me. If you have yet to send your car, hurry up! J



Just arrived at the port of Malága, lot of unsold 2015 RCM Fox EL models available at 9,785 apiece! Buy ten for your fleet and have them at 98,508 for the lot!

These come with an eco-turned 1.3L I4 producing 79 hp and 5-speed manual transmissions. Can’t go wrong with these reliable cars!


Nohda Tansa Revo

Do more with the new Tansa Revo, with a small 1.1L i3 making around 80hp and only for $9622


So you can buy 10 individual cars for 97,850 or the fleet of 10 for 98,508? :rofl:


Taxation in the spreadsheet.


Sofas for Safe



Depuis plus de 60 ans, l’expertise et le savoir faire de Cabart-Danneville dans le confort et la tenue de route n’est plus à démonter. La nouvelle CDA COMETTE, l’essayer, c’est l’adopter.

The 2015 CDA COMETTE 1.2L Full option Sport pack, available for $13092.