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25 comfort would be better than 28 as those requirements are a bit tricky even if the comfort is lowered to 25


Okay then:
Comfort requirement will be lowered to 25.
OP will be updated accordingly.


Would raising the budget to 18,000 be an okay change to suggest? Vehicles that can tow aren’t normally so cheap and getting the cost below 17k is proving very difficult.


i had four test mules, all of them below 17k.
All of them also capable of towing thhese 1400kg more or less easily. They were even capable of towing the 1900kg payload in BeamNG.

Therefore i see little reason to change the budget to 18k.
sorry on that


Alright, totally fine. I seem to have figured it out anyways


Now go out there and do something.


The Shromet Parvus is here. Starting from $16998


entries are supposed to be coming in 20 minutes, but i´ll take it as an entry anyway.


Entries are now open!
Deadline in OP


I’d just like to compliment you on that photo.

That looks like an actual car advertisement, great job!

But the name…


Thank you, but I cannot take credit for the photoshop. It was done by @titleguy1.

As far as the name goes, I have no idea what you’re talking about


'17 LLA B770MW

Sorry for the terrible photoshop, I have no access to any professional tools, maybe I need to find an editor…


2017 Vikstrom C9 2.5 AWD

What would a hero be without support?


12 L/100km = 19.6mpg us
4.25km/L = 10mpg us

Could you straighten that out?

edit: I am guessing you mean 8.34L/100 km, and 12km/L


'17 MUD Teton 4x2 Premium

Our Teton 4x2 Premium is here to fulfill your heavy towing needs. With a proper premium interior and infotainment system, a bench seat for three, and a punchy yet frugal turbocharged I4 under the hood providing more than 2 metric tons of towing capacity, plus a capacious load bay, you’ll struggle to find a tougher tow rig - and it can be yours for just $16898 (not including markups).

Options include an off-road package with a 4x4 drivetrain plus a manual locker, all-terrain tires, skid plates, bull bars and an auxiliary light bar.


12L/ 100km is the actual requirement…
might have done some mistakes when converting…

Redid Conversions and updated OP.


The all-new Gemny TT, now available for 14004€ ($16390 in Automation coin, with 0% markup).

Yes, the name is a bit tongue-in-cheek considering the car’s looks, but I was overcome by one of my Japanese car bouts again.

Plus, if you think about it, the name either sounds like a hoppy city boi if you’re a JDM car fan or a slicey American-Japanese girl if you’re an obscure JRPG fan… (or both if you’re this guy! points thumbs at himself)


2017 Epoch M40 Atlas. Create your own adventure.

RRP $16,953 excluding fees and charges


2017 Beacon Cannonade

This, is everything you could need for your daily drive. With it’s punchy i6 up front providing enough power to not only keep you moving, but also whatever you decide to bring with you. This premium pickup has all the qualities you need and then some. Featuring a premium interior that is accentuated with a perfectly balanced suspension system and enough space in the back for a game of poker don’t miss out on all you need for just $16,995.

Fire the cannons.