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Going to say I was looking forward to the idea of adding in Beam. Adds to it knowing the vehicle will be physically tested.


that was my initial intention, since most cars can tow much more in BeamNG than they schould according to automation.

My CSR76-winning car could tow 1169kg according to automation. In BeamNG it was capable of towing 1700kg reliably.


I think in terms of towing, we’ll be fine, my only worry is with turbo cars, but if we can calculate a percentage loss then we may be able to take that into consideration for this round and future rounds


Surprisingly, my turbo works just fine.


to be honest, i did not know of the turbo-issue when building and testing my mules
they semed to do well enough when towing the weight in question (1900kg).

I´ll hand the choice of this CSR´s abortion to @Strop, since he is has the last word on this situation now.


@Jaimz, I won’t be competing I think so consider me neutral. As far as I see it you don’t need to own Beam.ng to be competitive. Just build a sensible car in Automation. It’ll work as intended in Beam. They did a fantastic job.

I am sure that you don’t need Beam to win this.


In regard to Fixtures that would allow us to properly attach a Trailer in BeamNG: https://steamcommunity.com/app/293760/discussions/2/3559414588253724691/?tscn=1531693521

Just wondering, But any plans on adding Couplers (Trailer Hitches, 5th Wheels, ETC) as a Fixture that we could add to our Cars/Trucks so when we Export our vehicle we can properly tow trailers?

Reply from Killrob: Yes, that is on our ToDo list for future updates of the Exporter :slight_smile:


Right. This kind of blew up a bit. First I can say that I know that two things would happen with this round regardless of who hosted it: 1) the idea of using Beam would be toyed with 2) there would be teething issues.

The principle of whether a round will be viable or not depends on whether the teething issues can be sorted quickly or at all. I think most of us have already identified the following:

  • Not everybody has Beam
  • There’s no guarantee that the metric will be perfectly or even acceptably translated so you can’t necessarily just go off Automation numbers
  • There DEFINITELY is a forced induction issue: the calculations are different and so are the outputs, furthermore, the power losses from that are variable
  • Also note that towing capability calculations in Automation may or may not be busted for some bodies
  • Ironing out these issues can take more time than a CSR gives if not carefully selected for

My take on this is: it’s possible (and we might as well try out the inevitable) to run a CSR round in Beam. Everybody else and their dog is going to try anyway and no matter who does it we’re going to end up discussing these things anyway so I for one am not sweating the delays.

The lesson here is that you shouldn’t just dive in without being very familiar with both games first, and, unless you were one of the beta testers or the devs active in this project, that’s not going to be you just yet. This challenge kind of went way too ambitious with so many variables right off the bat: you didn’t just ask for a simple conversion to Beam, but then you wanted to test more advanced facets that include multiple parameters that we don’t have under control yet!

So I recommend the following:

  • Nix the towing. If you want to run a Beam round for the short list (I think that’s a good idea), go ahead
  • I’d also just not run turbo cars right now. NA cars behave just fine, so maybe either have a client who is a purist or has some really specific foibles (make Scotty Kilmer do it or some shit, he thinks forced induction is the devil LOL). Or set the time period before 1975
  • Make sure you have a quick, reliable, and effective way of incorporating Beam not just into your judging but also the writeup. There’s zero advantage to putting Beam in this if you’re not going to be able to substantiate your use of it. This ideally means videos, imho, which means that you’d need a decent setup like FRAPS, a video editor of your own (since Movie Maker doesn’t exist in Win 10), and possibly a mic.

If all the above, especially the third point, can’t be done, then I suggest dropping the Beam and experimenting with it outside of CSR. As for what to do with the round if this happens, if you can’t come up with another suitable rule set in a day or so, then we’ll have to move back to the list of winners from the previous round, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.


First: Thank you for your opinion in that.
Second: Because of crappy internet i am not able to upload videos of the test drive.

I have decided to drop BeamNG for the reviews
and make alterations to the rules.
This means that CSR77 will be a conventional round without BeamNG integration.

New/ changed rules:

– BeamNG will NOT be used for driveability or towing tests anymore.
– They will be rated by their stat value from now on.
– Driveability has to be greater than 55
– Towing capacity has to be greater than 1400kg, as stated by automaton.
– Forced induction is still allowed, as BeamNG is not a subject in this CSR anymore.

This is my proposal for the new rules in CSR 77.


Alright then, does anybody else have any issues about the towing in Automation itself?


1400kg should be doable since towing mostly depends of vehicle weight.

if nobody has problems with the current ruleset, i will open entries at 8pm CET (in about 8 hours)


I agree with all the changes you have made - I was skeptical as to whether or not BeamNG testing would actually work well enough for this round. There is, however, one question I would like to ask: 28 comfort is a bit on the high side, and I think it should be lowered slightly. Are you willing to decrease the required minimum comfort just a little bit, or will you leave it as it is right now instead?


it depends.
I can decrease minimum Comfort, but only of the other players planning to enter are okay with that.
The new minimum Comfort would be 25.


25 comfort would be better than 28 as those requirements are a bit tricky even if the comfort is lowered to 25


Okay then:
Comfort requirement will be lowered to 25.
OP will be updated accordingly.


Would raising the budget to 18,000 be an okay change to suggest? Vehicles that can tow aren’t normally so cheap and getting the cost below 17k is proving very difficult.


i had four test mules, all of them below 17k.
All of them also capable of towing thhese 1400kg more or less easily. They were even capable of towing the 1900kg payload in BeamNG.

Therefore i see little reason to change the budget to 18k.
sorry on that


Alright, totally fine. I seem to have figured it out anyways


Now go out there and do something.


The Shromet Parvus is here. Starting from $16998


entries are supposed to be coming in 20 minutes, but i´ll take it as an entry anyway.