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CSR77 Preliminaries

Tonsom checks his E-Mail inbox and finds loads of digital brochures there.
After calling the others to meet up at his house, they start scrolling through the advertisements.
Tonsom: “Well here we go then… at least there is some choice…”

Tonsom: “First up, a Shromet Parvus RC…”
Redwood: “Doesn´t look too bad, five seats, leather, and it can tow.”
Connor: “Tim is right, this vehicle is a good starting point for the moment.”
Tonsom: “Gonna keep it then.”
Tonsom shoves it onto his phone

Tonsom: Moving on… a… Vikstrom C9… haven´t heard of them…"
Connor: “It is safer and more reliable, but does not show the degree of comfort of the Parvus.”
Redwood: “Reliability sounds good, not gonna have to fiddle around as much…”
Tonsom: "Still has leather seating… cannot bee too bad, gonna have a look at it.
Another ad put onto the phone

Tonsom: “LLA B770MW… not intending to buy Windows here…”
Redwood: “Is it a wagon trying to be a SUV? Does not look very driveable.”
Connor: “Correct. And reliability is also on the lower side.”
Tonsom: “Apart from being on stilits it looked alright though…”
Tonsom deletes the Mail with the LLA ad in it

Tonsom: “Next MUD Teton 4x2 Premium.”
Tonsom: “Well it isn´t pretty, but it says it will tow two tons and carry 1800kg in the bed.”
Reedwood: “Proper truck then, at least spec-wise… keeper?”
Tonsom: “Keeper.”
Another ad for the phone

Tonsom: “CSM Gemny TT… it is… cute?”
Redwood: “aaawww! i love it! And it surely can be driven easily.”
Tonsom: “That thing won´t tow stuff…”
Connor: “Stated towing is above what we need.”
Tonsom: “SHUT UP! That thing won´t tow, trust me…”
Deleted ad

Tonsom: “Back to trucks. Beacon Cannonade TQ.”
Redwood: “Sealed beams in 2017? Dunno much about cars, but those are 70s stuff…”
Tonsom: “Not very good-looking; somehow still a five-speed; barely passed safety tests… Nope… not gonna take that…”

Tonsom: “Epoch M40 Atlas. At least some brand i know…”
Redwood: “Looks good enough, i think.”
Connor: “Below average in most major ways, only the low price is a significant advantage.”
Tonsom: [mumbles] “Hopes are you aren´t lying…”
Deletes the Epoch ad

Tonsom: “Look at that! Deer and Hunt Fallow.”
Redwood: “THAT is what a truck should look like, but… who is gonna park this brick?”
Connor: “At 5.72metres in length, it just about counts as a car i germany.”
Tonsom: “Well… it looks great, but… i ain´t parking that…”
another ad dragged into the recycling bin

Tonsom: “Baniki Yosemite, gosh so many unknown brands…”
Tonsom: “Less tank than the DaH, but still decent styling…
And it supposedly tows 2.3tons.”
Connor: “Do not expect an easy to drive and comfortable car when it tows 2300kg.”
Tonsom: “Fuck… he´s right…”
hesitates, then deletes the ad

Tonsom: “FM Outback… Boy those are patriotic…”
Redwood: “Another haulin’ beast… PLUS it actually had good fuel eco and should be easy-ish to drive…”
Tonsom: “Remember that comfort thing earlier? But the rest seems really promising… it has to get the chance to shine, i guess.”
transfers ad to phone

Tonsom: “Farox Cielo X 2.3T AWD TowMax. Names these days…”
Redwood: “I like the looks.”
Connor: “Will likely be one of the easier ones to drive with decent comfort as well.”
Tonsom: “Then explain the basic infotaiment and leather seats…
plus just about enough rated towing. Sorry, but some sense of matched interior has to be.”
Deletes ad

Tonsom: “H4 Flux Cargo. Shape reminds me of some Citroens out of a game…”
Tonsom: “And it is another one of those stilt-cars…”
Redwood: “2400kg towed, 1400kg carried… goodbye comfort…”
Advert deleted

Tonsom: “Hawker Nemesis. Truck again…”
Redwood: “A big truck again… at least it should stand some battering…”
Connor: “Good driveability and reliability, especially safety, but rather low comfort and fuel economy.”
Tonsom: “At leas i won´t die in it when he manages to somehow crash it…”
Ad transferred to phone

Tonsom: “The… what?”
Connor: “Ninomiya Tachibana TC20.”
Connor: “Average in any meaningful way.”
Redwood: “Not real pretty if you ask me…”
Tonsom: “Yepp.”
proceeds to delete the ad

Tonsom: “The Albatross G360, a car i can pronounce…”
Redwood: [gets nervous] “You think i can drive that?”
Tonsom: “You are not gonna drive this behemoth in Germany.”
advert deleted

Tonsom: “RCM Prairie EXE. Thankfully we get back to something known again…”
Connor: “Expected to not be the most driveable or comfortable car, both by far.”
Redwood: “Like how it looks tho…”
Tonsom: “You wanna drive or cuddle it?”
Redwood: [:angry:]
advert has been moved to recycle bin

Tonsom: “The Americar BigV8… here we go with a truck again…”
[opens picture]
Redwood: “What is that? A hot hatch with a 8.9L V8.”
Connor: “Correct. Only strengths are reliability and the fact it tows 1.8 tons.”
Tonsom: “At least the name fits. Still not gonna have it…”
advert promtly deleted

Tonsom: “The Hawkeye Venture. Unknown… as almost all of those…”
Redwood: “Won´t have problems towing, taht is for sure.”
Tonsom: “Won´t excel anywhere else as well…”
Connor: “Correct.”
advert deleted

Tonsom: “The Aeros Router.”
Redwood: “Looks easy to maneuvre and sips fuel…”
Tonsom: “Cloth seating plus likely stiff ride. Not gonna take that.”
advert deleted

Tonsom: “Well… the JHW X-Trek. Not on thebright side styling-wise, to be honest…”
Tonsom: “Just about enough to tow…”
Connor: “Please do not expect anything exceptional except fuel economy and reliability.”
Tonsom: “Reliability is good, but comfort is not very promising, really…”
delted advert

Tonsom: “Last one in the list. The WorkMateAir”
Redwood: “May not be the best looking, but the specsheet looks promising.”
Connor: “Expected to be easy to drive, reasonably comfortable and reliable and our intended cargo should pose little problems.”
Tonsom: “Here we go. Last one is gonna be dealer-visited.”
ad transferred to phone

Tonsom shuts his computer down and starts trying to figure out a route for the six dealership visits. The other two went home right after the last ad has been looked at.

The CSR77 finalists are:
Shromet Parvus; DoctorNarfy
Vikstrom C9 2.5 AWD; Conan
MUD Teton; abg7
FM Outback; Jaimz
Hawker Nemesis; USDMFTW
WorkMateAir; SheepInACart


Cool…not instabinned so we’re satisfied…at the moment!



Good job to these who made it to the finals. At least my car lived its life as an average car…


God darn it, Tonsom! First the Nash S-F, now the Gemny… The army folk seems to have held a grudge over the whole “Army Wheel Drive” thing CSM did. Can’t please these guys, I swear!

So, and correct me if I’m wrong, the Gemny was binned because while it can tow, it doesn’t tow as well as other cars? Just to clarify things a bit.


yes. the towing capabilities of your car were just about enough to get the weight required going

to be honest, there was some subjectivity to it as well…
while not durectly mentioned in the rules, you won´t see a Suzuki Jimny sized car tow another commuter sedan sized similary to an E-Class Merc


The first point I can agree with, the second one… The car was an SUV body, and it could probably tow better with a more powerful engine. It did have a V6 after all, which is a far cry from the normal Jimny engine.

But I accept the reasoning, the car was stretching it as-is towing-wise. The size thing could’ve been made a bit less subtler in this case…


next to the Americar, yours was the smallest entry by dimensions, by quite some margin, actually
Granted you have an engine bigger than a Jimny, but your car is not significantly larger than a Jimny. It still is counted as a SUV, but it is stiill the smallest SUV entry


And therefore its smaller size harms how it can tow large loads, correct? Lesson learned, if the load is car-sized the vehicle needs to be larger.


For Automation, the main value of interest is vehicle weight in which a heavier vehicle can tow a heavier weight, but realistically you likely would not tow an E-Class sized car with an (almost) Kei-SUV


I’m confused as to why my car was deleted?


just about made it past the towing limit. same goes for load capacity/ volume
most other entries had quite some buffer in there

the Combo of Premium to Basic in the interior does not seem very reasonable to me


I was really hoping the answer to that would be yes…


my car wasn’t listed…


Using a premium inforainment would’ve costed too much, and using a standard or basic interior would harm literally every aspect of the car. And basic infotainment is still fair enough, you still get a touchscreen. Your utility claims were fair enough, I guess


sorry about that
gonna edit the review post shortly

Added John’s entry as the second-last they have looked at.


My big very basic work truck made it, nice!.


CSR 77 Finals

Connor, Tim and Frank decided to meet up at the first dealer a few days later.
They enter the Shromet dealership for their first test drive.

Tonsom: “Loos better than on the photo, and comfort really was their focus with this one.”
Redwood: [half-asleep] *“pluushyy… sooo pluushyy…”
Connor: “After questioning the salesman, i can say that fuel economy and running costs are acting in your favour as well.”
Tonsom: “Seems to bve a great start then.”

half an hour of public transport later

The Vikstrom dealership…
Redwood: “Similarly easy driving compared to the Shromet.”
Tonsom: “But less comfortable, more expnsive to run and that trunk is waay more cramped than it looked on the ad…”
Redwood: “At least it will tow what we need to. And it has a better crash test rating than the Shromet.”
Tonsom: “True… next dealer then…”

4 minute walk down the road

Tonsom: “Well… you cannot miss a MUD themed MUD dealership, can you?”
Connor: “Apparently not.”
Redwood: “I don`t want it…”
Connor: “Why is that?”
Redwood: “You don´t know anything… Difficult to drive, harshest ride yet…”
Connor: “Got it. And i do know that is far below the others in most other ways as well.”
Tonsom: “Definitly was more promising on the ad…”

*another few minutes walking down the road

[Redwood bad mood goes away as he sees the FM]
Redwood: “THAT is proper brand patriotism!”
Tonsom: “A bit overdone in my opinion, but i guess you`re right…”
[they get the FM Outback for a test drive; Redwood not happy again, lookin over to Tonsom]
“Chance to shine… i think actual comfort is done differently…”
Connor: “It may no…”
Tonsom: “YOU SHUT UP! You don´t know how comfort even works! But it really wasn´t all that comfy… But at last it is the cheapest on our list.”
Redwood: “its something…”

back to public transport, this time for over an hour

Tonsom: [looking at phone] “Second to last dealer… hope it gets better from now on…”
one test drive later
Tonsom: “One thing is for sure… we got past the real lookers already… but… it is okay… -ish…”
Redwood: “At least it was something driveable again compared to the previous two… but comfort also suffered for that bonkers three ton load capacity…”
Tonsom: “We might be able to fit our car ON the truck rather than behind it.”
Connor: “It really excels in our utility requirements while retaining decent driveability and reliabiility. Lower end values are fuel economy and the crash test rating.”
Tonsom: “Still on the better side of the field.”

another half-hour of public transport

Tonsom: “Last dealer… WorkMateAir.”
Redwood: “Not great looking, but gets the job done…”
test drive
[Redwood and Tonsom are pleased]
Tondom: "Like it. Easy to drive despite it being a truck and surprisingly comfortable as well.
Redwood: “And look at this [points at truck bed] It has enough space for everything we might carry over to sweden. And it´ll tow our car we don´t have yet.”
Connor: “Fuel economy and reliability are average, service will be the most expensive of the investigated vehicles.”

Tonsom: “I don´t care about expensive service… I can afford it”

[Tonsom walks over to the salesman and puts a bunch of money onto the desk; then he fills out some degree of paperwork; retrieves the keys and walks over to the newly purchased car]

Tonsom: “We´re leaving. [short pause] GET A MOVE ON CONNOR!”

[they drive the WorkMateAir out of the dealer lot]


Congratulations to SheepInACart for winning CSR77!

here is the final results:
1st: WorkMateAir ; @SheepInACart
2nd: Hawker Nemesis ; @USDMFTW
3rd: Shromet Parvus ; @DoctorNarfy
4th: Vikstrom C9 ; @conan
5th: MUD Teton ; @abg7
6th: FM Outback ; @jaimz

here is a result spreadsheet


Gz to Sheep.

Maybe I could have improved a little but not enough to challenge the rest of the finalists.

And a big thanks to @Elizipeazie for running the round.


Well done sheep - you have clinched a convincing maiden win with a truck that could really do it all for a reasonable price!

And many thanks for hosting a round that turned out to be more compelling than I thought it would be initially. I’m really hoping that the next round, regardless of whoever hosts it, doesn’t have a utility theme, as did this one or the one before it.


Why would you think that…
(shifty looking eyes from the guy who entered a utility car even into the WAM touring car world series…)

Also a big thanks to Elizpeazie for hosting this round… its hard to be unbiased given my results, but hats off for sticking with it through the normal rules objections\saltyness and running a smooth tight ship. I hope I can do as well, but we’ll start to see from tomorrow…