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CSR78 - Succeeding the Wankel


The 2014 Cabart-Danneville Rito R.
286hp, High Drivability, lot of fun, and the French Touch, what else?



Ninomiya Iris: RWD with 207 kW 2.0 L 4 cylinders engine mated to a 6-speed dual clutch transmission, and electronic differential. 4 seats for more of your friends or maybe a family.


The Hawker Typhoon MK. 3

Is it a track car? A daily driver? Its both!

Light, powerful, energetic and playful. Some of the words used to describe the new generation of the Typhoon. With a focus on being light with high revving engines, the Typhoon now offers the best driving experience possible with no sacrifces in comfort or driveability.


Kyoki Crusader.The brand new light sports car.

Fast,easy to drive,comfortable,economic.With this car,we shall return to Jerusalem!
(I’m sorry I’m kinda drunk and watched some stoopid deus vult meme videos)


2014 Adenine Essence

9700RPM of fury
Experience the essence of driving


Perestroika P16
Just like the older ones but newer


General entries have now closed, may the odds be ever in your favor.


Let the lot be filled with not miatas!


Is that… is that a Hunger Games reference?

You can just count me out of the competition, k?

(I’m joking I think I actually made a good car this time :slight_smile:)


CSR-78 Preliminary

Bruce opens his phone and starts browsing for a car:

The Morton Sparrow

“2L turbo 4 pot, reviews generally well across the entire board, thats certainly hopeful for the very first thing I open, I just hope its lives up to it in person”
saves dealership to phone for later

after flipping through a few dozen more:
Handuh Ceevik Version-RS

“Wow that color is still loud, and the styling is even louder… I’m surprised those pipes are even legal”
“Interestingly there are actually reviews for it though, drives well but not very sporty”
Closes Tab

The Popcorn

“Now that looks more like a car I’d like to own… 1.5L inline6 is small, but 207kw is decent power”… “oh, reviews say while quick enough, ts pretty hard to drive… maybe not as a daily, a shame really, it sure looks nice”
Closes Tab

The Manta Corana

“Well within budget, and larger 2.9L v6 for the money, lets check out some reveiws”.
“4speed Manual in 2014, lowest quality suspension you’ve ever seen? Slow track times and very hard to drive… perhaps I’ll pass this time”
Closes Tab


“I wasn’t really looking for a hatch, but its practical and this one sure looks sporty, lets see some reviews”
“Wow, thats a really fast track speed, and 280kw! Unsuprisingly fairly hard to handle that power in such a tiny package though without AWD, and it leans like its going to roll over, so I’ll have to pass this time as I want to keep it stock, but with a wider stance or aftermarket rollbars this thing could be a absolute monster, I’ll send this to Rick”
forwards to Rick, then closes tab

The FM Celeritas

“A proper MR sportscar within my budget, thats pretty cool, but I’ll admit to being skeptical”… “Good power, great track times and its prestigious, and that styling is unmistakeable, I’m pretty tempted, but yes it is hard to drive and I know I shouldn’t, another one towards Rick though…”
forwards to Rick, then closes tab

The FAAL Coupe 25TFE

“Small Coupe with 4 seats, AWD, sporty and well under budget, I’m certainly saving this one for later… the entertainment is pretty basic but I guess that should be fine”
Saves dealership address to phone

The Command Wagon

“Not really what I’m looking for, but fekkin cool and actually fast enough, rick is certainly getting this in his inbox”
forwards to Rick, then closes tab

The Perestroika P16 LGD

“A cool looking little coupe, reviews say its got a good mix of drivability and sportiness too… but the 1.8L makes less power than I’m looking for… if only they offered a 2L”
Closes Tab

The Cabart-Danneville RITO MKII R

“That name is sure a mouthful, its got a cool unique styling going on too”
“reveiws say its super easy to drive, and its pretty quick too, but low saftey and a transverse FWD i4?, not really my thing, almost makes up for it though”
Closes Tab

The EcaMobile Broadway 2014 Roadster Base

“A little bit larger convertible, this thing just ozzes prestige”…
“Sadly from what people say its neither comfortable or quick to back that up, and only ok to drive, even if its still sporty and absolutely something I’d like to be seen in”
Closes Tab

The Survivor Starter Sport

“You know what, I’m impressed they managed to make it fit my search terms, DOHC Carburated v8 sports offroader, its certainly different”
Closes Tab

The Adenine Essence

“Another awesome smaller sports car, really like the styling, and a boxer6 at 9,700rpm will sound mental”… “Being NA and only 2L puts it on the lower limit of power though, but cool, and very close, if they had a turbo or 2.5L in stock I may get one”.
Closes Tab

The Aniki Raiton

“Another boxer6, but this time instead of a small coupe this is a larger one rocking 2.5L and twin turbos, and 2+2 could be very handy for a daily”… “Surprisingly not much more power, and a bit less sporty than I’m really after… if reviews said it was a little easier to drive it’d probably a sensible choice in a way, but your only young once right?”
Foolishly Closes Tab

The Solo Fusion Turbo

“A badass looking yellow coupe, RWD, manual and, low drag with aero”… “reviews praise its sportyness, and its not impossible to drive… but again 2L i4 at the lower limit on power and as a result I’m just not sure its quick enough to justify having a 2seat sports car over a slightly more practical car with more motor”
Closes Tab

The Ninomiya Iris

“4 seats and a bit more power, recommended as easy to drive, this may be a winner if it still manages to be quick, I will miss having a manual though”… an hour of largely wasted time watching videos online later “Sadly it’d appear to be a little slower than I’d like, but practical, drivable and economical, I bet it’d sell well”.
Closes Tab, but makes a mental note to recommend it to others

The Hawker Typhoon Mk3

“Back to two seats, but 3.5L with far more power must make something so small very quick… if reveiws don’t tell me its a death trap I’m taking a look”… “apparently its actually easy to drive, shortlist for sure”.
Saves address of closest dealer onto phone

The Ars Astaroth GX

“Back down in power, and still with 2 seats and fairly basic interior… I’d bin it but people online say the way it drives needs to be felt to understand it, so maybe its worth a once around the block before I though it out”
Reluctantly saves address to phone

The Albatross C250t

“Small coupe, 2.5L Turbo, almost half what I’m able to pay… whats the catch”. “No, people say it drives ok… safe enough… eco tuned motor is low on power, darn. Really close, but just not quite fast enough to make a shortlist, the internet says you can pick up big gains with just a flash tune, but I’ll aim to hold onto a warranty for now”.
Closes Tab

Aeros Remex Mk.3

“4 seat, 2 door, RWD, 2.3 Turbo i5…182kw… once again another factory eco tune on an otherwise great option… reviews say it drives well and everything, if only it where that little bit quicker”
Closes Tab

The JHW Trident R5

“An extremely classy looking roadster with a 3L motor and active suspension, interior looks classy too”… “Close but no cigar, Naturally Aspirated, people say it sounds amazing, but its just a little less power than I’m looking for once again, if only they had a turbocharged version it may be a winner”
Closes Tab

The Duecentosessanta

“A retro body style, thats kinda neat in its own way I guess, and despite the looks the 2.5L actually makes enough power too… oh, err 4 speed duel clutch, it doesn’t seem to hurt its blinding fast track times much but it may be a a short straw for drivability on the street”
Closes Tab

The Kyoki Crusader

“A small coupe with an amazing looking interior and highly distinctive rear grill, it’d be a serious option, but for that 186lw listed… the forums say its another tunable car, but not only warranty concerns, you’d be starting on an older style SOHC 16v… maybe a motor swap… but thinking stock only for now, no sadly thats just not quick enough”
Closes Tab

Gabatron G4 Cross Sport

“4 doors 4 seats would be practical, not sure if its nessesarily the look I want but if its quick enough… but sadly the listed 167.8kw is low, and track times reflect that. Internet says its once again running a lot leaner for economy and emissions reasons, but without changing ECU parameters around its not going to cut it, especially with the extra set of doors”.
Closes Tab

Finally after a full nights searching the last item on the list:

“2 seat coupe, the aero looks good, and its a manual which is fun,although the 1.8L boxer has me a little concerned about power… still though reviews are saying one of the best drivability\sportyness balances around… unfortunately said reviews also say the Ars Astaroth GX steals the crown for a little less money (I guess I really will have to try that despite unassuming stats), and that this car is more uncomfortable than I’d really intended to consider as a daily drive… still surprisingly quick.”

CSR-78 Final

Having finally come to the last day in order to make his choice (I mean he’d look a lot online, that counts as prep right?), Bruce gets up earlier than normal in the morning (10am) and alongside his mate Rick, who is half a year behind Bruce in his law internship, jumps into his current student beater car and heads for one of the mega dealerships that dot Auto-sytraila… they look like a bunch of adjacent single brand dealerships, but really all share an owner as they work under one of the limited dealer licenses the government requires, which can be sold person to person by no new licenses have been issued in decades, although that is a story for another day.

Lost in his tangent of thought about the socioeconomic ramifications of dealer licenses Bruce almost walks into a customer leaving the closest showroom… which happens to be the recently re-opened FAAL, if the huge hanging logo is anything to go by. The car of interest to Bruce is bright yellow, and conveniently near the door in this instance.

Rick: “TETRA AWD? Should be nice to drive, and that fuel economy is great at 6…”
Bruce: “Don’t care, and people say its actually a bit of a handful although 250hp & 4 seats is nice”
Rick: “Yeah yeah, its just like those rb7 whats-it-calleds you fantasize over… really mate, when do you have more than one other person anyway, and with 2 doors and that cramped legroom its not practical anyway, there’s hardly any point, and with that weight it’ll be slower than a 200hp sportscar anyway”
Bruce: “So what does your genius recommend then sudden car expert”
Rick: points diagonally 2 shops over “my uncle owns a Morton, its good”.
Bruce: sighs “fine, but lets make a note of this one, it fill most of my criteria”

The pair strut in… well Rick struts in, and Bruce rolls his eyes as he follows behind
Rick: “The Sparrow, now this is a proper sports car, 2 seats, RWD, manual, turbo motor…”
Bruce: “Holy-Cow, my eyes, that color”
Rick: “I like the color, and I’m sure it comes in others”
Bruce: after test drive “well color aside it seems a really well balanced car, sure I’ll get it”
Rick: “wait, wait, wait, your not buying the second car we see just to avoid shopping around mate, get real, and reading reviews don’t count. Lets check out Hawker next door”.

Bruce: “The Typhoon… I’ve heard of the typhoon, didn’t it set fastest lap of anything below $100k on the Max gear track”
Rick: “Don’t know man, don’t watch the show… are you sure you’d be happy with those flappy paddles though man, that ain’t real driving”
Bruce: “Probably easier in city traffic everyday man, and its sporty, comfortable and prestigious enough…”
Rick:“Just promise me you’ll look at at least one more right, the last two have both been improvements?”

Bruce:“The Ars Astaroth Gx… I don’t get it, I’m looking at the numbers and its just not up to the Typhoon, you’d spend all day browsing if you could”
Rick: “look man, you promised to try a third, lets just wait to you drive it”
After test drive
Rick:“wow that thing steers”
Bruce:“wow… Yeah it does, it still feels a little down on power though”
Rick: “How quick are you thinking of going on the road man, its not like you plan to track the thing… at least improvement over the last again”
Bruce:“Maybe… Probably… I don’t know its real close man, I need some time to think.”
RIck: “Sure, I’ll go grab us some lunch, you mull this one over”

15mins later
Rick: “Hey man, I got Kababs, you made up your mind”
Bruce:“Yeah mate, signing the paperwork on the lease now”
Rick: “Cool, which one did you get, the Ars or the Typhoon”
Bruce:“Actually I decided on the Evanto TS, its the one out front”
Rick:“The one out front… wait WHAT, you bought a friggin wagon! What the heck man”
Bruce:“Wait till you try it, it steers better than the typhoon, and with a 4.5L it ain’t slow”
Rick:“But not as well as the Ars, and I bet its slower than the Typhoon… despite the same silly paddles, and still only 2 seats… you sure about this, I thought you had your heart set on something fun”
Bruce:“Its massively comfortable man, has presence people respect and driving like that its no soccer wagon”
Rick:“Whatever dude, your mad, but its your money…”
And with that the two leave the dealer, in a new H4 Evanto TS 4.5

Well done to HintBoyRight from winning this round of CSR, your the next host!

1st @Hintboyright - The H4 Evanto TS 4.5
2nd @Xepy - Ars Astaroth GX
3rd @USDMFTW - Hawker Typhoon Mk3
4th @abg7 - Morton Sparrow
5th @Knightophonix - FAAL Coupe 25TFE

A big thanks to everybody who entered, while I’ve only mentioned the top5 it was actually really close score wise, the winner being 260 points in a field averaging 237, and there was a fraction of a ponit between both FAAL and Morton, and Between Hawker and Ars. I’m also pleasantly surprised that the finalists is 5 different bodies, both myself and others had some concern over battle of the 2L turbio not miata, but instead people entered a diverse range of displacement both naturally aspirated and turbo entries spanning FF, FR, FA and MR. Hats off to Nerd for making a carburated v8 offroader fit somehow.

I will be running the 5 finalists on the BeamNG Automation Test Track tomorrow to determine an editors pick… it won’t change the outcome of the CSR round, nor will be very objective, but hopefully it’ll provide an interesting 2nd take on the results.

Here is the score sheet:


Wow, that scoring was very close across the entire range of cars submitted, ill take 3rd for doing an emergency redesign an hour before i submitted after i realized i was about 18 over the PU requirement…facepalm

Also, only reviews for the top 5 seems a bit unfair towards the other entrants who probably spent the same if not more time than those in the top 5.


So where are the reviews for all the other cars…? Even a couple sentences for what they did right/wrong? It’s not exactly CSR without getting something about all the entries.



Most CSR rounds I’ve seen ran on two rounds, the first being an overview of all the cars, and a second round with more details on a handful of good cars, leading to one winner. Plus, they were more gravitating around roleplay and the customer’s state of mind, than raw stats just like you did.

I mean, that’s different. But I’d be pissed if I was one of the binned cars :thinking:


Some earlier CSRs also had a full review for each car followed by some deliberation for the winner, but that only really makes sense when the turnout is low.

That last part sums up joining CSR and not being a finalist in the only round to ever not review all the cars. :roll_eyes:


From the perspective of the binned cars it does seem odd submitting into a vacuum…and with my limited experience with CSR that’s what I liked about what I saw. (edit: I meant I being sure that your car will be somehow reviewed by the host)

I’m glad and surprised I won and am excited to host, but considering I’ve only been around for these last 2 CSRs it’s a little intimidating…I’ll try to have fun with it I guess :stuck_out_tongue:


Didn’t expect final results so soon, and from what I’ve seen I shouldn’t have been expecting it this soon anyways. Either way I’m happy with how well my car did for the first time I’ve entered a CSR, even if this one was a bit controversial to say the least.

Now I guess I should actually make lore for my company and think of what to do if I do win one of these…


Wow that was…Fast? What about the almost 30 others entries we have every CSR?


Well at least I can honestly say is that the only was my car would breakdown is when it killed you by making you drive into a tree!

Gz to @Hintboyright on the win.

Pointer for hosting…simple rules. :smiley:


You mixed around the pictures