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CSR78 - Succeeding the Wankel


For ride height I don’t have an easy solution as of now, if you have a suggestion I’m all ears, otherwise will just have to case by case it… especially now with mod bodies.

As for load yes, thats the cargo capacity in the summary tab. Or above towing on the test track page.


Without the 3 market over 110 rule, I’ve been able to actually make something good! (Still took quite a bit of fiddling around to get the PU down)

Sidenote: WHY do aluminum panels use so much production units???



Introducing the all new 2014 XAML - featuring the all new 2.3RS Inline 5 EcoTek engine. The EcoTek is redesigned from the ground up from our previous engine, the BiddyBoost, adding a turbo charger to add high end power, and adjusting the cam profile to allow maximum fuel efficiency at lower rpm.

376hp @ 8200 RPM w/ redline at 8500 rpm
5 speed manual
rear wheel drive
double wishbone front and rear suspension
27 mpg
0-60mph in 5.4 seconds
top speed of 165 mph
corners at over 1G

and 4 seats (2 front captains chairs and 2 rear captains chairs) for more fun with your family, plenty of interior leg room, and plenty of room for cargo and groceries


Now that the market rules are gone (and other changes to the rules done, and the shitstorm the whole thing caused now mostly over with), I’ve decided to begin working on my entry.

Using state of the art fuel system technology…



This year, we’re kicking off our new generation of light sport coupes with the 2014 SC series. But this time, we went back to the drawing board. It features a whole new range of boxer engines, a first in CMV production history, with multiple choices of naturally aspirated and twin-turbocharged 4 and 6 cylinder engines. This ad is about the SC18S however, a middle of the road model featuring a 1.8L turbo Boxer 4 making 249 HP and 176 lb-ft of torque on the way to a screaming 8800 RPM redline. This engine is focused on lightweight, having a magnesium block and AlSi head. This, along with a front mid-engine layout gives this car a 50.5/49.5 weight distribution. This power goes to the rear wheels through a 6 speed manual transmission with 7th gear overdrive and an electric limited-slip differential. It rides on 16 inch alloy rims and 205/235 mm sport tires front/rear. It has 1.13 cornering g’s thanks to weighing less than 2700 lbs. and double wishbone/multilink f/r suspension, and stops from 62-0 in less than 109 ft. thanks to 3/2 piston front/rear vented disc brakes. And at the end of your blast at the track, you can get home safe and comfortably with variable electric steering, ESC and standard Sirius XM satellite radio.

So, you may think this balance of high performance and comfort would come at a high price, but this model costs less than $20,000!!! And not only is it a great value brand new, but it’s a great value throughout ownership, with high reliability, low service costs and 31.8 MPG!

So, pick the smart choice, pick CMV.


Got something, I’ll likely post it sometime tomorrow, until then:


Are we restricted to a total of 140 PU for the engine and trim added together? I have been waiting a while to clarify whether or not this is the case. If not, then it means that neither the engine nor the trim PU values cannot exceed 140 individually, regardless of whether or not the sum of their respective ET values exceeds 140.


That’s how I interpret it. Add them together and if it’s over 140 PU then ditch the V16! :rofl:


2014 Morton Sparrow 2.0 RS: Affordable Fun Guaranteed

Shown here in Gamma Green Pearl

Morton’s all-new Sparrow 2.0 RS is a stunning sports coupe that’s just begging to be driven on your favorite twisty road. 300 turbocharged horses, sport-tuned suspension and a slick six-speed manual gearbox hooked up to a proper slippy diff - what’s not to like?


Gabatron G4 Cross Sport

The sport version of the Gabatron G4 Cross is here! With a bold and personal design, it stands out from the competition.

The Gabatron Sport team has made the following improvements over the normal G4 Cross:

  • 2.0 turbo engine, with 225HP.
  • Helicoidal front differential.
  • Closed-ratio gearbox.
  • Sport tires designed specifically by Michelan.
  • Improved aerodynamics, as well as aesthetic changes.
  • Active sport springs, and with specific settings.
  • Specific paint (Lever de Soleil Orange).
  • Specific brakes (ventilated disks on both axis).

And all of that, combined with a good level of confort and good fuel economy!

Come to the nearest Gabatron dealer, and for $19,949, you can enjoy your G4 Cross Sport.


Have we lost the 3 * >110 market requirements?

I know I was the main antagonist behind “CSR77-BeamNG(gate)” but I do like this use of the crossover. :+1: :smiley:


Introducing the 2014 Letto Motors Duecentosessanta

LS26DET 2.6L I6 Turbo that makes 317HP@6100RPM, 346 Lb-Ft@4300RPM
RWD with Viscous LSD
4 Speed Dual Clutch Transmission
245/40R18 Sport Tires
Progressive Springs with Gas Mono-Tube Shocks & Passive Sway Bars
4 Wheel Vented Discs (305mm Disc, 2 Piston Caliper up front, 275mm Disc, 1 Piston Caliper in the rear)
9.9L/100km, Automation Stig got it a ATT Time of 2:15.15, Estimated Top Speed of 246.40
Yours for just $16691


I know it’s stupid what i am writing here but i think that acceleration requirements and top speed was for Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen not for normal petrol.Maybe main character had Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen that had almost that same specs as minimal requirements.Sorry for my english.


Update: Here’s a sneak peek at the TS 4.5! The car comes with 334hp and can accelerate to 100kph/62mph in blisteringly fast 5.2 seconds. That paired with the FR drivetrain lets you have tons of fun on all types of roads.


The Popcorn.

Basic and fun, what more could you want?

For $16,000, perhaps?

Available soon, I guess?



Also available in Hardtop Version.
Ask our staff also for the V10 Sport and 21 Blackjack Version
Other colors are available.

Cult of Personality - Part 2: The Modern Era [LORE] [Batch 1 Submissions: CLOSED]

The new 2014 Corana from Manta is here!

The looks aren’t the only thing that will blow your mind, because you can pick this car up for $18,085! Statistics will also prove that this is the car to get:

Top speed: 142 mph/229 kph
0-60/0-100: 6.6 seconds
Fuel type: 91 RON/87 AKI
Loudness: 25
Seats: 2
Sportiness: 33
Comfort: 29
Safety: 58
Power: 174 Kw/233 Hp
Fuel Economy: 13 L

Manta. Vroom. Boom. Clunk.


The Pastinuji Comand Wagon

The only van needed to sooth the beast in you’re young heart.

0-100kph in only 4.6 seconds
Over 1G on the skidpad.
All for under 19,000.


Unfortunately fuel economy must be below 10L/100km to be judged… you can however use 95 RON fuel in this CSR, so that can help you reach that limit. Otherwise looks valid.