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CSR79: Family Matters [Round Over, Results Published]


The Pastinuji Freewing.

A rational approach for the family who want it all in one neat little package, equipped with standard European style wheels, this 5-Cylinder turbo has just enough presence to be known, but silent enough to hold a quiet conversation on the inside.

With more standard options than most cars twice it’s price, the Freewing should enable your family to enjoy the freedom to travel where their desires go.

All that, for just $25,000

Optional ground effects package available for an additional $1,000.


Sometimes, you just forget that it’s a minivan.

Part 2, real ad coming tomorrow


Fun in a family Sized Package

2002/3 Sakura Starfire tZ

3L Boxer Six, 25mpg, And miles of fun.

Yours for 31,500 (@ 50%, Rounded)


Wanted to play on words, but it looks kind of confusing, now that I think about it. Entries haven’t opened yet, so I might change it up.


watches everyone submit a Minivan

Aww, yeh! It’s wildcard time, baby! And I’m goin full MURICA with it!

2003 Ardent A150 LS Extended Cab AWD

Ardent’s newly redesigned A-series pickup hit showroom floors in July 2002 as an early 2003 model. The basic SE model was powered by a newly refreshed Vela 4.7 liter straight-six motor, putting out 245 horses and 278 lb-ft of torque. This engine was also standard on the step-up LS model, as was an optional Taurus V8, but Ardent had a little surprise in store for six cylinder fans.

The 3VB-47TDi. 4.7 liters of turbocharged fury, cranking out 314 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque. While a limited-edition LS “Super Street” was produced, utilizing a 6-speed manual transmission and rear-wheel drive, nearly all A150’s powered by this motor came with an automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. We’re thankful, for sanity’s sake.

The A150 LS shown above is a relatively common extended cab configuration, featuring 3-abreast seating in both rows, with a fold-down center console between the driver and front passenger, for use when a center-front passenger wasn’t present. Flat woven cloth was chosen for durability and ease of cleaning, and though floor mats were technically optional, Ardent “included” a set of all-weather mats with every vehicle, as the cost of shipping and selling them as separate accessories was more expensive than it was worth.

Creature comforts on all trims included air conditioning, power steering, and an AM/FM 4-speaker radio. Jumping up to the LS model added a CD player (with a 100 watt sound system rating), power windows, locks, and mirrors (with integrated turn signals), a power bench seat, power sliding rear window, and steering wheel mounted audio controls.

All A150 models came with Ardent’s SafeGuard security suite. For “large” Ardent models, this included 4-wheel antilock disc brakes, traction control, stability control, 6 air bags, and reinforced cabin safety ring construction.

Mechanically, the LS is differentiated from the SE by a limited slip differential and different engine options, as well as a towing package that included a Class-III towing hitch, transmission cooler, and 4/7 pin combo wiring.

Production percentages for 2003 broke down as follows:

2WD vs AWD: 65/35 (2WD predominantly sold in the South)
SE vs LS vs Limited: 30/55/15 (Limited models were all AWD)
Total LS “Super Street” models built: 1455
Total production 2003 model year: 301,542

Submitted trim: A150 LS Ext. Cab with 3VB-47TDi and electronic 5-speed AWD transmission.


Does this imply you must have exactly 5 seats in the 1st+2nd rows, no more/less? If not, shouldn’t the passenger weight be determined by the number of seats in the 1st+2nd rows?

Deleting the 3rd row to determine some stats has weird side effects depending on what sort of seating arrangement the car has, e.g. 1st+2nd being benches with no 3rd row would mean you could seat 6 while having the measured cargo volume, but 1st+2nd+3rd being bucket pairs would mean you could only seat 4 with the measured cargo volume. If you do account for this, could you clarify a bit?


Hmm…so I thought of the effective cargo value calc well before I put in folding seats, and having folding seats was almost purely a reaction to some bodies having unusually low cargo volumes with third row seating. I’d rather leave the calculation using 5 passengers regardless of seating arrangement just to simplify things, so if your car only seats 4 w/o the third row it won’t be an insta-bin or anything. Also, I’m only determining 2 stats off of the car minus the third row, so it shouldn’t be too impactful on the overall score.
To directly answer your question, unless there are objections, no I won’t account for it.


Mine has 3 rows and 1300 L of cargo. If you take out the 3rd row, that’ll give it over 2000 L. Will I have to account for that when considering capacity? I’m already at almost 1 ton, but honestly just eyeballed it (no math)


Yes, but only if you want your effective cargo capacity to be 100% of your cargo volume with the seats down. There is no requirement to have enough load capacity to account for all of your cargo volume, only that if you’re below the load capacity needed to account for all of your cargo volume according to the calculation in the OP, only a fraction of the cargo volume will be your effective load capacity.


$29,990 Driveaway!

Buy better, buy Bogliq


oops: small update, load capacity will also be based on the car without the third row.


New here and my first community challenge.

Gonna try my hand at this and see if I can make an estate car work.

Good luck to all who enter and may the best designer win.


React Motor Company, 2003 Adventure-Air

Fully independent AirRide suspension system
React Co’s new turbocharged “Anvil” motor with 440Nm from just 1600rpm
Equipped with AWD through 6speed automatic with lockup converter
Experience the luxury of 6 independent power adjustable captains chairs that fold for luggage
Do practical, with 7 doors for access and over a ton of cargo capacity
Off the beaten track or in city traffic with mode selectable ESC and adjustable sway bars
Make it safely and in style, choose the Adventure, choose Freedom.

Available from just $31,994
(includes $150 safari pack, featuring driving lights, rooftop luggage storage and full size rear spare tyre mount, consult your dealer for availability, terms and conditions apply)


2003 Genra GVM

Our all-new third-generation GVM provides all the stuff you’ll need for a long-distance road trip. Standard features include:

  • Power-operated sliding doors for easy access to the middle and back rows.
  • 3.5L quad-cam V6 delivering sufficient power and torque to propel the GVM at a reasonable pace.
  • 6-speed automatic transmission for easy driving in most situations.
  • 8 seats in standard configuration, with the two rear rows containing three seats each and capable of folding flat to increase cargo space.
  • 4-speaker stereo with CD player to keep you entertained on the move.
  • Power steering and a full suite of driving aids (ABS, stability and traction control) to guarantee safe driving in all conditions.
  • Driver, passenger, side, and curtain airbags (the latter two on all three rows) ensure high levels of safety in the event of a crash.

Options include:

  • AWD system for extra traction in slippery conditions.
  • 6 adjustable folding captain’s chairs trimmed in genuine leather and high-grade cloth.
  • Premium sound system with satellite navigation.

The GVM retails for just $31892 (including a 50% markup).


Mitsushita Ulysse Turbo

Practicality Intensifies


a C&D from Fiat awaits you in the mailbox

Years after the first generation made camping great again…

Years after the second generation got praised for its incredible safety…

The third generation FAAL Ochlosia hit the market, with its modern, classy styling, in the infamous year 2000.

It offers more practicality, with its foldable third row and modular second row of seats. Its TETRA™ AWD System allows it to tow almost its own weight, as well as kick ass at launch. Its independant rear suspension allows it to carry almost one ton, without sacrificing comfort; and so does its Bitronic™ automatic gearbox with two driving modes. The brand new “FE” 25v 2.7L GDI 5 cylinder engine allows for a great throttle response and 30 US MPG. All of this in a modern, sedan-like design inspired by the contemporary FAAL Foreia sedan. The practicality of a bus, and the handling of a car.

The FAAL Ochlosia. Sometimes, you just forget that it’s a minivan.

Extra angles

And the retractable roof bars go…


$29000 including roof rack, rounded.


Five pot minivan! :smiley: And somehow I’m getting Mitsu Galant vibes from the front.
@Vri404 Boxer 6 minivan! :smiley:
@Knightophonix French five pot minivan with quatt… TETRA, more yay! :smiley:

Minivan coolness overload.


still laughing harder than needed at the SCHWOOP


I’d like to take a moment to comment on that fact that Monica is shocked by the fact the car is totaled. It went off a cliff and was destroyed, how is this surprising to her?

That is all. I’ll spend some time over the week to get a vehicle put together.


Is that an actual rear wing on the minivan’s roof, or is it a roof rack? (Actually, on closer inspection, it’s a set of retractable roof racks made to look like a pair of tandem rear wings…) Whatever that add-on is, hardly anyone would expect a minivan to have a rear wing or built-in retractable roof racks!