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CSR79: Family Matters [Round Over, Results Published]


Firstly thanks to Hintboyright for an excellent round!

Secondly congratulations to leedar for the winning entry… I’m certainly impressed by those stats, it does simlar or better than the AdventureAir in every way bar safety, I was expecting I’d have a slight lead in the raw min-max side before price, modifiers and looks, but you managed to walk out a margin early on… 13% over 3rd place in the raw, while like I expected with my entry, that gap closing after adjustments (to just under 5%). In any case, very well done, it was nearly as close a scoreboard as the last two CSR’s, and all the finalists did noticeably better vs the test cars, so it wasn’t for a lack of competition.

My one nitpick with the flavor text is that I imagined that the bypass valves would be always open in the advanced auto’s “sport” and always closed in “drive”, as the game scores markets that don’t like noise at the displayed “closed” value all the time… none the less with both mufflers open the game simulates a noise value of 60 for when scoring markets that positively are influenced by noise, so it probably would far from impressed the concerned family member when it almost certainly did get stuck in sport for the on-ramp test anyway, so its not like. That said confusingly economy is calculated in the open state, so your interpretation is probably as good as mine.

I did expect to loose points for placement\looks, but while I get normally saying it would just create rebuttals by people and take up time that won’t honestly change the results, I would be interested to hear the what cost me the largest penalty just for the sake of improving for next time and won’t comment on\argue with it.


It was a clear win for Pastinuji, as we were the only one to make Lizbeth giddy with glee!


yeah…the way I interpreted bypass valves was that they would have been based on throttle position based on what the tooltip in game said (I think it was something like they open when “driven hard”) which, depending on the car, could mean just merging onto a highway would result in them opening. Then again, the closest example of this I could find irl was button actuated. I wasn’t sure how to go about dealing with it, but one thing for sure I felt was that it was definitely an unrealistic option for the this type of car.
I will say I did like your car aesthetically and I liked how creative it was, but I thought it was a little off-theme, which hopefully I conveyed in the write-up. I compared it to Kubboz’s car which I also liked a lot and fit the theme better, so I felt I had to give Kubboz a better score.
I dunno, thinking about it, I kinda feel bad for going about it this way :/.


I would say three things:

  1. ‘Swoopy’ car body is a bit OP in terms of internal space vs cost and weight. Not sure if it is actually bugged or not, but I thought it was kosher since it isn’t a mod and wasn’t forbidden.
  2. I gambled right that the cost and weight of advanced safety was too high. Money best spent on higher priorities, and weight reduction improves a broad array of stats (after tweaking various things) while only penalising a few, lower priority ones.
  3. I didn’t fall into the trap of creating a fast and good looking vehicle (:wink:) when those had almost no priority. That being said, I still managed the second highest sportiness by accident. :laughing:


You really deserved to win - the T-Class had such a compelling combination of comfort, economy and practicality that put it well clear of the pack!

And many thanks to the host for giving us such a challenging yet enjoyable rule set.


2nd and hosting duties. wewlad, i’ll se what i can whip up


Congrats to the finalists! This was a fun challenge, and it brought me to make one of my favorite cars that I’ve ever done. Though I’m very dissapointed that it didn’t care so well… oh well!

Can’t wait to see the next one!


Grats to the people that came out on top, I had a wildcard made but failed to submit it.

CSR79-LordLetto - Eco Gufo.car (23.3 KB)

on the topic of AWD Vans, all I have to say is the Chevrolet Astro/GMC Safari.


I’ve apparently made the best looking car of the lot. I’ll take it.

The age is very evidently catching up to the SpaceStar, but no worries. The successor is about to start production next year. And hey, it still made its way to the test drives.