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CSR80: Get Britain Moving


Thanks to JohnWaldock for hosting this round!
And what, first place? I finally managed to get a better place than third place!
Unfortunately, I am unable to host the next round because I lack the experience and the time to smoothly host a round of CSR, so the hosting rights goes to @zschmeez.


Just for the record, if @zschmeez passes, I will accept, being next in line after.


Congratulations on your first win in a long time (and probably ever)! It’s just what you deserved considering how good your car turned out to be.

And many thanks to JohnWaldock for hosting a compelling round about early postwar cars! I am also anxious to find out what the next round brings us.



this gunna be good


I’m up for it. I’ll have something up within the next day or so, just gotta polish an idea a bit.


New CSR is up!