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CSR81: A Personal Oil Crisis [RESULTS PUBLISHED]


i love the way the sheen of the finish seems to drip down from the door handles and side-view mirror. whether that was intentional or just a graphics glitch, it’s got personality to match its tagline! :smile:


Hahahaha I didn’t see that at first! It looks like paint-run or pollution weathering or something :stuck_out_tongue:


For the most part, it’s a nice ad. The main problem I see right away is that the left-most introduction text becomes harder to read, around the area where the highway is. It’s a problem of using dark text on darker areas, it blends too well.

My advice would be keeping the tagline where it is, but move the text to the bottom white box. Unless you’re sure the text colors and background colors don’t clash, it’s best to opt for a more basic setup.

Of course you’d have to resize everything else in the box for the text to fit (and you should, the bottom text is a bit too large), but it’s a small price to pay for easier reading. Take this as an example, if you like;

*Automation price of $6694 with 0% markup
(And yes it’s in black-and-white, but it’s for the era’s sake. And you can still read everything fine!)


Saibou Hajime

It’s got wheels, suspension, and a steering wheel. It costs $6189. It’s a car.



Waiting on rulling from @zschmeez about letting us call pop up headlights round. As we do not have round ones modeled in the game.


To those who remember me from back in the old forums… AMW is back!


You know what, that’s up to you. I can suspend disbelief temporarily and imagine that if the lights were to actually pop up, they would contain round sealed beam headlights.




I had too much fun looking at old French cars during German occupation, and American trucks built by guys preparing for the apocalypse, not to post this.

1974 Wisconsin Motors Gazogene

How to start the Gazogene:

Step 1: Use the poker on the grille to knock loose any soot in the intake pipe (that’s the small pipe in the center of the grille) and the hopper.

Step 2: Fill the hopper with wood or coal.

Step 3: Turn the switch in the middle of the front to “pre”. This will both switch on the fan (that’s the pipe sticking out of the trunk) and electrically ignite the wood in the hopper. If you wish to skip the warm-up steps, simply get into the car, turn the fuel dial to “gasoline” and turn the key. This will switch the car to gasoline operation (there is a small 5 gallon fuel tank in the rear near the engine) and deactivate the fan. The engine’s vacuum will draw air through the wood. When the hopper temperature gauge climbs into the green, simply switch the fuel dial back to “hopper”. To run without gasoline, follow the remaining steps.

Step 4: After waiting 5 to 10 minutes, turn the switch to “ign”. If the fuel is producing methane, you should see flames shooting out of the fan. If you don’t see flames, repeat in another ten minutes. Warmup time can depend on the quality of fuel being used.

Step 5: Once you have a nice flame shooting out of the fan (it should be blue in the center), you’re ready to go. Just hop in the car and turn the key. Fuel/air mixture is much more forgiving with methane than gasoline, but the dial to the left of the steering column can adjust this if you find it necessary. Low quality fuels tend to produce less gas, richen the mixture if you hear knocking or feel hesitation.

That’s all there is to it! Welcome to freedom from fossil fuels. High quality wood chips should give a range of 75 miles, depending on how hard you drive it. This is surely the future, if Big Oil doesn’t step in and shut us down.


WOW. After that I’m really thinking if I should post my entry.

  1. Coal is a fossile fuel.

  2. Wood is fossile fuel before it fossilised.

I do like the original concept.


Oops. You got me on the coal, I’m not fussed enough about it to fix it though. You don’t have to use coal. So you’re still free from it if you’d like to be. Kind of stretching with the wood argument. I don’t think most of us consider stolen fenceposts future fossil fuel. It would run on dried up corn stalks, just not as well. Any plant matter is future fossil fuel; I think that kinda misses the point I was making, though. The car under all that styling is actually a reasonable entry, as good as I could do anyway, and I had fun researching Gazos and writing that starting procedure.


One nit pick, pyrolysing carbon fuels does not produce much methane gas like a digester does, instead a most of the energy is as hydrogen and carbon monoxide (followed by vaporized oils and ethers), along with notable amounts of non-volatile steam and carbon dioxide.

This tech was very common in Europe during the world wars, but for automobiles died out rapidly after, and few examples where made in the 1950’s, and the existing ones generally where not kept running due to both the rapid increase of vehicle expectations, and the massive maintenance, slow warmup procedures and low safety of holding vast amounts of fuel over its ignition temperature… simlar ideology does however still feature in industrial plant, normally as a way to recoup some of the otherwise wasted energy when the dried charcoal\coal coke is desirable for other processes.

I also don’t know why you’d be talking about visible flame, much less a oxygen rich blue flame… such processes are much more like placing sticks in an oven then they are a fire… fan forced combustion like mentioned was more a feature of steam cars, including the boiler-less steam generators of the 1930’s, but as external combustion engines these don’t have detonation issues ect.



At least the latest submissions with the Fiesta body had some rear wheel spacers.


hey, mine did too!

… Just not very extreme.


The latest in japanese cars, the Yotata FTi has been tested and can acheive over 60mpg in city driving and over 30 in the highway.



Speaking of communism…