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CSR81: A Personal Oil Crisis [RESULTS PUBLISHED]


That makes it three wins overall for Chipskate, and he definitely deserved this one. Hats off to zschmeez for doing a Malaise Era round right!


After all the effort I put into trying to bank on ease of entry for passengers, I was defeated because the rear doors were too small. If that doesn’t prove the Devil is in the details, I don’t know what does. :sweat_smile:

Well, it was very interesting to see many approaches on the way to fuel economy Zenith. I wholeheartedly agree with giving the Gazogene a Top 5 finish, because it has to be the first time someone posted a gas-powered car gimmick without it being for laffs. And it had plenty of lore instructions and research to back it up, so kudos to @Obfuscious for creating one of the most interesting cars I’ve seen in a CSR.

Still, Fiesta was the name of the game. All top 3 cars were based on the Fiesta body, and all managed to defeat the Znopresk, which is no mean feat. I had the right idea, but my tiny door execution offed me. Still need to learn a lot about eco malaise car making, it seems.
Congrats to Chip for blending elegance and economy, and congrats to zschmeez for a well-organized, trouble-free CSR round!


I really liked it the gasogene car! And great reviews!


Sadly, the NHTSA has forced WM to cancel the Gazogene. It turns out, having a bunch of fuel above ignition temperature, ahead of the passenger compartment, is a bad idea in a crash. Geez, a couple of people get horribly disfigured and everyone gets all upset. And then there’s the guy who lit his garage on fire during the warmup procedure. I guess we should’ve gotten our lawyers involved on those warmup instructions. It seems like this (youtube vid, gazogene warmup) is obviously an outdoor activity, but some people need everything to be explicit. It turns out, “Well, duh!” is not an ample defense in court. And then there were the dealer complaints, every time you start the gazo, it’s going to burn a whole hopper worth of fuel. Not great for 5 minute test drives. Or idling in congested traffic. Finally, if air leaks into the system, there’s the possibility of a truly impressive backfire. It was fun while it lasted, though.


Thank you for that sweet round with enticing down to earth story zschmeez! I was amazed my car made it even to the shortlist considering my long hiatus with designing any car according to demands. Was almost certain that my entry simply wouldn’t make much ground compared to others especially when talking to TheElt :sweat_smile:

Congrats Chipskate for the win, and TheElt for keeping me in touch! You made a sweet design for him, Vri404!


Good job with the round, that was really fun/


Well, my downfall was that 3 speed, I went with 3 speed as an absolute minimum to see how low I could get the price of it, got pretty low, the idea was that I would then increase it to 4, as was common in the UK and Europe at the time, 5 if the budget still allowed, but then I forgot and it flumped. Glad you liked the design of it though. Well done to the winners.


Well written, solidly run, plenty of engagement. Looks like it’s been a good round! We can be sceptical of users who are relatively new to the process so this is a pleasant surprise.


Congrats to Chipskate for the win! The writing was superb. Thanks for a very entertaining challenge!


Well, my shady efforts to make a 700 kg car caught me. At least it’s on par with the Dats and Yotas i’ve based it.


As a general rule of thumb dont tag the winner for CSR


You mean to tell me that they think the Gazogene could explode due to a heavy impact? Absolutely ridiculous conjecture. No automobile has ever done that. None! Big companies will tell their lawyers anything to silence an upstart company…

Oh well, at least the car provided a fun look into the future before it vanished. It was a hot shot, but all it could manage was burn to ashes…

picks up coat and leaves room


1974 was the last model year of the mk2 Foreia in the USA anyway. But thanks to an agreement with @Mr.Computah I will probably post updated, extended lore of FAAL’s adventures beyond the ocean soon


Massive thanks to @zschmeez for hosting a fun and well-thought out round; I definitely enjoyed myself!

Sadly I won’t be able to host the next round, so that honor goes to Vri and/or Elt (a collab round would be pretty sweet, actually).

Car file here: CSR81 - Chipskate - Arai Starling 1300GL.car (36.0 KB)


I can host something, personally. Not 100% sure for Elt himself, though.

I’ll get something up sometime soon, though.



It’s not like we didn’t know about it. But our bean counters assured us it would be cheaper to pay for the bodies than to fix the problem (via a blow off valve in the cooling/filtration system). The production lines were already in full swing, and business is business, man.

((good grief, the fun just keeps coming. thanks @zschmeez for hosting a great round that I’ve had a ton of fun in, and thanks all for the kind words on my weirdo entry.

I had plenty of laughs along the way. I hope you all did, too.))


Ah, the middleman strategy, very clever. That way the lawyers will pin their blame and focus on the bean counters, claiming they knew about the issue but only produced a placeholder solution to fix it. Indeed, your grasp of the “business” is very strong, the strategies are the same as the big companies…

Oh I did, don’t worry. This “serious” exchange over what’s essentially one big Pinto joke is helping a lot, haha. I was referring more to how serious the introduction was, rather than being self-aware and go “haha meme”. The humour is still there, but not in your face! :wink: