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CSR82 - A Businessman's New Car [ENTRIES CLOSED]


I suppose since @Vri404 is back with us we could always ask directly!

Notwithstanding the fact that replying to this thread should generate a notification, but just in case, you know.


Despite the number of entries… It’s not really a car competition unless someone who knows a bit about cars drives and rates your car in Beamng on a proper wheel and pedals IMHO…

I can understand a screening process to whittle the candidates down a bit… but it has to be more than that.


there are many things that beam will not tell you. i.e. comfort and practicality.

Also downloading >50 cars into beam, thats simply not possible in the timescale for CSR

In regards to this challenge, it was abandoned by the host. So unfortunately this was the result. The best course of action is to move on because the host doesnt seem to have any intention to properly finish it much like the many other challenges they run


Guess what. There has been a lot of discussion about this.

It can be summed up simply as because not everybody owns BeamNG, it’s unfair for a competition to be judged by something that not everybody is going to be able to test by themselves. Also another reason given was BeamNG might not be entirely accurate representation as the conversion has some discrepancies.

The opposite site believes that BeamNG does represent Automation cars pretty damn well and it should have been implemented about a billion CSR round ago.

General consensus still however remains that if you’re going to use it as an absolute metric is a bad idea because it’s true that BeamNG conversion is not perfect. There are indeed some discrepancies especially with Turbocharging. Thus it’s really only useful for general driving feel and handling characteristic.