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CSR82 - A Businessman's New Car [ENTRIES CLOSED]


Uh, wrong market? :joy:


A new kind of Luxury, from Shromet.

VIPs, elected officials, CEOs, these are the type of people who need a Shromet Levine. A new kind of luxury, that involves being well protected and comforted at the same time. The type of go anywhere, do anything vehicle, without abandoning comfort and quality. Leave your VIP mark on the world with the new king of luxury, from Shromet. Prices start from $43,300


Wow…just…wow. I thought I was being unconventional by submitting a sedan into a legion of coupes, but you, good sir, have got quite a creative approach to this round! I really like how you made bumpers into side steps - that’s an excellent touch right there.


Well, that was… unexpected. But it looks well put together and reasonable enough, heh, it might be a good contender. Nice!




yes, it does get fuel economy. A number. Which is above 10.


10.1 mpg? 11?


Mines 6


6 mpg? Well, that’s about the cost of 2 Viaras a year.


You are in command. You don’t compromise. And you know the only name in the game. Decimus.

Uncompromising luxury. With such standard features as saddle leather seating with front power adjustment and seat heaters, full walnut trim, and power moonroof, Decimus leads the way.

Uncompromising entertainment. With a 300-watt ClearWave AM/FM/Casette system, your drive is set to your own soundtrack.

Uncompromising safety. Decimus includes standard driver and passenger air bags, rain-sensing wiper system with headlight wipers, and a comprehensive traction control system, for ultimate peace of mind.

Uncompromising performance. Under the hood of Decimus lurks a 343 horsepower, 5.1 liter all-aluminum V10 engine. Its specially-tuned, electronic automatic transmission and limited slip differential assure a smooth ride, while still returning 25 MPG on the highway.

Test drive one at your Keystone dealer today.

Keystone. The Best, Exclusively for You.

Submitted trim - 1991 Keystone M51 Decimus, $43276 AMU at 0%


My entry can reach 175 mph - but there’s definitely potential for more given that its engine was in a relatively mild state of tune at the time of submission.


Orchid is the luxury subsidiary of Bridgell Motors Corp. The new Gisa comes equiped with a state of the art V8 engine, based on our ZART Championship design, Producing 470 hp. Adjustable hidropneumatic suspensions guarantee the most confortable ride ever. Only the best materials are present on the interior. Top quality surround sound system for the most exigent music afficcionado. All that greatness for only 43,300$.


But is it Le Mans derived :stuck_out_tongue:
That is the important question


1991 Bogliq Maverick Enthuse ASCAR (UK spec)

Q: What do you do with excess homologation spec muscle cars that aren’t selling well in the US market?

A: Tart up the engines and interiors and export them to the UK!!!


Price: $21,683 AMU’s

Opportunity to own a Homologated racecar: Priceless!!!


Buy better, buy Bogliq


The Centurion.
Nothing Less.


The 1988/1989 Meijer San Marino Rapido-12

CSR82 - TheAlmightyTwingo - Meijer San Marino Rapido-12.car (32.5 KB)


Too Fast For Average Consumer: Is Tishillyman Going Too Far?

By Michael Simmons
Driver’s Edge, January 1992 Edition

As you may have heard in the news. There was a recent ram raids in and around Thames Valley area and the perpetrators have not been caught yet. The reports have said that 4 burly men were travelling around the area in the high performance sports saloon. Crashing into various storefront, booze shop, newspaper agents, and the police were not able to catch them even though they got to the crime scene not long after the criminals were done.

Those crims were in one of these, the Conan Spita.

These cars started off it’s life as a Tishillyman Spita. A very sleek, luxury saloon specifically for well-off businessmen who might need to travel a lot in comfort and style. They usually are equipped with typical 6-cylinder engine ranging from 2.4-litre to 4-litre depending on how fast you’d want to go.

But one day, Tishillyman decided that it wasn’t enough to have 230hp in this already quite brisk machine. So they sent it over here, to Surrey. And let Conan Cars breath on it a bit.

Now, the idea of fast Tishillyman is not new. They are known for the series of “Tishilly Turbo” back in the early 80’s. These were fast, cheap and comfortable machine that could potentially embarrassed various exotic Italian machines, they were and still are a huge success every time a new model comes out. But those usually are small, lightweight hatchback with the largest being the D-Segment Sagata Turbo.

The Spita is one of the largest, and most luxurious Tishillyman on the market. And in order to make it really special, they submitted it to Conan to create the greatest 4-door sports sedan the world has ever seen. The 4-litre Tishillyman engine has been tweaked way beyond what any consumer is going to need. It’s a 460hp turbocharged powerhouse that makes the car capable of, allegedly, 180 miles per hour. With a few various tweaks to make it stable and more agile than you’d think.

And guess what, the combination of fast, reliable and tough leads to usage by the scum of the earth.

The events in Thames Valley are not evem the first recorded use of Conan Spita in criminal activities. Quite a few have been reported stolen and joyriding. And in early 1991, there was a case of bank robbery using one of these. With the police in their slow, basic model Conan panda car not being able to do anything. Had it not been for a mistake on the criminals part after the first getaway in the Spita, the police would never have caught them.

You have to ask yourself this. What sort of businessman with family would ever need 460 brake horsepower car capable of 180 miles an hour? A four door saloon that’s faster on track than Italian Supercar? I’ve also not yet mentioned that the engine can allegedly be modified for up to 600hp. It’s mad!

The German manufacturers of similar sports sedan are now governing their car to 155mph. As it seems that the cars are getting way too fast for the public road. Why aren’t Tishillyman and Conan start doing that as well? Especially Tishillyman themselves as some of their lesser, sporty model are already being limited to 155.

Don’t get me wrong. I think the Conan Spita is an absolute marvel of engineering feat being able to create a saloon that’s capable of 180mph. It’s just that in the real world, there’s such a thing as “excessive”.

But maybe this all will be irrelevant very soon. Nobody seems to be able to afford £43,500 car anymore. I can’t see the Conan Spita lasting much longer than it is.


Scagliati would never do something so gauche as advertise publicly; however, if someone has expressed interest in one of our automobiles, we will happily send them a very nicely bound, hardcover brochure (click the cover to view an excerpt!):

Click here for an except of the brochure

And here is the car:


Some disreputable manufacturers tinker with their cars for maximum speed and thus their cars end up burning in fiery accidents. Here at Hammerstein, we take pride in the fact that our drivers can run dangerously high speeds buttery smooth and without incident. You will not die in this car, be it at 30 km or 300. If in a world where Gasmean car companies make boats, this here is a speed boat.

Introducing the Laginappe Grand Tour, starting at $41,000


I will definetly ask for the .car file of this when the competition is over.
Gives me some Lincoln MK. VII GTC vibes, I love it.