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CSR82 - A Businessman's New Car [ENTRIES CLOSED]


how do I PM to a user on here ?


@Pugehenis Click on the Message button in the drop-down pop-up that appears when you click on a user’s profile picture.

Also, I’m having no luck on exporting my car’s .car file, so I’m not even sure if I can compete in this tournament.



Check if the file has symbols that cannot be used in file names. That’s usually the issue


Did you miss out “Leyland” on this? :rofl:


1991 Lagau GT 01 (2+2) - 80s styling with 90s technology

*Price starts @ $40667


All-wheel-drive. Advanced 4-speed automatic gearbox. Partial aluminum construction. The Grand Tourer that is armed to handle all cautions, so you don’t have to.
Now available for $34800, consult your nearest CSM dealer for more information.


Juggernaut Kulkuri, the latest and greatest on Kulkuri models. the Kulkuri line started as top of the line model in -53 and has been the top of the line model up to today.
The car is available as sedan coupe and even as a wagon.
The completely new Kulkuri was introduced in -89 featuring “airride” suspension which keeps the chassis balanced even when the car is fully loaded.

On start of -91 it received all new high performance options which added the 5.0 V8 from our sportscar Hurja, and if that wasnt enough twin turbos were added to give a small nudge for both performance and fuel economy.

The car comes with 5-speed manual transmission, but with small price you can add option of advanced 4-speed automatic for added comfort, and multitude of other options.

Because safety is important, Traction control, ABS, and driver and passenger airbags are standard in every car.


It rides on a long held, I would say, blindly patriotic, British belief that British cars and other examples of British engineering is the best engineering for reliability and refinement, in the rail community, british trainspotters are often quick to brand new trains built outside of Britain as foreign plastic junk, so, playing off of the patriotism of Brits and their unwavering belief in the apparent ‘quality’ of our engineering would’ve made the advert more appealing in the UK.


Hmm… my entry.

For more grace of Cdx 4.0 Prestige.


Hey… I’m having trouble PMing here…

Can I email you my entry?

Thanks - Ben


You need to make a few posts on the forums before you can PM anyone. It’s an anti-spam feature.


Turns out that Automation doesn’t like “/” symbols. I got rid of that in the filename for the Comrade, and it works! (I’ve also significantly re-tuned it for more sportiness whilst keeping drivability and comfort high, shaving off about $1K from the price along the way.)


Guess i’ll enter.

1991 HTA LSC1

5.0L DOHC 48v V12…

That’s all i have to say…

(What do ya think?)


Buy Now!



It’s very comfortable, it has a V12, it has chrome. It can fit golf clubs I guess.

Extra beauty shots


You can’t use any symbol that windows won’t like, since it will try to name the file with that symbol and it won’t be allowed. It’s also a bit finicky with other symbols or letters with accents.