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CSR82 - A Businessman's New Car [ENTRIES CLOSED]


So, with almost 25 hours left before the deadline, we have passed 50 entries.

I will get a comprehensive list of current entries out as soon as I can access my PC again.


50 entries, good luck :weary:


Yikes! Since only around 6 cars will make it through the first test, the odds are pretty small for my AME Aerlo. Or maybe there will be more than 2 reviews.


Oh my. I thought it was a lot when I got 39 entries for mine. Yours is on a whole other level.


inb4 100 entries for CSR100

inb4 CSR100 is the new official car design competition


There’s a lot of new players, plus the practically unlimited budget, made this a very attractive csr


Ignore what I said before.

Entries are now closed.


Can’t blame you there. This is just kinda ridonkulous. And since the host is supposed to review and move on quickly after closing, it’s hard to do that when you’re flooded with entries.


Plus the practically unlimited ET/PU, body styles to use, technology available, and the general open-ness of this challenge. I doubt that many other challenges are open to such vast interpretations of a '90s English gentleman’s tastes.


So, uh, I was going to do a list of Every user entered, but I hit a small hiccup.


I think I’ll wait.


Why not just make a standard list w/o the mentions?


Or multiple posts? I’m sure we will forgive you in this instance for double posting :stuck_out_tongue:


Huh, didn’t realise the host can close the competition before the deadline. :thinking: Oh well.


Oooooof,I was just ready to submit my car!God damit,still a awesome csr though!


She didn’t! Check the close time…12am GMT.


… Someone’s not paying attention. To this or to the title header…


That quite a confusing deadline, even the host was confused (posted 8 hours ago):

“Entries are due on Friday, but you have 0 seconds to submit your entry on Friday.” 11:59 PM Thursday would have been much more clear.


It was getting too many cars to handle safely. 54 cars is more than enough.

Sorry to those who still wanted to enter, but in the sake of saving time & sanity, I thought it safer to close it earlier than make it even more of a pain in the ass for me




Be glad.

The last time Vri hosted a challenge it took 5 months to finish.