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CSR83 - One night in Bangkok [ENTRY IS OVER: Final Results has been published!]


it’s not intended to be like that, so sorry if it sounds like that. but the inserts just comes across as incredibly forced and really kills the whole coherency of the reviews. it was a request, all be it a harshly worded one.


You are free to have your own taste, of course. Only keep in mind how much work it is to write a review to so many cars and he did it in such short time, too. I think that might outweigh the humour you find questionable, no?


That depends on the benchmark. As a native English speaker, your benchmark for presentation and thus your inherent biases may not translate so well to an audience where the forum speaks English but the users are a particularly international blend.


I finally made it to the 2nd round in one of these CSR competitions. That by itself is a success for me, even if I don’t end up winning! :smiley:


As simple as that. I live in Argentina, and seeing someone being as harsh like that to a non-native English speaker, after (probably) spending a good number of hours writing the reviews and trying to sprinkle them with a little bit of fun seems like a dick move to me…


i’ve also done this, you do realize? i’ve always made sure to keep things succinct and to the point, as to not over complicate the whole process and so people get a full view of my impressions.

and @strop i totally understand that not everyone is EFL speaking on the forum, but it wasn’t coming from the view that i couldn’t understand the grammar or dislike the presentation format, just that i think (maybe wrongly) that breaking the flow of the reviews and buyer opinions with a “meme o meter” just feels totally unnecessary.

it’s not an attack on the quality of the reviews (which are really well done, btw), more a pointer inasmuch as “that’s maybe not the best idea”.


I did not know, haven’t been here for a while. Then you are well aware of how much effort it is, how would you have felt if someone sort of knitpicked on your try to make little “meme-ish” remarks?

This shouldn’t become a big dispute anyhow, you’ve voiced your opinion and I personally think we can just skim parts we dislike in a text. This is all just in good fun and not to be taken too seriously.


both times i’ve done this, i’ve had far, far worse fringed at me for my opinions (were talking full on tirades). but i agree, lets call it easy and move on. no big thing of value is being fought over and i will let it go and not go on about it.


Fair enough. The original engine won’t fit in the car’s engine bay after the latest patch - so the version I initially submitted is no longer representative of the Harrier Mk1. I have since installed a smaller engine (in terms of physical size and total displacement) and redid the styling for it, but that latest version doesn’t represent the original design for the Harrier Mk1 either.

In hindsight I should have gone with the S15 body on a rear-drive configuration, plonked in a pair of seats, and fitted a bigger engine (2.0L) in its nose… That said, considering that I couldn’t be arsed to add a turbo to that one (and hence would have had to settle for just 120 bhp or so), I don’t think the resulting car would have given me any chance of a win either.


At the risk of derailing the thread and also the risk of lowkey calling you culturally incompetent, I’m not so much concerned about the grammar and syntax myself, otherwise I’d be poking fun at you for this typo:


:stuck_out_tongue: jokes aside, my point was that language and expression is far more than just the words and letters. It also includes the idiomatic expression and if you wish to comment on someone’s humour outside of things that, let’s say, reflect a paucity of human decency, then you run the risk of exposing your own culturally rigid perspectives. I therefore find it easier to just give these kind of things a wide berth.


that’s fair, i didn’t know about the origin of the OP and i’ll call it there. lets just move on and have fun.


Well, looks like the post-comfort limit changes suspension tweaks paid off, big time! And well, perhaps the Legero’s rear is a bit too simplistic design-wise. Oddly enough the design did wind up mimicking the Rioter Mk.2. Even when it’s not intentional I end up speaking muscle car, don’t I?

Either way, couldn’t be happier with the results. It’s already a great debut for the Legero, and Hugi’s shoddy CSR record has been turned around from 0-1 to 1-1!


First time joining a challenge and got to 2nd round, nice.


Feels nice to be on 2nd round, like dem Jonny Chow moves!


That is one huge second round list though. Is there gonna be a third? :thinking:


now that you mention it, that’s 24 in the second round. i didn’t have that many in CSR 80, period!

i wouldn’t be surprised if there was 3rd or even a 4th


But it looks like it may be more stats-based, which should be a lot quicker of an elimination process. One would hope, anyway.


Hey!!! Stop looking at my CSR83 build notes… I coulda won, honest!


only 3 rounds, as second round is another magazine, more in depth performance, welp our buyer learnt the lesson for test driving “Bangkokinie” and decided to wait for magazine review.
The 3rd is true test drive, he will drive all “last car standing” and there can be only one…



@z2bbgr You do good on the reviews, you caused more than just a chuckle on parts XD Keep it up!

And since I had hit the Binneiru, might as well share the stats I had. Appreciate feedback :smiley:

McPherson front, DW rear, Low speed corners at 0.94, high speed 0.9, accelerates 0 to 62mph in devilish 6.66 seconds, I like that 187Nm at 4000, 149hp at 6600, revs to the moon (almost, 7500 RPM), limited to 118 MPH, 185’s on all corners,
can haul a lot of tofu
and do a lot of doriftu.