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CSR83 - One night in Bangkok [ENTRY IS OVER: Final Results has been published!]


There is a smile on my face right now, having watched so many @Killrob videos lately, have helped me to become a better “engineer”, it seems. Also I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the reviews!
I really love the variety of cars we can see here, so many different approaches, so many cars that are also similar and thus promise for a hot final round.

I only wish the styling overall was a bit more creative. I myself did not go for much creativeness, because it wouldn’t fit the theme of Romanov, but in my mind, some of the cars just look too much like real life car copies.

Other than that, great job everyone!


It is also a Star Wars joke when you think about it. I appreciate a good joke which covers multiple grounds, don’t you know…

Joking aside, the Legero was finally done in on part 2, due to lack of performance. Sounds familiar…
Well, I thought I had an alluring package for a young driver, a (somewhat) cheap car still armed with some family pretentions. But when cars like the Ligica came, in offering so much more even without turbos, my fate was sealed.

Also, very good thorough reviews for this part. I was fearing you’d skim over most of the cars to speed things up, but you didn’t. Good job!


Hmm… the force is strong with this one…
Oh… that’s Han Turbo with Chillmufler, and where is N/A Yoduh…


There seems to be a little mistake here as our engine is actually a 2.0 litre inline 4 with 8 values and carburettor setup, producing 138 hp (103 kW), and 198 Nm rather than the I5 as stated in the review. It probably won’t impact our elimination since the rest of the info seems to be accurate which is fair. Nice work on the reviews otherwise though!


Oh, thank you. I’ll revise the infomation.

Nooooooo, don’t tease me, I’d love driving FK2 and FK8 so much… but it’s too pricey


Damn, the AMW Sparrow is actually doing very well. I didn’t expect to make it into the final round :smiley: I guess if you don’t have a big income to spend on maintenance, you can’t really argue against a RWD, I6 24v powered coupe that’s also cheap to run.


Guess I was too caught up in stats to consider that ABS might be punished for being unfamiliar new tech… still, made the last round so can’t complain (yet :wink:).


Huh, did something happen? I could have sworn the version I sent you could do it in 4.6! :joy:

Also yes, I definitely said hang the expense, I’m going all for the performance here. It literally squeaks through the rules on cost and fuel consumption by a single click and that’s before you put real tyres on it… so I would be quite surprised if Phongbhan doesn’t chicken out… unless the plan was to immediately enter a race and bet money on it, because he’d definitely win :wink:

Fun fact: I’m currently in a parallel situation. I have a faithful ecobox that’s getting older, and I’m wondering if I should upgrade to a hot hatch. I just test drove an FK8 Type R, which, compared to, say, an i30N, is way more expensive and extreme, but it’s a hell of a lot more car too… the main difference is these days the hatch market is so competitive it has to be able to be a daily driver, and if you can ignore the fact you’re sitting in a rice rocket, the Type R actually feels really comfy to drive in the city.


That’s how I get my cars to do this:

But yeah. Shouldn’t have tuned it for better fuel economy, should have sent the actual EUDM 135hp version at the battleground.


I’m also quite surprised that my car is among the slowest in the competition, given that it has a 140hp I6 and it goes from 0-100km/h in 8.7 seconds, in 1985. Back then, that was sports car territory. Not supercar worthy, but you would overtake any average car easily with this. For under 9000$ 2018, which is about 3900$ in 1986

Anyway, I hope that the pretty good handling and braking performance, as well as the reliability and service costs are enough to compensate for the relatively mediocre acceleration. But either way I’m happy to have made it to the finals.


Actually, those complaints about ABS are a good wake-up call. I’ve figured out how to properly tune brake pads now (that was the part about brakes I was still confused by), so ABS isn’t so necessary.


finalist! and with a car i genuinely though i’d missed a regulation out with my shit reading comprehension


Should’ve included power steering but good rounds, guys!


That was a good decision. My Vermin cars aren’t particularly stellar in safety to say the least. And boy don’t look at the underside, seeing the chassis voids the warranty. And also, Toivonen’s death was just a few months prior to this challenge’s setting so I guess the desire not to die in a fireball is fresh in people’s minds

Congratulations to the finalists


Sadly much to my dismay, it was only till now did I realize that changing from ladder to monocoque is well within budget for my vehicle. Oh well, too late for it now.


Looks are pretty subjective, so I won’t argue with you there. But brake fade for sportiness was only 2.1%. 62-0 mph in 126.2 feet. Wouldn’t call that too terrible. Also, ABS being a bad thing? :thinking: I enjoy being able to control my car under hard braking without the wheels locking. Saved my ass more than once.


There are better cars in the group, in terms of less fading, also I do not have BemgNG for driving, it is really sad to stop in 2nd round even your car has very interesting performance.


I know my handling isn’t the best, but that’s not the point of my car, the point is that it is designed to compete with the Golf’s of the era that were comfortable yet practical, I also kept the fact that the end user may want to modify the car, whether this be coilovers, engine mods, wheels and tyres etc.


ABS in this class of cars would have been pretty much non-existant in 1986, it was mostly seen in some expensive Mercedes and BMW models, and the (still neither small or cheap) Ford Scorpio recently had introduced it as standard in a lower price class…


BMW 3 series, not exactly top of the line, got ABS in '86, while the four cylinder version got EFI in '87. I’d say ABS is somewhat less plausible than EFI in that year for a generic car manufacturer, but not a massive amount.