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CSR83 - One night in Bangkok [ENTRY IS OVER: Final Results has been published!]


Not in the third world, it wasn’t.

Top of the range Mercedes Benz (that means the S-Class) never got them until 1991. BMW even later so.

This was the era where an E-Class is enough to make you pretty much the king too. That never got ABS NOT even as optional extra until 1992.


From what I found at that point it was more common in sporty models than luxury vehicles, both the Golf MkII and Peugeot 205 got it in 88-89 in the hot hatch trims, the Prelude had it as early as 82. It’s was not commonplace as such but it was definitely a thing you could get in the sort of cars we are talking about here.

Also I’m slightly confused, the S-class got ABS way back in 78, 2 whole models before the 92 W140. The E-class in 80. They stripped it out for Thailand ?


It wasn’t included to any selling model in Thailand at all, until early 90s.
But, as I’ve mentioned before, ABS thing is beyond my foreseen and I can only simulate by negative comment.

Regarding to EFI and DOHC 16, well these are hot cars and JDM hot cars were EFI + DOHC, so it’s okay.


Of course they bloody stripped it out.

And even if they included it in, the only system that works well were Bosch. Those are high quality system that has massive techpool to it. Most cut price early ABS system not only works terribly, increasing stopping distance in substantial way but also feels as if it takes away the brake from you.

Those who were used to cadence braking also wouldn take some learning to use ABS properly. And they would comment on the quirks of ABS that the pedal would vibrate slightly to tell you its working. (still a thing too, but people are more used to it now).

As far as I know, ABS is not a bin thing in this round. But negative comments reflect actual comments about them back then.

You’d have been better off using ABS money towards more quality somewhere else. :wink:

MORE TIDBITS!; Mercedes included ABS only because by then it became standard for those model all over the world and it would be less economical for them to include a trim that doesn’t have ABS equipped. (Streamlining the inventory). The first Toyota Corolla to have ABS on the top trim was in 1996. The first Corolla that every trim has ABS was 2014. But it would be unfair to bin them outright because not everybody would have this knowledge, of course.


Not sure where you are going to find 2.5 points of drivability for 64$ really. And that’s with well tuned brakes.

But I get what you’re saying.


You also have to understand that most hosts in CSR prefer a car that is at least somewhat realistic for the timeframe and market involved. Was it POSSIBLE to have ABS in '86? Yes. Was it LIKELY? No. Heck, even in the States, ABS was nearly unilaterally restricted to luxury German brands, and maybe certain high end American models as well. For more examples of this, go back and look at some of the Muscle car rounds, where people got instabinned for using independent rear suspensions because it wasn’t historically accurate.

(And then you have Dodge being the weird outlier and making it an available option on the cheap-as-hell Omni/Horizon hatchback… but outside of fleet use, that was damn near never ordered. The only reason I even know Dodge offered it is because my Dad had to pick me up from school in a company car one day when I got sick… it was an '88 Omni with ABS, the first time I had ever seen that)


This isn’t a CSR where a car is going to get chosen just because it has extra 2.5 drivability though. Especially when not all car buyers are that methodological. :grin:


Ahem… I’d like to ask to let it aside for a moment to any ABS things, as I’ve mentioned before that is was beyond my foreseen, and I can’t use it for judging, only the negative comments.

And also having fun is better, as I’m finishing up the final result’s writing.


Final round: The test drive for his life.

Now, Phongbhan has whole full day for his final selection, in search of his dream car. He decided calling his friend for taking him to any selected dealers, mostly importers, for his test drive.
After he waited for a few moments, Nanthakorn, his close friend, drove his old and trusty '80 SBA Kesa 2.0 Coupe Ti (facelift) to Phongbhan’s house and honked his horn.

Hey! Are you ready for the test drive my friend? Can’t wait seeing what car that you’ll drive for today.
Yeah, but this time I’ll grab the key my new car for sure but do you mind taking me to the bank? I’ll need to withdraw some cash in case of buying.
Sure thing… I’m really envy for you that you’re going to buy a new car. But for me? I’d love to drive this car, it’s coupe and a real chick magnet, only downside is its old engine, man I wish I would have that much money buying the turbocharged one, but it’s too damn expensive for any student like us.
But your is quite a car not to be underestimated though…

The first place to go for is Formular Motorsports, an importer of very handsome Ars Gremony EX-T.
A Young tall guy, sharply dressed, greeted him and introduced as salesman of Formular Motorsports, one of very famous importer that has wide range of performance cars. But this time, Phongbhan is looking for Ars Gremony EX-T first.
Once he sits inside, he noticed the interior that using a bit cheap quality of plastic components, slightly large panel gaps on the console. But that’s the trade off for less than $9000 budget. Then he ask the salesman for test drive, the salesman walked for the key then gave to him before riding in the passenger seat.
He took this handsome Gremony EX-T for the road and noticed how comfort of this car is.

Sir? I’d like to ask some question while I’m driving.
Yes please, I’m ready to give you an answer to your question.
How much of this car’s annual maintenance cost? What about the fuel consumption? And how much is the asking price?
In average of yearly maintenance cost is around $908, seems a bit costly, but it will not breakdown easily for sure. The fuel consumption is around 9.1 km/liter, it’s quite economical too. And the asking price is around $8,751.

After he listened to the answer, he nodded to the salesman then step on the gas for a little bit fun. Then he founded out that the engine response isn’t that bad, not much of noticeable turbo lag. However, while the sound of turbo was getting increasing, there was not much push like he anticipated from turbocharged car, which made him a bit disappointment for the performance.
Then another mannerless car cut into his lane. He stomped on the brake pedal, the brake system is very powerful with its firm braking feel, but the violent shaking lost his confidence quite a bit but he still manageable to steer clear from the traffic with ease.

Okay, do you have any other car in the showroom? This car is pretty but I’d like to test other car for my decision as well.
Yes, our showroom also have ZAF Mikro RS, would you like to try that one as well?
I’d like to try that one as well, but I need to return this car first.

Once he return the handsome Gremony EX-T, he stepped inside of this adorable droptop branded as ZAF Mikro RS. As he sat on the inside, the feeling of the interior was much better than Gremony EX-T, with having premium cloth seats made from water resistant fabric.
As the salesman returned with a key for Mikro RS, he asked the pricing of this little drop top before starting this little car.

So how much is this car’s asking price? And the same question, the maintenance cost.
Oh, this one is a bit more expensive, asking for $8,989 and having annual maintenance cost around $845.
Hmm… so actually this is more expensive but having cheaper to maintenance. Okay, let’s go for a drive this one.

As he drove this little Mikro RS on the road, he noticed how easy to drive and its comfortability of this little car, thanks to its powerful engine that should have been in much larger car and good suspension.
But there is something still reminding him, how good its fuel consumption and how worth is this car in terms of crashworthiness.

Ok, now its fun time. I hope you do not mind if I’m going to step on the gas and do some handling check?
Oh, I do not mind, as long as you don’t crash it. OK?

As soon as he stepped on the gas pedal, he felt a quick sudden rush from the engine, faster than the previous car. While he was swerving through the traffic, he felt its sharp handling of this little car without much of the body roll. However, when he stepped on the brake pedal, its soft and mushy brake feel didn’t inspire his confidence that much, until he saw the gauge cluster of decreasing speed that is only his information of slowing down.
After he slowed the car down, his question about the safety of this car rose up. As being convertible car in such small body, will it be able to protect him?

Okay sir… Now I would like to know what is its fuel consumption, and another serious question is its safety.
This Mikro RS has the fuel consumption of 8.7 km/liter. But regarding to the safety I’m afraid that there are other safer convertible car than this, but selling in much higher price.
Ok… I think I had enough for my decision. Mind you? I would like to have the number if I changed my mind coming back?
Yes, sure. You can dial this number before 5 pm. and I’ll be in the showroom.

After he returned the little Mikro RS, he walked back to his friend’s Kesa and told him to go another place.
Later, he and his friend’s car appeared at The Pinnacle Cars, an importer of Romanov Drakon and Borsha - 822 Karora 2.0

As he entered to the showroom, a nicely dressed salesman greeted him such a big smile and quickly introduce Romanov Drakon, one of the most voted for a great car for young driver from its reputation of excellent drivability.

Greetings sir! Here is the Drakon, our best seller imports, many people love to drive this car as it is easy to drive and very cheap to buy.
Hmm, speaking of the cheap to buy, how much does it cost to buy this one?
It’s $7,850 for the base option sir, but no worries, even in the base option there is still have a nice track labelled “Hardbass Katyusha” for killing some time in the traffic jam. It’s quite very catchy, especially for young people.
And do you have another car in here? I think I’ve seen one Borsha selling in here too.
Oh yes, we’re selling Borsha too, but right now we have only one left.
Ahhh I see… now let’s check the Drakon first then.

As he looked at the exterior of the Drakon, he scratch his head for the peculiar styling that he didn’t feel attractive at all. And another thing that he noticed is, the safety belt is quite strange, seems like the quality control person decided to make a quick work a little bit bit, as it is really hard to lock and also the locking mechanism wasn’t locked properly even he pushed the buckle inside the locker.
But when he drove the Drakon, he felt what it is renowned for, it was very easy car to drive but with a price of ride comfort that it was quite harsh, that was from the stiff suspension tuning and having the basic FM/AM stereo, he decided to listed “Hardbass Katyusha” while driving this Drakon then stepped on the gas.
The wheel spun quite a bit while he was shifting from 2nd to 3rd, it was making tire chirp sound during a hard acceleration. Its handling was on the understeer side but in safe manner.

Wooo… this is fun car, also quite a nice track too but if equipped with better sound system should be even better. This track is the real head banging man! Now I’ve got a question. What is its fuel consumption? How much is the annual maintenance cost?
That’s nice question, you seems quite a smart buyer. So its fuel consumption is around 9.3 km/liter with yearly cost of maintenance of around $650, very cheap isn’t it
Whoa!!! Haven’t knew that the Drakon is quite cheap to run. I’ve check some of the car earlier, and those are more expensive to run than this.

After he returned the Drakon, it was his turn for a white sports car that was praised for its safe handling and very easy to drive, very contrast from its natural nature of being rear engine car, which has tendency of oversteer like pendulum.
Sitting inside this Borsha 822 Karora 2.0, he felt the interior was much better and softer suspension than the Drakon.

Oh, Mr. customer… I’ve forgot to tell you one thing of this car. This car is equipped with Geared Limited Slip Differential, and please be careful on the cornering, better not step on the gas if you are not completely out of the corner even this is the easy car to drive. OK?
Ah… by the way thanks a lot man…

He drove this little Borsha out on the road with salesman and noticed something on the acceleration wasn’t far off from the Drakon that he drove earlier. But when he test its handling, this car was trying to fight him, more like a warning to be treat with care.

Wow… Actually this car is amazing, it handle sharply but still manageable. Now the shame question for fuel consumption and maintenance cost.
This Borsha is having the fuel consumption of 8.0 km/liter with yearly maintenance cost of $792, bit more than the Drakon. But this car is more tame than the famous widowmaker, and also in much cheaper too.
By the way, can you give me the card when we are back to the showroom? I still have many other car to decide for today, your cars made me interesting.
Sure thing, If you decided for Drakon or this Borsha, then come to me. I’ll prepare the car for you.

Phongbhan and his friend arrived to the showroom named “The Thunderdome” an another importer of Darwin, the famous Australian car.
The foreign salesman was walking back from the nearby coffee kiosk, dressed in casual attire.

Oh G’day mate, are you looking for a famous Barricade 2100 GSI? We have one inside, come on in!
Whoa… sure thing, seems like you’ve read my mind for that. By the way, I’m surprised that you can talk Thai so fluently.
Nah… that was a guess, but it was right isn’t it? Our Barricade is quite the seller, selling like a hot pancake for $8915, paying $607 for yearly maintenance with good fuel consumption as 9.3 km/liter. By the way thanks for your compliment mate, it took me 4 bloody years for learning Thai, very hard language for learning.

Once he sat inside the famous Barricade, he felt the interior was fine for the budget as having standard cloth seat with side bolstered and nice quality, despite a little bit stiff but firm suspension.
The salesman showed up with the key and the request form for test drive. Phongbhan turned the key to start the mighty Barricade 2100 GSI, the engine came alive and revved up nicely.

Wow! This engine is so lively, the throttle response is nice.
I’m glad that you like it mate, this is the hottest engine ever put in small Darwin, very same engine in the race car.
The gear shifting is great! It is nice to shift, now I know why many love the Barricade.
Yeah, especially the young drivers. Back in Australia, I’ve seen many Barricades on the streets.
Also the “Sydneyzokus”?
Nah… those speedy drongos… but they love how the Barricade drives. It helped the sales a bit. For me I’d prefer taking this to the track rather than doing on the street. I’d love watching the race on the track while having the beer from the eski, err I mean the cooler box.
I’ve noticed, this Barricade’s steering is easy for handling, what is this steering system?
Oh, you’re quite smart mate. Barricade’s system is variable hydraulic power assist one, meant for ease of control but still inspiring the confidence.
Also this Barricade is strong, many reports of accidents show that this Barricade is one of the safest car in the Australia, you wouldn’t know that we have crashes with the bloody roos.
What??? A Roo???
A Kangaroo mate, those are serious one. But this car is safe, you can hit the roo without being a taken to hospital.

After he drove this mighty Barricade 2100 GSI, he impressed how easy to drive despite its slower performance when compared to some of the others. What impressed him the most is the shifting feel and its handling, as renowned from “Sydneyzokus” the notorious steetracers in the Sydney who love driving the Barricade and harassing many Muscle cars and also many police cars.
As Phongbhan headed back to the showroom, he asked the salesman for the contracting number in case of his return to buy this Barricade before going to another place.

Phongbhan and his friend arrived to “Special Cars Co., Ltd.” an importer of DHC - Sprint Targa, the breathtaking design car packed with many attracting amenities.
While he was entering the showroom, a nicely dressed lady appeared and introduced him as saleslady.

Hello sir? What would you like to take a look today?
I’m looking for the DHC Sprint Targa, as it is very pretty car to look at.
Oh, we have the DHC Sprint Targa waiting in our parking lot, just came back from test drive recently. Would you like to see it now? Oh, and please have my business card for any interest buying car from us.
Sure thing my lady, but before taking this pretty car for a spin. I’d like to ask some of the question please?
Yes please.
How much does it cost for buying, yearly maintenance and its fuel consumption.
Our DHC Sprint Targa costs only $9,000 in its current trim with $958 for yearly maintenance with our mechanics as part of aftersale services and its fuel consumption is around 6.5 km/liter.
Oh… that’s quite a lot. How come is this car is a bit pricey?
Well, since our DHC Sprint Targa is packed with many amenities like premium sound system from Hammond/Cardan, premium cloth seat made from water resistant fabric, Antilock Brake System, 15" Aluminum wheels and medium compound tires from Yomama. And also we included 5 years or 80,000 km (50k miles) warranty for the powertrain as well.
Ah… that’s why this car is a bit pricey, that quite understandable. But the service cost… oof… a bit costly.

Once he stepped inside this handsome DHC Sprint Targa, he impressed from sitting premium seats with good quality, the seats comes with side bolstering to support his torso and his thighs quite nicely.
As he stepped on the gas, this DHC pushed it self quite quickly, but seems a little bit slower than earlier Mikro RS. However, this car is a little bit tricky for him to be tamed with, as it was tail happy when turning the steering wheel, he had to fight back for control then he had to slow down before things were getting out of control for him.

Woo… what a car, this is a little bit tricky to control. Perhaps this is better be drive with care, as I have never driven any MR car before.

As Phongbhan decided to return the handsome car, he thanked to the saleslady for letting him test drive before leaving to another place called “Performance Center” the solely importer of the famous Matteo Miglia - Legatus, the car that was voted for best performance and the best design in '82.

Hey Phongbhan… are you sure about the MM Legatus? I don’t think that Legatus is that cheap now, it was sold in higher price when it was launched.
Yup, I’m definitely sure of this car, I knew that this rocket will cost me badly for the fuel consumption. But I have a dream for driving the legend, even I have my own decision not to buy this car yet.

Showing up in the showroom is more like waiting in the living room of someone’s house, the glorious Matteo Miglia Legatus was standing in the middle of the room, seems like it was waiting for someone dare to try.
The salesman showed up and greet him before mentioning about the unmatched performance of this legendary car.

Good day sir, what can I do for you? This is the Matteo Miglia Legatus, the rare breed of racing car that won many awards for years now.
Yes, I’d like to ask some of the questions and going for test drive this magnificent Legatus.
Aye sir, please ask me your question, I’d like to provide the answer to fulfill all of your needs.
So… how much for the asking price right now, annual maintenance cost of this car, and the fuel consumption.
Our Legatus is asking for $8,996 with annual maintenance for $949 with our service warranty, the fuel consumption is around 6.2 km/liter.
Hmm… so this is quite a thirsty car to drive isn’t it?
Yes sir, but that is a price for the performance, most of our customer were buying for circuit racing, that’s why this Legatus is quite a rare sight to see and we have only 5 cars in our sales since 1982 as our pinnacle of the line up.

Sitting inside of the magnificent Legatus is quite spartan, having only basic vinyl interior and simple also the riding comfort is harsh from having stiff suspension, which suitable for the race track rather than using on the streets.
While he was driving with salesman, he noticed the true performance of the engine. As he shifted to 2nd gear with full throttle, the Legatus rocket itself rapidly which made him stunned the performance once the turbo spooled up.
But his fun is going to be stopped, as he looked at the fuel indicator, the warning lights showed up, reminding him to refilling at the gas station.

Whoa… I’m really stunned by the performance, but it is very thirsty, especially when going full throttle.
It is a trade off sir, as Legatus uses Turbocharged Inline 5 like you have seen in the Germany’s rally machine. It was tuned purely for the performance, as having for 228 horsepowers.

After he return from the Magnificent Legatus, Phongbhan decided to hop in his friend’s car and asked to go the another location, this time is not the dealer, but someone else’s house. The place of secondhand LLA Condor S, which the owner would like to sell for having sedan instread.
Once he saw the orange Condor S parked beside the walk path, he told his friend to stop and waiting for him.
The owner showed up after Phongbhan rang the electric bell, and they greeted together before walking to the car.

So, why are you selling this handsome car?
I’d like to upgrade to 4 door sedan version, due to my growing family. I have a child now, and driving this coupe seems not practical enough for my wife.
How many kilometers have you driven this one?
I’ve driven for 22,467 km, since I’ve bought it brand new. It’s still low mileage car, but I’ve got some minor accidents which I’ve repaired already.
Ah hah… what was the accident then?
Parking accident, I’ve parked my Condor in front of the cinema for watching “Straight Outtatime” and someone had parked his car while I was away, but scratched my car. I’ve cried so bad that I have to paid for the repair by myself, without any sight of the perpetrator.
I’m sorry to hear that. You must love your car very much.
It is, because this is the car that I have met my love, whom later to be my wife and the bearer of my child.

Do you mind telling me the asking price? Just to confirm my understandings. Also the annual maintenance cost and the fuel consumption.
Oh… I was asking for $8487, as this car is just only 2 years old, I still have my service warranty that should be for $676 per year. It’s fuel consumption is around 7.6 km/liter, a bit thirsty for today, especially if you’re going to use it daily.
Hmmm… you’re quite honest guy, a friend of mine had the bad experience of buying secondhand car. He got tricked, and ended up spending money much on the maintenance and repair bills.
No worries, I’m perfered to be an honest guy. It helps you when you’re getting older.

Sitting inside this Condor S was quite a let down, from having squeaks and a bit rattling when he fired up the engine. But that was the trade off for having Limited Slip Differential as standard to this car. But the safety features, was quite startan, only basic 3 points seat belts founded in late 60s but should be enough for having safety rather than none.
Once he shifted into the gear, the shifting lever was wobbling and a little bit crunchy. But overall this car was not that hard to drive at all and also quite comfort, thanks to the soft suspension.
But when he drove in to the speed, the wind noise is gushing into the cabin, a bit too loud to hear the engine roar, more like punching into the air rather than slicing through the air.

Once he returned to the owner’s house, he decided to return the key with only one comment.

Sir, I like your car as it is very comfortable and handsome car, but I have to look to the other cars for making my decision, but a friend of mine that mentioned earlier, he likes Condor and I’ll tell to buy this car from you.
Oh! Many thanks, please tell him that I’ll prepare my car for him, please bring him to me on weekends ok?

After the emotions from asking for the Condor S, he told his friend to go for the dealership called “Young Guy Automobile”, authorized importer for AMW Sparrow.
As he showed up in the dealer, the salesman walk into him for introduction and showed him the AMW Sparrow.

And here it is sir, the AMW Sparrow, the perfect style with effortless performance for your daily drive.
Hmm… looking from my own eyes is much better than looking from the magazine, this is really handsome car, although it is quite a bit large when compared to the other.
It is meant to be more on cabin space for a coupe body sir, as this car comes with 2+2 seating configuration, you can bring more friends in this car too unlike other coupe in the market that has only 2 seaters.
So… I have the question, what is the asking price, annual maintenance cost and the fuel consumption.
Oh, our sparrow is $8,991 having the maintenance cost for 498 per year with our service warranty, and the fuel consumption is 7.9 km/liter.
Wow! Is this real? the cheap maintenance cost is very cheap!
Yes sir, our AMW decided for having more on reliable parts, which is the main reason for having cheap maintenance.

Sitting inside of AMW Sparrow was quite spartan, only having basic vinyl seats like in the Legatus, with only good amenity is the standard FM/AM stereo for enjoyment while in the traffic. While he was let down from the startan interior, the ride comfort is quite stiff and was far different when compared to previous Condor.
As he stepped on the gas, the car was going slow, the throttle response was somehow laggy, especially using natural aspirated engine, more like cruising than a rushing for performance he hoped for even it one of the fastest on terms of top speed from the comparison testing.
The suspension of AMW Sparrow was more on stiff side, but when he turned the steering wheel in the corner, the car was understeer in controllable fashion, as very safe car for him as the new driver.

After his return delivery of AMW Sparrow, Phonbhan decided to go for the next place, for seeking the rare but famous Huangdou SC153RE, from the Chinese manufacturer.
The importer itself is a garage called “Huang Lee Motorsport”, the very famous racing team in Thailand, but also selling this rare SC153RE to the market as well.
As Phonbhan arrived with his friend, a person dressed in mechanic overall greet with him and told him to wait for the garage owner. Then a tall person dressed in casual attire came and greeted with him with a big smile.

Hello, what can I help you, doing some tuning for your car? Or looking for something to buy sir?
Sir, I’ve heard that you’re selling the famous Huangdou car, the SE153RE one. Do you have it?
Oh, that famous white one. Yes, we do have one, to be honest, there was another guy who also looking for this car too. But if you decide to buy, I can sell this one to you, if you pay first. It’s first come first serve, and I don’t like to wait for long time, it’s not good for small business.
Hmm… I understand that, and you’re also right. Ok, here’re questions. How much is the asking price, annual maintenance cost, and the fuel consumption.
Oh… smart guy, I’m really glad that you ask. I bet that your parents have taught you well for making financial decision, the asking price for this car is $8,436 with yearly maintenance for $672 and the fuel consumption is tested by 8.2 km/liter.
That’s interesting, shall I test drive the car?
Go ahead, I’ll grab the key then, but you can sit inside the car. It was parked right on the metal gate.

Sitting inside this Huangdou SE153RE was fine, having standard cloth seats with good quality, the interior is a bit bland but functional, nothing fancy but focus on the usage. But the ride comfort was quite harsh from its stiff suspension.
Once the owner of the garage came with the key, he started the engine and heard the engine roar. The 2 liter inline 4 came alive, ready for some action with its good response.
The owner told him not to be scared, he allowed to go full throttle. Once Phongbhan stepped on the gas, pedal to the metal, the car accelerated quickly with some of the wheel spin from its powerful engine. The acceleration from 3rd gear was impressive to him, as he can overtake the traffic with ease and without any hesitation.
Only thing that was a bit wild for him was the handling, the tail was kicked out quite easily but he managed to control with ease by the throttle and some countersteering.

After he return to the garage, he thanked to the garage owner and told him that he impressed with this car, but he had to go for another place for his final test drive of the day.

Ok Phongbhan, our last car to be test drive… where is it then?
It’s Auto-house Motorsport, the place that I’ve test SFINX in before, but the car for today’s test drive is the Ligica Ardent GTI
Wow, that is one of the most voted car for popular choice by many magazines. That’s very interesting choice.

As he returned to Auto-house Motorsport, after a disappointment test drive from being ticked due to noise violation, he walked into the showroom.
The same saleslady in that day was surprised to see him again, but this time he was going for different car.

Hello 'mam it’s nice to see you again.
Oh, Mr. Phongbhan it’s been quite a while since the last visit, what car would you like to drive sir?
I’ve heard that there is Ligica Argent GTI selling in here, may I test that one please my sweetheart?
Yes please, I’ll grab you the water and snacks then I’ll be back taking you to the car sir.

As he sat inside the Argent GTI, the interior was fine, having standard cloth seats just like in many manufacturers.
But the drive was very easy, the suspension is firm but not too stiff with a good comfort for him.
The engine power was nice to him, as he can pushed for acceleration without any hesitation. He felt the acceleration was matched with Huangdou’s car.

Ok sweetie, time for the question. How much is this car, annual maintenance cost and the fuel consumption.
The asking price of Ligica Ardent GTI is $7,937 with $895 per year for the maintenance cost, and having the fuel consumption of 7.5 km/liter.
So it is a little more on maintenance itsn’t it?
Yes, and this car uses only 91RON unleaded fuel, that should help you for the living with this car sir.
Now that’s interesting, with a price for lower than 8k, this is very attractive.

Once he pushed the car through the same corner, the handling of this Ardent GTI showed its true colors. The handling is very controllable and very darty, he can flick the car in to any direction he wanted with ease.

But he got noticed from the saleslady to be slow down as she saw a patrol car driving nearby.
Sir, would you slow down for a bit please?
Oh why not? I’m still having fun with this car.
It’s a police patrol car, that is the fearsome SBA Gracelet 1.6 Swift Ti from Metropolitan Division. These police drivers on that thing are not something to be harassed with.
What??? I thought that Gracelet are slow commuters, my mom has one, it’s 1.4 with slushbox. But you’re right, we’ve got the lesson and if I’ve caught by Metro police, we’ll be damn screwed.

After he return the famous Ardent GTI back to the showroom, he walked back to his friend’s car and making the decision.

So, my mind is still calling for 3 cars, The fun RWD Huangdou SC153RE, the perfect cruiser AMW Sparrow, and this handsome Ligica Argent GTI…

Hey man, I’ll need to grab my bag in the rear seat. I’ve got the decision now.
Oh… come on, I’d like to hear you opinion.
I’ll have to say goodbye to the handsome Condor S, but I’ve told the owner that I’ll grab my friend to buy that Condor S rather than that pile of junk!
That guy? Hm… I’m totally agree, I can’t stand seeing to see him in financial ruin for his $7,500 in that piece of junk. I know that he is a damn rich kid, but he needs to think wisely.

Next one is the perfect cruiser, AMW Sparrow, it was more like a cruiser not for the fun on the street even it can pass over 190 km/h.

Another one is Huangdou SE153RE, it’s tough choice not to buy, but I’ve seen something better in overall but a bit more expensive to live.

Obviously man! It’s a Ligica Ardent GTI, and I have my cash in the bag, I’m gonna buy this car right here, right now!
Woooooooooooooahhhhhhhhhh!!! I’m so damn envy!! Come on man!!! GO FOR IT!!

Phongbhan walked out from his friend’s car with his messenger bag and walked to the showroom.
The saleslady was surprised to see him with just only a few moments later from the test drive of the Ligica Ardent GTI

Hello sweety, I’d like to buy that in cash!

(Congratulations to @Kafouille, you have won this CSR round from having very interest car not just within unmatched asking price but very interesting in overall performance, only drawback is a bit high service cost)

Also I’d like to thank you everyone who participated for having fun time in this round.
Here are actual stats to read with.

Oh, I forgot to mention. Thanks to @Vri404 for this.
The Top 5 Finalists are:
1st Place: @Kafouille
2nd Place: @yangx2
3rd Place: @TheTom
4th Place:@LinkLuke
5th Place: @strop < Extreme performance in less than 9k budget!
6th Place: @Leedar
7th Place: @Xepy
8th Place: @saddiseased
9th Place: @VicVictory
10th Place: @SeriousSimon
11th Place: @JohnWaldock


Congrats to the winner!

z2bbgr… you also need to post at least your top 5 (in an ordered list at the end) per tradition, in case the winner(s) pass on hosting duty. That way we know what the order of succession is case people decline the right to host.


Oh, thank you. I’ve almost forgotten to write down.


Congrats to the winner! I assume there is no wildcard winner this round, yes?


Yay, 3rd place! :smiley:

8.7 seconds acceleration is only slow in 1986 when compared to these other cars here, some of which did it in like 6 seconds, and then there’s strop. Either way, I’m happy with 3rd place, good to know that all the hard work on the car paid off, it seems to have been a fairly good compromise between practicality, handling, service costs and a turns out not-so- powerful engine.


I never knew the Ardent (not to be confused with the brand of the same name) would be as good as it turned out to be… so congratulations to you on your first-ever CSR win!


Thanks a lot @z2bbgr for hosting, this is obviously a lot of work and time just to entertain strangers on the internet.
I’m frankly surprised to have won, the competition was stiff but I guess focusing on managing decent performance with a lower price point paid off. Plus ripping off Pininfarina probably helps too.

Sadly, as I said in the Discord, I won’t be able to host. I’ll make it up next time I win I guess :slight_smile:

Edit : here is the car file if people want to take a look. It’s decently fun in Beam too.
CSR83-Kafouille - Ligica Ardent GTI.car (45.9 KB)


I mean… yeah… congrats to the winner…

But… that’s kinda… I mean, he admits he copied his looks and you call my Romanov boring looking? Straight out? I have to say… I don’t get this. But fine, whatever.
Thanks for hosting this.


Actually quite happy with 4th, I honestly didn’t give a shit about my aero, just wanted to make the car look good.


i’ll take finals. the car was a big gamble, so finalist is fine by me


First off, kudos to zz for his work this round. At first the rather frequent changes in the regulations made me fear they would change everytime someone posted a car. But eventually things settled down before that happened.
And despite not being as comfortable with English as most members here, you still worked very hard to get your intentions across, and even try to sprinkle your texts with humour. Not going to lie, seeing the word “Drongos” come up during the Barricade test drive made me laugh.

As for the Ligica victory, guess it truly proves why the 309 GTI 16 didn’t deserve to live under the radar with all its qualities. As a diehard Peugeot fan, I’m fine with this.

The car whose reputation was dashed by a hot hatch in real-life found its way past hot hatches and coupes to win! How’s that for irony? Congrats to Kafouille for his victory, and zz for a very fun '80s CSR round!


This is one of the reason that it took so long, too many studies of jokes and humours. :3 (I have watched “How to talk Australians” as the references to this humour)
But I’m glad that you guys are happy and laugh, despite my first round of hosting. Big challenge and big knowledge to me.