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CSR83 - One night in Bangkok [ENTRY IS OVER: Final Results has been published!]


If you take a deep look on regulation you shall see the way for reaching that power.
But be careful, using engine with 95 RON is penalised for high fuel price (obviously), and also any engine capacity larger than 2500 cc. is also penalised by annual vehicle tax and insurance.


Thanks for the tip. A light remodeling on the engine solved the problem.


Thank you for the new profile pic :kissing_closed_eyes:


Why do we need to limit an “highly illegal” car?


Yes, because so many civilized companies are looking to risk getting in trouble with the government simply to satisfy the dumb desires of less than 5% of the automotive market to also get in trouble with the law.


My pleasure, CSR no Ken

Because of racecar. :joy:


I like the premise of this one.


I present to you: 1986 Meijer Stuttgart 1600BS

The 1986 Meijer Stuttgart 1600BS is the perfect car for the student whose’s looking for a cheap sportscar that doesn’t suck up their money faster than a vacuum cleaner. It weights in at a reasonable 931kg and scoots around with it’s low powered yet nimble 111Hp RCO44S CSTc-P1600Bs making it quite swift around the circuit.


Seems that 111 is a “magical” number. Can’t get any more power from my engine to stay in 8500 budget.


I had a more powerful engine, it was a bit too inefficient…


to @TheAlmightyTwingo and @abg7 you have submitted the file prior to entry date, please submit again on 17 Sep. And you still have time for any adjustment for fairness to revised restriction.


This one’s interesting. I’ll see what I can cook up when I get home after the weekend. I’m thinking something on the lines of a hot hatch of sorts.


Do you mean we must set the top speed to 220km/h, or at most 220km/h?

Looking forward to this one! I know the right place to look for the price now :sweat_smile:


Holy jeebus it was hard to get everything done inside the regs. But it’s done, assuming nothing else changes… :confused:


No, it is any speed excess of 180 should not over 220 km/h, due to tyre cost for maintenance.
If you want to create 180, it is in the rule, but if over 220? nah… limited to that


So to add to this question, if we set the speed limiter to 180km/h, but because of weirdness in the calculations the reported top speed of the car is 179.9km/h, must we increase the limit or is it okay as long as it rounds up to 180 as in the track testing part?


Thanks for the very good question, the limiter can be set to 180, as long as showing the top speed in test track. (mostly, speed indication showing as 190-200 in actual 180 of velocity)

And also, after many tests showed pushing limiter beyond 180 is setting higher cost for tire (yup, changing from H to V is costly).


When you want an FM Cerberus but don’t have the funds.

Try the KO SFINX. It looks a bit similar, in the dark with squinty eyes.

Fitted with a genuine Franklin Marshall engine (2.0 DOHC i4 SpB).

And this costs only $8,951 before taxes!


Attention Attention Attention

Hello. Mai naim is Nathapong. Wen ai saa se Baborgornie Couchtish for se fist taim, me love it.
I reely wantet to hav it, bat it was weey tuu ekspensif. I statet bilding mai oun Couchtish. Ai spent 5 jeers on it and it is finalli done nao.

Ai had a Anhultz Mimas bat sere was an aksident. So ai took se front haf of it to bild mai Couchtish.
Se oser paats (alsou se bodi) weer faund on som skrapjad. Wis sis, ai stated bilding.
And se resalt is sis!

same text in actual english

Hello. My name is Nathapong. When i saw the Baborgornie Couchtish for the first time, i loved it.
I really wanted to have it, but it was waay too exspensive. I started building my own Couchtish. I spent 5 years on it and it is finally done now.

I had an Anhultz Mimas but there was an accident. So i took the front half of it to build my Couchtish.
The other parts (also the body) were found on some scrapjard. With this, i started building.
And the result is this!


Did… did I just read a Jamaican trying to sell me a Countach replica based on a Diablo, with the car bra front end of an Anhultz Mimas?

I’d be saying I have several questions, but I think I can also I live with the mystery…

Also, I didn’t notice the maximum budget cap was raised. That is good, because my current setup passed the original cap by $60 (not good with money, you see). Confort was my biggest enemy… This challenge is definitely for the suspension masters.

And by the by, there’s something else about my entry… CSM isn’t coming. That’ll be all. :wink: