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CSR83 - One night in Bangkok [ENTRY IS OVER: Final Results has been published!]


(Closest thing from a lore company would have been a hopelessly outmatched 3rd gen Sentinel… so here’s something from a conjectural Australian company)


For sale:

(Lagau?) "GT000" prototype for 8935 $

What you see here is a prototype going for really cheap, it's really rare to find something european looking as this. Although what it says in the journal, It's not really a prototype at all. In fact, it was to undergo one last testing until they just cancelled in the last minute. I dont understand why, its maybe the fact that it is an mid engined car that it really isnt viable solution for a budget sport car. Chassis code says "GT000".

There isn’t much to say about the car other than the fact that is has a cassette deck, “like-new” cushion seats, odometer reads “127 km”. They must have done testing for this car’s handling somewhere in Europe. Speedometer reaches 220 km/h, this thing must be very fast. I have past 180 km/h mark, although I am yet to surpass 190km/h.

Update after the day of postage:

So after clearing out the car of any rubbish that may have come from the factory, and I noticed there were 3 photographs, I believe these are spy shots of the prototype when it was brand new. I think it would help further prove that the car was developed in Europe somewhere, Though I don’t know which company…



I like the front design but the taillights are very oversized. I think you’ll have one nice looker if you revise the rear :thinking:


CSR no Ken has spoken…
But it is too late for any revision after submission of the entry.


Priced For Quick Sale - '84 LLA Condor S - $8487

Here is my 2 year old Condor S, I have have decided to sell as I wanted to upgrade to the newer 4 door version with the auto for may growing family. The car was only used as a weekend driver and only has 22,467 Km on the clock. In terms of condition I have just had the car re-painted, it had been scratched by a car parking next to it - wasn’t much body damage, just paintwork. Also my job gives me access to a photo studio so I had some professional photographs taken to help with the sale:

Contact: 02 087 8854



Introducing the MEN A :b: 86 ! The serious street racer’s car!

Are your expectations of a car unrealistic because of what you saw it do in a cartoon? Will your passenger’s seat never be occupied by any lady except your body pillow? If so, the men A :b: 86 is the car for you! The super street racer’s car, the men A :b: 86 requires all of the skill to operate that you don’t have! watch that Kimura slip away through the smoke of your own tires as you tell yourself it isn’t your lack of skill that was the reason you spun out, perhaps it was a pothole.

Get the Men A :b:86 Today, because you already decided what car you wanted before this whole mess even started.


@Mikonp7 I’m calling the police :angry:


Sir you are getting detained for the crime of stealing a meme :policeman: :policewoman:


please dont stroke men XD




For sale: Modded city car, dubbed “Superlight”

Hello, I’m a car builder in dire need of money, so I’m selling my latest project (finished build in late January).


  • Body base taken from 1982 Kasai Mime
  • 2.2L engine swapped from Kasai Sansinel and installed turbo into it, now it has around 182 PS on the wheels
  • Low mileage (mostly stays in the garage)
  • Stock interior, everything including 8-track player still functioning perfectly
  • Matte black 13" alloy wheels
  • Installed coilover springs, so ride height is lower by ~10 cm
  • Has DBS undertray kit installed
  • Repainted to Aura Yellow
  • 250mm disc brakes on all four wheels
  • Tyrelli Sport tires, 175/55 front and 155/75 rear
  • Top speed limited to 180 km/h because I wanted to stay safe and ran out of money to buy proper high speed tires 5555

Asking for $8941 because that is how much I paid for the car and parts, plus the manhours I spent on it.


Popas Blinsky : The Rear engined 4 door which wont kill you*



as i can’t make a proper car for this competition, i’ll just post a little story about it.

“Oh shoot! a Reasonable car event, I suck at this.”

“But anyways… let’s try.”

A Few Moments Later…

“Done! i finished, Let’s see how much it does cost!”

“(Costs 0% markup: 20.758$)”

“FUCK! Alright, let’s tweak some things.”

One Thousand Years Later…

“Alright, I made my car even cheaper. Let’s see how much it cos-”

“(Costs 0% Markup: 18.987$)”


One Eternity Later…

“Now!, Let’s see what it does cost now. This is the probably the most reasonable priced car money can bu-”

“(Costs 0% Markup: 67.768$)”

(Meme incoming!)

“Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel my leg… And my arm… even my fingers… The body I’ve lost…”

I simply suck at making reasonably priced cars. Anyways, i hope i made someone laugh with this :joy:.


Doesn’t need to be reasonable, it only has to be adequate


1985 Bogliq Slyde GL


Straight out of India, the Pastinuji Roarer Delux.

When you want the heart pounding, life changing experience that only 12 cylinders can deliver, you know the call of the Pastinuji. This personal luxury cruiser was designed to deliver the smoothest engine possible with the best torque in the 2.5L class

This is why our engineers have designed this V12 to be easy to work on, an iron block and iron heads assure rigidity, while a fully open under tray insures the oil pan can be removed with out removing any braces. Why would that be so important?

While the tax bracket requires the sale of cars over 2,500cc to be taxed extra, there is no way to control what the end user will do with their vehicle. So for an add-on cost of 300 AMU, you can purchase the official large stroker kit for after purchase install, as the law only requires the vehicle to be registered and sold under the 2,500cc displacement.

With looks like this, and the promise of un-tapped potential, how can you pass up this Pastinuji.

Power Figures and times:
SAE 142 HP*
SAE 159 lb/ft*
1/4 Mile: 15.9s**

*When equipped with 3L stroker kit
**When equipped with sport compound rear tires

All for only $8950 AMU




“2500 V12”

When smoothness is the priority as creme de la creme.
Oh, Pastinuji is meant to be hauling cloth rolls and silk rolls with style without any “vibration”, many Indian merchants in Thailand gonna love this, beside of having “Waspa” the best scooter in the world for cloth delivery.


Godhap & Whent do Asia!
1985 G&W Stamford Interceptor - “Asia Market” Version

Engine-wise, we’ve replaced the catalytic converter with an extra muffler, and used a smaller system. In handling terms, we’ve re-tuned suspension and braking, fitted better specified (read: less expensive) tyres and a shorter final drive ratio. Aesthetically, there are new wheels, minor chrome, and a different grille pattern. Interior appointments are sourced and fitted locally, including the AM/FM/cassette player (UK has an 8 track). Performance figures are impressive, though. Under 17 seconds for the 400m, with the 0-100KM/h sprint in close enough to 9 seconds - on a bad day. While it out-accelerates AND out-paces UK Spec, it is limited to 180KM/h.
I nearly forgot to mention the shortcuts we took with safety features, but now our former lead government-liaison, Tookahit Fromadirtybong, is already looking for another job.

Although we haven’t yet determined local market pricing, they can be produced for under 9000 AMU (@ 0% mark-up)… but then there’s shipping, etc.


And if you’re lucky then the god’s a she…