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CSR83 - One night in Bangkok [ENTRY IS OVER: Final Results has been published!]


how about you try to make a car. but absolutely don’t touch the quality slider bar… and don’t go higher than the standard interior, nor don’t make your car go faster than 180km/h for now. try it



@VG33E Make it rear/mid and get rid of the rear seats. Old safety to nudge it over 30. That should save some money too.

These are the reasons why my entry isn’t a Franklin Marshall! :rofl:


hmmmmmm dat THICC BIG BUMPER tho
very good job on what was the design trend in Thai market back then.

LOL!!! I love the name!!!


Don’t want to be rude or a party pooper. I just want to give you a tip.
Learning how to make proper economic and good cars it is FUNDAMENTAL to make very good sporty or luxurious car. If you don’t know how to spend the budget at its best on a small car, you are going to waste even more on a more expensive one. :wink:


Or you can be foolish like me and do a Vee-Twelve


Or be like me and throw in the 4-seater hatchback that has 3 doors because masterful size manipulation. You know, instead of using five like a sane builder. Speaking of which;

Now available for $8581. For more information consult your nearest Hugi dealer.

Meet the Legero, Hugi’s hatchback! More or less my love letter to 1980/1990 hatches, especially when it comes to sporty versions. I wasn’t originally going to send this in, but since I had the body and the name, might as well open the door for its facelifted model (1986 model year) to show up…
also because the original mk1’s hot version is too expensive and its design isn’t finished

Original car picture courtesy of @Elizipeazie, who also provided some much needed design feedback as we were discussing photo plans! (the ad itself is also an hommage to a real-life hot hatch, albeit the order of its elements is reversed…)

Hugi press pictures



That warm fuzzy feeling when I see a Znopresk post, it has never faded really :smiley:


That is the Žnoprešk magic :stuck_out_tongue:


For Sale or Trade:

1985 Nagoya Osprey SNC with 10,000 km
Original owner opted for the larger 2.0 liter 12 valve Box 4
5 speed manual with geared lsd, so you won’t spin your tires so much
Sports compound tires
Top speed of 180 km/h, with a 0-100 time of 7.26s
Rear seat has been removed, cannot locate
Asking AMU $8451. Willing to trade for Hilux or similar vehicle


Albatross Motors presents, the 1986 Albatross 250C, the latest in budget sports cars. This compact notchback features a 2.5 liter turbocharged 16 valve 4 cylinder engine, producing 172 horsepower and 190 lb-ft of torque. Coupled with a 5 speed manual transmission, the 250C is able to accelerate from 0-62 mph in 6.3 seconds, on to a top speed of 127 mph. Even with this impressive performance, the 250C is also able to do 33 MPG highway (27 MPG combined). Standard equipment includes power steering, anti-lock brakes, three point seatbelts, a limited-slip differential, and an AM/FM/8-track player. Prices start at $8,561 (AMU). Please see your local Albatross dealer to learn more.


How else would you pick a woman up other than the FangWeng LC-25?

You wouldn’t.

With a V16 and European hyper car styling. It is the ultimate in class, desirability and style.

All of this for $8994.


You’d be an idiot to not buy one.



Thailand never got the FAAL Coupe…

But they did get something to compensate.

The Mesaia Coupe. Which was a regular three door Mesaia with a trunk flunked onto it. Or a Mesaia sedan but with less doors. Whichever you think. And this is the GTS model, with a somewhat detuned version of the 1.8L 16V european GTI engine.

The recipe was pretty efficient. European GTI lightness (975kg) and punch (124hp) in a package somewhat looking like the brand’s hottest sportscar, mixing image, drivability and ease of maintenance of the FWD drivetrain.

This model is fitted with half bucket seats, and a four speaker stereo. Two in the front doors, two behind the rear seats, just like a good 80s car should. It’s also fully loaded, with the optional ABS, Front foglights and two tone paint, all for a contained price of 8999$! Not to mention all the Derrickson aftermarket options fit on it.

The Coupe version of the Mesaia wasn’t sold in Europe. Therefore, many europeans would end up importing one and bragging about their “custom weld job”, making it a highly desirable car in the future.

Ye olde extra angles


1986 Ars Gremory EX-T

It has stripes.

Buy now!



I sense some extreme negative slider boi abuse here.

Also, @VG33E: It’s not impossible to build a car according to these rules. Not easy (not at all), but far from impossible. If you’re getting a $67K car, then you really need to lay off the slider abuse and just go with some cheaper parts (notice how almost everyone’s going for engines with less than six cylinders? That’s because I4s are dirt-cheap and easy to engineer, and a smaller body means less material usage which drives down costs).

Anyway, I’ve got my entry for this contest completed - just need to make an ad for it and send the .car file to Z2. But here’s a little preview of it.


Heh who needs negative slider abuse when i went somewhat into the positive end


Try pointing that sense in my direction and see what you come up with…