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CSR83 - One night in Bangkok [ENTRY IS OVER: Final Results has been published!]


Big things can come in small packages.

The 1985 AAAA V250 HTX. Because who else offers a 2495cc V6 in an economical 3 door hatch?

Weird bug in photomode makes the top bit of the front grill “filled in” all the time. It looks fine in the editor… :persevere:


I fit a V12 in a long wheel base car with our budget. Just take a look at the decisions you’ve made, consider less expensive tech. (I was even able to throw in a point or two of + quality)


I just managed a V16!


Crying in a corner with my measly 232 hp inline 4 engine :disappointed_relieved:


heh. try around 120hp


I had to scratch the turbocharger due to costs, now it’s 165 :frowning:


cries in 111Hp


Make your engine better man, you can get ladies with fast cars as long as the seats are okay enough


Stays neutral in trying to keep it related to the cars OP posted regardless of what Automation allows you to do within the challenge’s limitations

… In retrospect that’s probably why I’m losing every single CSR


You guys are amazing. Thanks for the inputs.


I made my car with the old stricter regulations so it costs just shy of $7500 and that’s also the reason why my engine’s low powered, but I already submitted it so there’s no more changing to my car anymore now, it’s up to Phongbhan to upgrade it himself with the left over money.


Criterion Motor Co. presents the Vien Coupe.

160hp Inline 6, Power front seats/leather, A/C, Powersteering, 4 Wheel disc brakes, and iconic styling to take the market by storm.

Vien will be thy last…

Additional photos


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Hot 1985 Sloane Cossack Jr

I want sell my Cossack Junior after just one year of owning. I bought stock from dealership and I perform only tasteful modification (the chrome mirror, the chrome window trim, the nice side indications, the big turbo sticker all over, the rare Burson double wing, the sweet rim, and etc).

This the model is the rare 1199cc 5 cylinder with a turbo and it redlining at 9,000rpm! I done the tuning the engine and put on the better turbo so the dyno now say 121.4kW (163bhp) @ 7,300rpm, and 169Nm (125 ft lb) @ 6,300rpm. This thing very fast! It go from 0-100km/h in only 8.2 sec and go up to 200km/h. Ahh so jaow chew!

It super comfy too - all my girlfriend very surprise at the car’s little vibration! I swear, she enjoy riding this car more than me!

I want only $8986 for this nice car, very good buy! Call me for inspec

More pictures


Oh look, a turbo frog! It’s kinda ugly, but I appreciate the creativeness! :smiley:


The Hawker Arrow.
With the available 7000 RPM V6 with limited slip front differential, you will fly straight as an arrow.


Hammercat 2000

The Hammercat 2000 is a lightweight and low-tech sportscar from Britain. 126 horsepower from a 2 liter inline 4 are dealing with 842 kilograms (including all available interior options). Sounds like fun? It is!

Price: only $8997


Love the colour!



That is a magnificent rear end design, I am sold.


This is a beautiful car!