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CSR84 - Years of Youth [FINALS, RESULTS UP]


I can’t recall asking for your opinion either. You think it looks outdated, that’s up to you.


Then don’t whine about other people’s opinion and don’t give yours either.

Because at this point you’re either trolling or whining.


You’re doing a pretty solid job, if you’re not trying.

If you’re not that bothered please stop trying to squeeze the last word in and wind people up.


Insta binned. Rip. To be honest I thought my car had a pretty sporty front end.


I think it isn’t up to you either, what I do or don’t. You can simply ignore it.


Well at least I did that right, I kinda overdid the “standing out” bit while not looking cute. I’m not good with modern cars and that body just made things even worse for me. I didn’t even realize how dated mine looked until I saw the competition.


People keep responding. I am not in the mood to let it slide.


Just let it slide, its not worth getting worked up over nothing.

You got binned, move on.


Yeah well, it’s pointless anyway. You’ve got one.


Well I’m just going to butt into this unnecessary level of toxicity and thank the host for the effort made so far on this round of the CSR, they clearly have put some decent work into it and I will be one to appreciate that.

And I’m glad that Sarah liked the Valkyrie so far, I’m hoping the engine will kick enough of a punch for her now to make the purchase :wink:

Now if we can stick to the topic of the thread instead of derailing it that would be nice


Welp…not even the help of someone else styling the car was enough for me to move past round 1. Guess I’m just not the type of person who can build a competitive CSR car (and I barely got the ad in before the deadline). Oh, well; at least I’ve got another car for my not-yet-created lore.

EDIT: Also, @yangx2 I should point out that you erroneously labeled the Ronolit as only my work, when @marcus_gt500 styled the vehicle. I would appreciate it if you included him in the credits, as well.

Also, I did sort of have some qualms on the rear design, but when I submitted the ad, I was in full panic mode and just wanted to get it out after having to deal with my puter freezing up and having to download a thousand mods just to get the car to load all day. I’m glad you enjoyed the ad, though; I really think that has to be one of the best ads I’ve ever made for anything.


Was very close, just a bit better consistency and better era accuracy on the rear would have put you into past prelims. I was contemplating on putting it past but in the end I was like “nahh, the rear just doesn’t work”. Great job on the ad though :slight_smile:


Honestly, I was aiming for something akin to the Japanese “pike cars”, while only taking reference from one of my Automation cars, the Honda S660 Neo Classic, and the Honda N-One, instead of Mitsuoka cars. Myself going “the front grille is boring, replace it” on N-One-alike styling probably ruined it, too.
Edit: How do I style the rear end in a non-sporty car, though? A plate holder can’t fill the sides, or even the bumper if it is on the trunk/hatch.


Shit why am I always late when shit hits the fan


Fair enough. I kind of expected that given that I simply created a new trim from my CSR75 entry for this round and left the exterior unchanged - while failing to account for the fact that the client for this round has different tastes compared to the one in CSR75.

Certainly, picking a top 10 (or even a top 3) from such a large field of entrants is a difficult task, but you pulled it off!


Well, I didn’t make it into the final stage by just one place. I have to admit that the styling of my car is probably more appealing to a yuppie rather than to a young woman, and I didn’t want to make a cute looking car because that wouldn’t correspond with the target demographic of my car company (DAAG). Still, I think you’ve done a wonderful job with the reviews on the looks. Great work!


You know I love you, man… but never, EVER use this expression again. It is a shitty expression used by shitty customers to get away with anything and everything shitty under the sun.

As a customer, I know there are situations where I’m not right. But this saying is used as an absolutism and to hold companies and customer service hostage until customers get what they demand, regardless of how realistic it is.

(The above rant has nothing to do with how the round was scored, just how this particular rationalization should die in a fire)

I will say it’s not “constructive” criticism either, but I’m going to use a different angle on it:
Numbers are not criticism. A number cannot tell you where you went wrong, especally if it’s a subjective numeric assignment rather than a hard formula.

I clicked on the link hoping to find out more about what I could have done to make it better, and was utterly disappointed that it was just numbers.

@yangx2 - I know you’re new at hosting, so maybe you’re unaware that there are 4 different “tiers” of people here as far as exterior design goes.
Top Tier - People who are most likely artistic in nature, and spend a lot of time on design. These people always turn in beautiful exterior designs, seemingly with great ease.
2nd Tier - People who are most likely artistic in nature, but don’t spend a lot of time. Their designs usually look somewhere between good and beautiful.
3rd Tier - People who are not artistic in nature and have a difficult time with design, but give it their best shot and spend a lot of time every time. These entries are usually somewhere between OK and beautiful. Sometimes they can beat Tier 2 folks on looks (and once in a blue moon they can compete on even footing with Tier 1’s), but not always.
4th tier - Non-artistic people who put in little tie or people who are just plain lazy. Designs always look terrible and have the bare minimum of fixtures. These always look like garbage.

As a 3rd tier designer, I always, ALWAYS put in my best effort, and have been continuously learning. It’s a huge frustration because every time I take a quantum leap in my design, the 1st and 2nd tier people do as well. It’s a catch-up game that I’m constantly losing. I hate subjective-design rounds, but I do them anyway because I want to learn and not rest on my laurels.

Which is why I really REALLY do not like how you have labeled your spreadsheet as “constructive criticism.” There is no criticism in there at all. Just numbers. So for future reference, either just say it’s a “scoring sheet” (which is an accurate representation), or ACTUALLY give feedback.

I’ve re-read your writeup of the Wren in the thread, and there is nothing I can take away from it. Disliking the color, when it’s a mainstream color, is not useful criticism. If I had made it fuschia or hot pink, then yeah, I could get that. But if you consider that nearly every model is made in at least 5 basic colors (black, blue, red, silver, white), can you see where your critique falls flat on being helpful?

(And for those of you who say “just look at pictures of real cars”… DUH, WTF do you think we do? Those of us in my situation have a problem where we can’t translate what we see into how you do it in the game. So instead of saying something useless, why not whip up a tutorial or train someone or something USEFUL instead?)

Now, I do also want to say, you came up with a compelling story and premise. I think this is a good round overall, just that you kinda stepped in it with the “constructive criticism” bit. Further aggravating is seeing that my overall stats score would be right in the hunt with the competitors who made it through, so my car design itself is solid.

tl;dr: “Good car. I don’t like it. I don’t know why.” = makes me want to tear hair out.


Tbf theres a little explanation written out for every single number on the sheet if you missed it. Gotta roll your mouse over it. I’d say there’s more feedback here than I usually see.


I tend to avoid entering competitions with strong design focus because of their strongly subjective nature and my own low interest in using Automation’s awkward visual design system. It’s not mandatory to enter.


Well, I’m new here, so low respect to talk, but the only point where i’ve radically changed my design was the rear end, to avoid being too BMWish, so i ripped it STRAIGHT OFF a 2005 Mustang, and tryed to match it with the rear end of the body by stretching the rear lights, and got criticized by it being too old !? On the lower bar and door handle ok, my bad, not even myself liked the rear bar, but still a little ankward to me. Next time I’ll turn up with a perfect replica of a real car. Oh wait, I’ve already done that, and had a effin bad time with it. Well, that one was my overlook on the name.