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CSR84 - Years of Youth [FINALS, RESULTS UP]


The car picture isn’t required for the private message in which we send our .car files, correct? We just need to post said picture in the thread and that is it?

Either way, I dig the concept for this challenge. It may be a common sight many of us have seen before, but it brings up many interesting variables. You are building a car for a person who is learning to live on her own two feet, but you are also building it for daddy and mommy. They are bound to need the car should one of their own rides kick the bucket…

I have a strong candidate for this (an already-seen CSR face), but I still need to check if it clears the budget. If not, there is always a certain hatchback (which needs a facelift first)…


2015 Meijer Tokyo Ecocity

Another entry in the long running Tokyo series.


a japanese one (so a suzuki jimmy?) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I know we’re mostly men in here but, dude, that was kind of unnecessary, not to say unrespectful, and totally out of the context of the challenge we are participating in.

I know it’s a joke but, come on, you could try to make fun of something else, there are a lot of other topics to make jokes about. We’re in the 21st century you know.


“le it’s 20XX, why are we still doing this?”


ye know what, i have a car i made just a week ago that with some minor modifications would fit very well in here, ima do that instead of making a new car


Excuse me but @NiuYorqCiti is right.

That was a completely out of place, offensive, tasteless joke.


Inb4 a mod comes to calm everybody down: it’s one thing to reference a well-known stereotype, but the slur occurs when one does so in a derogatory swipe, which I appreciate was in itself a reference to the rivalry between Mitsubishi and Subaru. Unfortunately in this context at face value it looks like you’re taking a swipe at flat brim wearing lesbians. Risky.

Edit: as discussed elsewhere I recommend if you’re going to make an edgy post or reference the cultural prejudices of others which may marginalise certain groups put a disclaimer in your posts that this doesn’t reflect your personal views. Unless you’re actually racist/sexist.


Nope, just make sure you reply to the thread with a picture :slight_smile:


Prices start around $15,000. Buy a Shromet Appalachian today.


Oh well, how can we consider this as a joke?


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)


We literally called another user out for a tastless and offensive joke 4-5 posts ago. Please.


probably tip if is this fat ass pampered girl leans too far to one side.


Lets try not to derail the thread anymore and just refrain from posting things that are just plain rude.


Don’t mind me.


Um, this isn’t amateur comedy hour, if your going to make a joke you should workshop it before you sound like a dick, imo.


(this nuclear firecracker of a post has been redacted following a retraction and apology from the user it was directed against)


Submissions are now open. Due next Friday 9:00 AM. Anyone who mentions the slight calamity above will get binned. period.


I mean, I don’t want all this fuss to continue. But come on, we all here have access to internet, we should be the generation that is the most aware of what kind of things are no longer considered humorous and are just plain unrespectful.

I know we’re all car people, because that’s why we are here, and even if you don’t have that much interest in what’s going on the diverse societies of all over the world, we all should be aware and have empathy for the other. We don’t know each other’s lives, what they’ve been through, what might offend them nor anything.

I know it has nothing to do with this, but I’ve lived a happy life and being heterosexual has never brought me any kind of disgust, I’ve never been beaten by anyone, rejected by society nor received any bad comment for the sexuality that I’ve chosen. So, I’m not taking this personally, I’m just conscious of how bad life has been for LGBT people in the past.

This thing of making jokes about sexual orientation should no longer be accepted here, nor anywhere.


Okay let’s turn this shit over.
Remember him?

This is him now. Feel old yet?

The Plebia X from CSR75 actually never existed. Y’all have been hallucinating collectively. This is the Dima X, in its USDM version. The posher, taller, comfier Dima.

It is here presented in its highest trim, called Iridium. Featuring FAALBond V3 and its 9 speaker upgrade and SeverusXM satellite radio. The Iridium trim gets you a less off-roady body coloured grille, piano black B pillars and chrome window trim, 17" alloy wheels, a nicer interior, not to mention a lower yet comfier suspension. The whole package rids the Dima X of most of its original crossover origins, leaving only the high seating position, comfort and incredible drivability of its kind.

Since it’s a USDM version, it comes with actual engines, that actually make the car move: The most recent 15TFE (150hp Turbo L3) coupled to a 6 speed automatic with sport and eco mode.

The Dima X. Tame the urban jungle. With style.

Extra angles