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CSR84 - Years of Youth [FINALS, RESULTS UP]


MY15 Proletariat Marmot 160T


Compact, frugal and fun to drive; the Marmot is the embodiment of continual revolution. Whether you’re negotiating tight city streets or commuting the great highways of your glorious Motherland, the Marmot will prove more than adequate to your needs.

Don’t be dissuaded by the language of others, the Marmot’s interior is exactly what you need; our designers are never wrong on these things. Likewise, you’ll be doing your part for your nation by not consuming excess fuel via the turbocharged inline four…

And all you have to contribute in return is $9,832 AMU’s worth of your local nation’s currency!

Last one to buy a Marmot 160T gets a free, one way, trip to Siberia!!!

Proletariat Motors: Something for Everyone

Cult of Personality [LORE] [FINAL RESULTS]

the headlights make me go “why didn’t I think of that?” looks very effortless and sublime. XD


Submitted in CSR 75, the Pegasus Getaway 5 was an economic fleet vehicle, with the barest of necessities, and retailed for $10,750

One of the reasons the Getaway was offered so affordably, was that it was built on the same chassis as the Star Xeno.

Some of the things that you can get on the Xeno that were never offered on the Getaway

  • All Wheel Drive
  • Premium Interior
  • Blue Tooth
  • Satellite Radio
  • GPS
  • 6 Speed Advanced Automatic Transmission
  • 168 Horsepower 2.1 liter, eco-turbo, Inline 5, needing only 5.7 liters/ 100 km (42 mpg U.S.)
    This option package is offered at $15,178 MSRP



The next generation of the RG-29 2015 Hotshot RG-T26 is the perfect car for any young driver wishing to have a fun, practical, and economic ride.
Having a premium interior, with 4 seats, and plenty of space for any cargo you may have.
It offers an eco friendly and fun ride with a turbo charged engine, getting over 36 mpg (U.S.)
All in all, this is a perfect car for any new driver looking to get their own taste of freedom.

Japan's best-selling city car has finally arrived in North America!

Starting its life as a humble kei car, the Kasai 2ND has become everyone’s next best choice of transportation in Japan (after the electric train), and now it arrives in the upscale Canadian market packed with a lot of upgraded goodies.

Powered by the tried-and-true 2.0L Kasai Modular Turbo Engine and 5-speed auto gearbox, the 2ND can achieve a combined fuel economy of 52 MPG (4.5 L/100 km) and a top speed of 200 km/h. Not feeling confident in your driving capabilities? Do not worry, as Kasai’s All-Sense™ parking assist and lane departure warning system will make sure that you don’t easily get caught in embarrassing driving situations. Still not confident? The 2ND is also fitted with airbags on all critical points so in case of a horrible accident occurs it keeps you safe still and get a 2nd (pardon the pun) chance at life.

Prices start at $15,496 for the FWD model. (yes, we do have a 4x4 version)



tunes the crap out of car


sees 6,000,000 other cars with waaay better looks and often better stats.



The least wildcard wildcard to ever enter a CSR round. I present a dumb idea executed okay-ish.


I’ve deleted the offensive comment referencing an actual ads campaign that was done by a car company that was clearly being referenced.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused by the derailing of the topic. I’m really sorry if my comments appear to be offensive. I don’t condone the act of discriminating against any sexual orientation. And I only thought that the discussion of the lifestyle of such people would be fine.



Thanks for clarifying, much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Talk about a sentiment I can second… My main head-scratcher are some of the MPG figures. My car can’t even break 30, how are some managing 40 and beyond? How many souls must I sacrifice to attain your dark force secrets…?


Turbocharging magic, my friend :wink:


The one Automation dark spell I haven’t brought myself to master yet, of course.

To be fair, I am trying to use it for this challenge, because I feel it’ll help greatly with fuel consumption.
But so far I’m not quite managing the same power outputs as other entries here (or real-life cars for that matter)…

Why must thou be so fickle, turbo mistress…?


This post has been edited following resolution of the original issue, so as not to perpetuate unpleasantness. To summarise: nobody can say for certainty what someone else is thinking when they write something. If there are people you don’t know intimately well in the same room, consider how your message may be interpreted differently!


I shall reveal…that a small turbine and high AFR is key…



That guide I do know of, found it yesterday while searching for turbo tips. But I still haven’t quite figured out the right way to balance the two bars required for a working eco turbo engine…

Well I’m not one to look a Kenshiro gift of knowledge in the mouth. quickly grabs notes and runs away before anyone else spots them


you know the last key? time, followed by trial and error… i never learned turbo tuning from anyone as far as i can remember. tips maybe, but not tutorial… that tutorial is helpful and i wish i had it


I mean, if you’re using hypothetical highway MPG, I’m over 40 as well, and I’m naturally aspirated.

I tried making an economical turbo engine and it was worse in every way.


That feeling when you’re good at tuning turbos for maximum efficiency (why, for tuning anything for max efficiency; I make my supercars achieve 20+ mpg) but don’t know front from rear when it comes to styling a cute car. Because the only ways I know how to style a car that isn’t a pre-1980 utility vehicle are:

  1. Bland
  2. Awful
  3. Period-Incorrect
  4. All of the Above

And I think that if I were told to design a “cute” car, it’d turn out to be all of the above and even uglier considering that I’d overadorn and underadorn the entire car. :joy:

I had to…outsource my styling to somebody else for this challenge.