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CSR84 - Years of Youth [FINALS, RESULTS UP]


I’ve only seen one per person so far.


I was about to say, didn’t we all basically submit the same car anyways?


Lol yeah looks like most people are going with the same body style - including myself…

On the side:
I’m really struggling to get my efficiency under wraps.
I can get 5.5l out of an abysmally slow i3 or 5.9l out of a reasonable i4. My i5 can beat most cars in class for performance but gets 6.3l… :S There must be some epic slider abuse going on or else I’m just not seeing a way to get the most out of my engines. How come some of you guys get under 9s 0-60 with 5l or less +awd +automatic tranny …


Keep in mind, Canada has some of the cheapest gasoline/petrol prices of the developed world. According to globalpetrolprices.com, a website that compares gas prices worldwide, Canada pays an average of $1.14 US per liter of fuel. For comparison, Australia is at US$1.10/liter, the US is at $0.83/liter, and the UK is at US$1.71/liter. Fuel economy isn’t as big a deal in North America as it is in Europe.


North America’s regular is a lower grade than a lot of the developed world (91 RON compared to 95 RON), so it’s not exactly the best comparison. Regardless of that, if you’re used to gas prices at a certain point, a jump will still affect your spending habits, even if the new price is closer to what a lot of other nations get as a usual price.


Actually, isn’t US fuel is measured using an average of RON and MON instead of just showing RON, resulting in a lower number shown but same quality fuel? US 91 should be the same as EU 95.

I am all too aware of how much more expensive EU petrol is (UK diesel is even worse for this…). While it’s not really that big a deal IRL, I’m trying to extract as much milage as I can for the challenge. I’m just amazed as to how efficient some cars on here are. :open_mouth:


Yes, US 91 is about equivalent to Euro 95. However, our lowest (and cheapest) grade available is 87 AKI, about equivalent to 91 RON. 91 AKI/95 RON is considered our “Premium” grade here.


North America uses AKI, where 87 AKI = 91 RON. The 91 AKI (premium) is equal to 95 RON.


Right, didn’t know 91 was premium, I thought it was standard. My bad.


I have one of the bigger engines here it looks like a 160hp 173lbft 2.7 liter 4 cylinder, with a 6 speed auto, AWD, 6.19L/100km and a 8.8 second(I think) 0-62mph.
Without using sliders I had that consumption down to 5.7L/100km with a 2.0T 4 cylinder (and as low as 5.2 without AWD) with the same or better performance, but I didn’t like the driveability hit you get with turbos, and I figured the small drop in economy was worth the 8-9 points in driveability. That said my 2.7L has a 30.1% thermal efficiency, and the magic really comes down to gearing for the engine’s sweet spot. Proper gearing, and finding where the engine likes to cruise at the tested speeds is critical to economy.

@GROOV3ST3R oh man I feel like an idiot. I forgot I used a +1 slider on heads, fuel, and exhaust. I was trying not to, but once I started adding on the convenience features to the car I went back and tweaked the engine a bit for a fatter and flatter torque curve and better efficiency and ended up adding those 3 slider ticks during the revision. Totally forgot about that. I could still get nearly the same fuel economy without them but with a hit to peak power output and torque smoothness.


See I don’t get that. I cannot for the life of me get anywhere close to those figures without carefully testing out all the sliders. Struggling to get any more efficiency out of my engines. I hit 30% once but then changed something and when I put it back, it just wasn’t having it…

I’ll try to improve gearing some more, but other than that I might as well just put the car in anyway - there isn’t much more I can do.


Flamers Motor Company - Julio Mk3 Nero

The Julio has also been the car of the youth, ever since the Mk1 starred in the Agile and the Angry it became a cult classic. Originally built for a European market the Julio has seen growth over the last decade into a global sensation.

The Mk3 is the latest version of the Julio line, with a full range it has something to suit every budget and every driver. From the top of the range Super Sport which is built for speed to the Nero, built for comfort, you get what you want from the Julio.

The Nero can achieve an industry leading 5.6L/100km in combined fuel consumption from a 1.6L turbo charged engine. With Electric Variable power steering, ESC and suspension tuned for drivability and comfort you will arrive safely and comfortably.

What is the price for all of this comfort and efficiency?

Only $13182!

Buy one today!


ELECTI Automobile Group - Lynx

Compact Crossover.

Practical. Economical. Dependable. Lynx is a master of the urban jungle.

Comfortable. Secure. In Control. Wherever you go.

Anywhere. Anytime. Lynx.

Break convention. Make a statement. Drive Electi.

*Model shown Lynx Active+ All-Trac T4, $15494 RRP, 0% finance available, subject to status. Features Panoramic Sunroof, ParkAssist Sensors, Reversing Camera, LED adaptive beam headlights with DRL, 6 speed DCT with All-Trac limited-slip all wheel drive system, SatNav w/USB/AUX connectivity, optional Explorer package including side steps and reinforced roof rails.
Combined cycle 5.8l/100km, 0-60 in 8.8s.

Extra Angles


tfw you mix up the CSR topic with the Paris Auto show topic

don’t mind me.


I was debating whether to use the face-lifted version of the S-Pop, however I decided to use it in the Paris Autoshow instead, thought it looked too modern for 2015


No, I mixed up, look at the edit history lmfao


Ah ok lol


That varies wildly person to person. So it really wouldn’t be “out of character” for someone in North America to want good fuel economy. Or not give one ounce of thought to it. Hence why we have both the Hellcat and the Prius Prime. :stuck_out_tongue:


Using U.S. MPG, which was then converted to l/100 km, my NA I-5 (2.1 liters) was getting approximately 36 mpg, the turbo version got 42. In terms of performance, think like a concerned parent: We’re not shooting for mid 5s 0-100 times, or <16 sec 1/4 miles here.


Comes standard with Cruise Control, A/C, Park assistent and a full set of snow tyres!