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CSR84 - Years of Youth [FINALS, RESULTS UP]


SaltySimon is also an alliteration.


How very smart and observant of you.


Constructive criticism is usually still subjective–the distinction between non-constructive criticism is usually that it gives reasoning that could guide further efforts rather than a simple “I dislike it”.



People that are buying cars are buying them because of their own opinion. If someone doesn’t want to drive a Nissan pickup just because I like mine, I don’t think that person should stick to rollerskates just because of that. :stuck_out_tongue:


It is criticism based on how well you hit the target for this CSR round, not necessarily how good the car is, although thats part of it


Your retro-80s look was bold, but clearly not in theme. There are many nice looking cars that I can see that didn’t make the top 10, and your feedback that you got also points to that retro 80s look and colour not fitting. It wasn’t called plain bad either.


Sounds like you copied that from the internet. Helpful.


It wasn’t…


There is nothing retro 80’s there, at all. Not any attempt was made. This isn’t me calling for some kind of redemption btw. It was just very unfun to read all of this. All of it.
And for anyone else who decides to call me out on my “saltyness”, feel free to, but I am not trying to highjack this thread. Just stating my very own opinion of this round. Laugh at it, discard it, remark on it with your very own idea of wit, it matters very little.

And yes, the host made an effort, invested time along his own studies, not forgetting that.
But don’t expect me to ignore the effort I made being discarded with some snarky and really weird remarks.



  1. you are good at accidentially styling your cars;
  2. should learn to give constructive criticism, so people know what and why you think something can be better rather than appearing to throw toys out of the pram;

I didn’t mind the read-through, while it wasn’t exactly high level literature or humour, but it hardly needs to be. Nothing of your previous posts appeared (and not alone to me, clearly) as anything else than being angry and not getting to the second round.


If the buyer thinks something has a retro 80s styling, it has it in the eyes of that person no matter what the designer intended it to look like.


My car- When a 15 year old designs a car that a 16 year old sees their grandma driving.

Knew I was making a gamble with the Vanguard one. I think an Estrada would’ve appealed more to this girl’s tastes, the Citadel, quite a retro 60s look, but with fancy LEDs and stuff, sort of what the Mini is to the Mini, but more like what the Fiat 500 is to the Fiat 500, if you get my gist.


Please refrain from telling me how you think I style my cars, I wouldn’t ever think of doing that to anyone else.



You posted a damn 80s advertisement of an 80s car!


Its a car shopping round. First impressions matter. If the buyer doesnt like the way it looks, then it goes in the bin, thats how it always is. Noone goes, “hmm this car looks ugly as hell, but it does get marginally better gas mileage than that other car that looks way better”


Your comments are increasing in numbers, they’re not getting any better though.


Your car looks outdated for 2015, plain and simple. If you cant reference designs around the time period of the CSR round then i dont know what to tell you. The consistent whining after every CSR is getting quite old. The reviews are in the opinion of the CSR host, not the creator of the car. Plain and simple.


May we move past the whinging? Like USDM said, it’s getting old.

CSR is an act of designing for a customer. They don’t like the car? Oh well, try again next time