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CVJOINTsequence's cars


Buick Riviera Silver 1972.

buick_riviera_silver_-_buick_riviera_silver.car (39.8 KB)


Nissan GTR Nismo 3.8L.

Nissan_GTR_Nismo_3_8L_-_Nissan_GTR_Nismo_3_8L.car (34.8 KB)


Daewoo Matiz Engine F8CV 796 cc.
It is normal car in Automatn, but in BeamNG drive this car breaks down.
It is necessary to find and fix something, without increasing engine power.
This is not my first compact car.
Before that, I built a car with 33 horsepower, and this is a Mobilbicycle.
As I understand it, without load, this engine spins to full, and then breaks.

Matiz_-_Matiz.car (32.8 KB)


It is normal car in Automatn (sic), but in BeamNG drive this car breaks down.

if it breaks down in Beam, then it shouldn’t be a normal car
it’s badly engineered
not only that, almost all of your replicas resemble nothing like their real life counterparts


You need to fix this car and then it will work correctly.


Why do you expect me to fix the car? I was just giving criticism.


It is important for me that the machine works in both games. So I’m waiting for someone to improve the car.


Well it is your car, unless you give the .car file to someone else I’m afraid none of us can help you really


Peterbilt 579.
Used mods:
90’s Communism.

petersbilt_579_power_-_petersbilt_579_power.car (15.4 KB)


they are the same. I cannot tell them apart. good job.


Mercedes AMG ONE.
1000 hp V6 electric motor or 735 kW.
For braking at low speeds, you can change the balance of the brakes so as not to enter the skid.
Lewis Hamilton’s dream — Yes.

Mersedes_AMG_ONE_-_Mersedes_AMG_ONE.car (50.0 KB)


To be fair, this look decent except for the weird fixtures on the roof


Start braking on Mersedes AMG ONE at speed of 360 km/h.


Very high-traction Ford F150 3.5AT. He wins even trucks with BeamNG connections. So overcoming him in a tug-of-war is a difficult task, especially when he crouches.

FORD_F150_3_5AT_-_FORD_F150_3_5AT.car (76.9 KB)



CETOS_-_CETOS.car (34.5 KB)





It looks like it came straight out of Carmageddon, if I’m being honest.


I played a similar game, her name is Zombie Andreas regime: ZombieGeddon.

Cetos Cetos Cetos. Cetos Cetos?
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